The Dixiecrats Who Control Congress (Southern Strategy

Donald Trumplynch or Willie Lynch


The GOP is not the party of Lincoln!

What happened to the party of Lincoln?

Southern Democrats became the Republican Party after Lyndon Johnson.

The Republican Party is now the Party of Trump

The South shifted from being the conservative Democratic stronghold to a Republican base and southern politicians bringing excessively conservative and greedy economic policies into the Republican fold. It was the Republican Abraham Lincoln’s presidential elections in 1860 and 1864 and the Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s election to the White House a century later in 1964 that rallied the Southern politicians to enforce their conservative and segregationist stronghold. Race has always been at the core of Southern politics.

In the 19th century, Southern Democrats comprised whites in the South who believed in Jeffersonian Democracy. In the 1850s, they defended slavery in the United States and promoted its expansion into the West against northern Free Soil opposition. The United States presidential election of 1860 formalized the split and brought war. After Reconstruction ended in the late 1870s, Southern Democrats controlled the Southern states and disenfranchised blacks (who were Republicans). The “Solid South” gave nearly all its electoral votes to Democrats in presidential elections. Republicans seldom were elected to office outside some Appalachian Mountain Districts and a few heavily German-American counties of Texas.

The States' Rights Democratic Party (usually called the Dixiecrats) were a short-lived segregationist political party in the United States. It originated in 1948 as a breakaway faction of the Democratic Party determined to protect states' rights. This fraction legislated racial segregation from what its members viewed as the federal government is oppressive. Supporters gained control of the state Democratic parties in several Southern states. The Party opposed racial integration and wanted to retain Jim Crow Laws. Its members were called "Dixiecrats", referring to the Southern United States who were once "Democrats".

As the Civil Rights Movement and dismantling of Jim Crow Laws in the 1950s and 1960s visibly deepened pre-existing racial tensions in much of the Southern United States, Republican politicians such as presidential candidate Richard Nixon and Senator Barry Goldwater developed strategies that successfully contributed to the political realignment of many white, conservative voters in the South to the Republican Party who traditionally were part of the Democratic Party. It also helped push the Republican Party much more to the right.


 A White Cleansing Process

The US was founded on a maintenance system of beliefs and ideologies. A "white cleansing process" is used to teach basic values and views of the world, but now the country finds itself under “white panic.” The process prepares individuals for their place, habitat, and territorial turf in the dominated Caucasian mindset and/or culture of the US. The "thought reform" has created Caucasian dominated attitudes, beliefs, and personal loyalties. In America, there is a "White is always right Campaign” being wagered. While the campaign of “Make America Great Again” is financed by Washington, the global world writes--“The United States of Insanity.”

Donald Trump represents a trend of appropriate intolerance rooted in a belief that America was great before ethnic and racial minorities wanted equal rights, or what he calls “political correctness.”  When campaigning, Trump visited states with troubled racial histories and became an artifact of the past wanting to drag the country back to its founding fathers. The Caucasian dominated mindset has agreeably created a Caucasian-dominated culture.

A sequence of numbers in which each term is related to its predecessor is causing “white panic” in the US.  A "Caucasian dominated world" does not exist if you consider global color and phenotypes. Caucasians amounted to less than 20% of the global population in 1990. Between 1995 – 2015 the numbers stood at 8%. Only two percent (2%) of White females are of childbearing age. The latest report for this year estimates the Caucasian Race amounts to 7.2%

Psychology books explain brainwashing. If a person is offended by a television commercial, it can be turned off or the channel changed. Prisoners in POW camps in Korea and in Vietnam, for example, were completely at the mercy of their captors. Not unlike POW’s, slaves during the 1600’s were completely at the mercy of their owners. They were disposable property/commodities of the master. If the master could no longer feed or care for the slave, the slave was sold off, lynched, or shot like an animal.

Brainwashing requires complete control over the environment and allows a degree of psychological manipulation that is impossible in a normal setting, but in the 1600’s slavery was the norm. Slave owners persuaded the public that slavery provided a "normal setting" in the country from 1600 – 1800. Techniques used to ingrain superiority and inferiority involved brainwashing: The target person was isolated from other people who would support his or her original attitudes.

  • Slaves were separated from their families.
  • Slaves were subjected to pilfered history and legacies.
  • The target was made completely dependent on his/her captors for the satisfaction of needs.
  • If a slave ran away, he was returned to his master.
  • Currently, people dependent on social programs are completely dependent on those programs for mere livelihood.
  • The indoctrinating agent is in the position to reward the target for changes in attitude or behavior.
  • If the target slave didn’t change his attitude or behavior, he was whipped or noosed up from the end of a tree branch.
  • Blacks’ attitudes and behavior have been altered. Presently, brainwashing is ongoing.

Brainwashing has been in a state of reoccurrence for hundreds of years. Black brainwashing began with an attempt to make the target slave feel completely helpless. Physical and psychological abuse, humiliation, and isolation served to freeze former values and beliefs. Slaves were reduced to childlike dependency on their masters for day-to-day needs. Slaves were referred to with first names only: "Buster" or "Nanny"—no surnames—much like pets. If you look at slave records, slaves were recorded along with the other animals on a farm or plantation.

The change came about when exhaustion, pressure, and fear was unbearable and many Blacks hung from the end of tree branches. The continued coupling of hope and fear with additional pressures to confirm the POW slaves served to congeal new attitudes and thought processes. The system describes symbolized White rudiments that have become realities in this country.

Whites feel they are the only people who can write or speak freely. Blacks can only share views that are constrained and on-line with the White Brotherhood. Hence, the brotherhood at large has presented us with a society that has become irresolvable. Blacks who have been indoctrinated into this confusion of "White idealism" do what they feel is necessary to cross the color line socially and physically.

The White make-up of America has created a single ideal community where they are the only team members. When it is brought to their attention there are other teams who want to play, the Brotherhood suddenly has no clues about having created a singular White ideology. People believe the writer does not have the legitimate right to say such things about races of people. The Author’s use of labels to describe Black/White issues is totally unacceptable for both Blacks and Whites.

Above the threshold of conscience, it becomes a crime for the author to talk about such things, but for White people to practice supremacist observations subliminally—it is okay. When the word supremacy is mentioned, people often think of the Ku Klux Klan. Definitions for supremacy are merely exquisite, perfect, total, ultimate, and beautiful—all of which Whites perceive themselves and all of which some Blacks perceive Whites. Therefore, the author is a reverse discriminator while running a contest with words. Sometimes words will be used to skirmish and sometimes words will be used as resistance measures.

Whites can make a statement when referring to a Black person as "you people" and nothing is said about the statement being a racial comment. Following is the authentic preamble to promote Negrophobia:

There are many Willie Lynches in this country. Lynch gave pointers to slave owners during the 1600’s to keep slaves obedient to their masters. The pointers have survived the Twenty-First Century. Trump and "his boys" of the Republican Controlled Congress continue in Lynch’s footsteps. Everybody in the US has gone through a "thought reform." One of Mr. "Good Ol’ Boy" Lynch’s tactics for control was to pit light slaves against dark slaves. The tactics are still in use today.

Blacks are the only ones who see themselves and refer to they themselves as having different shades of skin or hair textures and eye colors. "Oh, she’s light-skinned." "She’s bright." "She’s a redbone." Blacks love to make comments that they are "part White" or "part Indian." People can see for themselves what color of skin a person, but Blacks continually must reinforce the Admixtures.

White domination in and of itself creates Black functional inferiority daily. The White man has mastered the "means to control." Blacks have been trained from within to stay disorganized, poor and outside the economic mainstream.

Civil rights leaders, Congressmen—elected from Black communities who offer influential and powerful political action committees have economic power within the Black community are being trained, if not already trained to be co-conspirators from within.  Because of the social policies of some Black leaders and because of the internal social problems within the Black community, the politicians tend to influence economic instability in Black communities and in this country. They end up being helpmates for the staunchly embedded "color-brotherhood laden society."

Probe after probe by the media follows Blacks who are in the limelight. One wrong move by a Black leader or personality—singer, athlete, automatically puts that person in the foreground for teardown, scandal smudging, and dismissal for the Black and White community to see and savor and automatically reinforces the "Brotherhood."

Black folks purchase much of the clothing, cosmetics, Cadillacs, CD’s, jewelry, cigarettes, soft drinks, 40 oz. Liquors, frequent the White dominated filmmakers’ movie houses, or buy most of the fast food sold in this great country. People are so far removed from that era of ancient history that the writer certainly must be deranged.  Our society continues to hand-out the trinkets of social reform programs. Isn’t that the big time answer to help eradicate poverty? Bring on the social programs!!!

Black families and businessmen are unable to buy insurance coverage in the City of Detroit, for example, because of the "redlining" tactic used in certain areas of Detroit. Some people pay more for automobile insurance than they do a monthly car note. It automatically allows any other ethnic group to use the free enterprise route to move up the economic ladder and compete in the free enterprise market. It further deduces Blacks of any economic development and presents the ongoing decline of the Black community.

In Detroit. Arabs supply food and liquor needs in the Black community. Arabs own chain store supermarkets, convenience stores, video stores, and gas stations. Asians own most of the beauty supply stores; nail salons, and cleaners in the City.

In Harlem, the Koreans own most of the stores along 125th Street. These ethnic groups can do business in the USA without paying taxes for a number of years before they pass it along to a relative. The Federal Income Tax Allowances for Resident Aliens participating in so-called "cultural or training programs" in America. The immigrants are not taxed on compensation paid to them by a domestic company that has an office in this country. Can’t you see Mr. Rufus being exempt from income tax for seven years before he passes it on to another relative?

It all started with the silencing of Black origin, philosophy, and falsification of history. Second, it was human bondage. Historically and currently the White man, to reign supreme, uses slavery strategically. Subliminal or brainwashing tactics are repeatedly used to reinforce Black inferiority in both Black and White minds at the National level. The media elites who are "in charge" disseminate media brainwashing schemes in the form of television, radio and newsprint stories.

Examples of subconscious thinking surfaces on a daily basis as this country watches the National news at 6:30 p.m. Once the news concludes, the entire country feels that drugs, crime, drugs, welfare are synonymous with Black only. All people tend to see the world according to media portrayal snapshots.

The Media Perpetuates the Hate of Black Folks

The 6 O’clock news gives its lead stories. "Neighbors are shocked and investigators stunned as a murder shatters the calm of a Royal Oak neighborhood."  When Whites commit crimes, great measures are taken to explain what horrible psychological things happened during childhood to make the innocent person who is now a criminal—but until proven guilty act this way. The television audience is assured the murderer had a history of instability.

A constant viewer reinforcement tells that crime does not customarily happen in this "quiet neighborhood." At the end of the news story, the newscaster reassures the audience that counseling has been offered to the White families involved. The next news video frame shows Black men being hauled away in chains for a crime that has been committed in the Black neighborhood.

Psychophysics is a specialty area of psychology investigating sensory limits, sensory adaptation, and related topics. The subject matter shows relationships between the physical properties of stimuli and psychological sensations produced. During the 19th Century, it was discovered the size of the difference threshold (starting point) increases as the strength of the stimulus increases. When a stimulus is strong, change in it must be bigger to be noticed that when the stimulus is weak.

Subliminal perception—blow the threshold of awareness was used by the media during the OJ Simpson trial. Talk shows started to elicit the subject of abusive relationships—always including couples featuring interracial Black men/White women. On the surface, America was delving into the term "Abusive Relationships." Below the threshold of awareness, Black men were being chastised for having relationships with White woman.

We see the examples every day. If a school is a good school, it is a White suburban school. All urban schools are bad. Good neighborhoods are White neighborhoods—even if the Whites are poor and live in small frame houses or trailer homes in trailer parks. The same thing goes for Blacks referring to hair texture. Straight hair is "good hair." "Kinky" hair is bad hair.

The author is not referring to the Ku Klux Klan when speaking of White supremacy. This is not about burning a cross in front yards. It is not about torching a Black church. It is about the deliberate destruction of Black civilization. Noted scholars are White; therefore, making White scholars authorities. Caucasian authorities are experts at scientific, psychological and social "racial engineering methods" which have been instrumental in the breakdown of the Black identification defense mechanism.

The aim of Euro-America has been to prove that Blacks are subhuman with an absence of historical existence, history, or credence; thus, creating a Caucasian based intellectual sterility that tells the world everything evolved from White.

King Massa James invented "Discrimination of the Divine" when he and his team of 47 translators redesigned the Black Continent of Africa, mixed it up with Europe and re-inhabited with White Biblical characters creating a thinking level of White dominance. Cheikah Anta Diop writes: If certain biblical passages, especially in the Old Testament seem absurd, this because Caucasian specialists, puffed up with prejudices, are unable to accept documentary evidence.

During the 1930s, the Mafia dumped drugs in Black communities supposedly. Early in 1990, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) played a major role in the domestic sales of crack cocaine for Nicaraguan Contra rebels helping to fund Central America’s military operations.

Even though military records were seized, Federal agents removed the evidence. The CIA and drug dealers in South Central Los Angeles dumped crack. The CIA knew that crack pipes would help to promote Black-on-Black crime and sustain the schematic brother formula.

Ultimate Negrophobia

It is a strange disease. It will make you hate yourself. It will cause you to think that anything that has African-American origin is less than perfect. Hate is like cancer. It results in a malignant evil that corrodes slowly and fatally and causes people to "cross the color line"—if not physically then M E N T A L L Y.

The disease will drive Black men to seek White women. Every time a Black man chooses a White woman, he is saying "above the threshold of consciousness," White women present the exceptional beauty never conceivable until now, and I am part of the measure.”

"Below the threshold of consciousness" the Black man is saying that Black women are not good enough—Step back—I’m the man! It will make Blacks to boast about having Grandparents with blonde hair and blue eyes. It will give way for blacks to mentions their Grandmother had long Indian hair.

It will cause White flight from "bad" Black neighborhoods and schools. It causes a Black person to decorate their yards with White Santa Clauses and White nativity scenes at Christmas and send White character Christmas cards to their friends. It causes Blacks to buy White dolls for their children. It causes the Black woman to go to the Korean run beauty supply stores and buy fake straight hair and blonde weave—just to have a bit of whiteness or go to the local grocery store and buy blonde hair dye from Ms. Lady Clairol. Today weaves exists that are hard to refute.  Just look at the long-flowing hair comes to the mid-point of a woman’s back. 

Negrophobia has caused 28 million "light-skinned Blacks" to cross the color line and become "so-called" white. Look around at the curly headed people with wide gaps between their front teen walking among you. There are even hair straightening products for so-calledd" White people. Twenty years ago, any curl in the hair meant "person with Negro ancestry." Today it means "naturally curly" hair. Flat noses and large lips were once considered "Negroid." Black skin was once considered "Negroid."