The Left Hand of Switch Trickery

The Circular Firing Squad: Round-and-Round it goes and where it stops, nobody knows.
I’m an invisible man, and it placed me in a hole—or showed me the hole I was in. Reality is as irresistible as a club, and I was clubbed into the cellar before I caught the hint.  That is a lesson for history.  You carry part of your sickness within you as an invisible man.  You try to place it in the outside world.  It comes upon you like that strange disease and that affects those Black men whom you see turning slowly from Black to albino, their pigment disappearing as under the radiation of some cruel invisible ray.  You go along for years knowing something is wrong, and then suddenly you discover that you’re as transparent as air. (Ralph Ellison Invisible Man. New York: Random House, 1980, 572-75).

Your Mind Is NOT Trickin!  Americans receive daily doses from the “old guard."  It has caused a laughable level of conscious awareness.  The subconscious brain character has been played.  The Psyche Race War has made American Whites comatose while Blacks continually act out created “Dumb Nigga Roles.”  The current “Mother” of all wars surpasses WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Iraq War combined. The evidence is part of our day-to-day existence. The Government and its “National Security” invests heavily in police operations, prisons, weaponry and surveillance systems to maintain an established order in Black/Brown neighborhoods and “lock em up!”

The Official “War on Niggas” is not apparent to most citizens. In the US Blacks live a day-to-day “blackness awareness.”  While walking down the street, going to work or attending school, “Black” is what characterizes our being.  Envision the reality.  Blacks do not exist in the White conscious world.  In fact, Blacks are as invisible as the character in Ralph Ellison’s book Invisible Man.  A created eagerness for Black people to jump on the “whitewashed bandwagon” and to be noticed by Whites is expected—You’ve been trained. We profess with boastfulness, “Oh!” “I’m part White,” “I’m part Indian,” or “I’m multiracial.

Being part White or part Indian gives the average Black person a mimicking superiority self-image.  “It is all about recognizing our White mothers and grandmothers!”  Over 85 percent (85%) of all Black Americans are mixed with American Indian blood and/or White blood.  Blacks in America are already multiracial without having a new racial category on the books--thanks to the slave master and escaping back-in-the-day.  With that commonality—what’s the express Caucasian joy?  Think about it.  White people still recognize you as Black.  They won’t realize your color distinction unless they are White mothers with Black children.

The White culture has performed a fundamental function to augment “laws of the land.”  The American Legal System assists Whites to make them feel they are permanent, safe and never-ending.  It causes Blacks to jump in UNISON on the back of the wagon while establishing identities with White Race principles because Caucasian ideologies promise to connect—a significance that will never perish.

Blacks identify with Caucasians and adopt their culturally sanctioned viewpoints. Survival means investing in the American System and ascribing absolute and permanent truth in the White man’s secure state.  All of them have been inflated with a sense of secure righteousness declaring that whatever is “White right!” We protect ourselves against the exposure of truth insisting that all other ideas or theories are false.  In the end, we attack and degrade our ancestors, our parents, ourselves and other Black Race members.  We DENY absolute-truth systems that designate a Black man origin on Earth and the 8% myth of White man majority.

The guns are turned inward— “shoot em up,”—while outward our innards spew foul feces for future generations. The US Security System is working toward a speedy Black massacre.  Drive-bys, crack pipes and illiteracy have been able to fulfill the holocaust measures in a relatively short period.  It takes much more work to kill the stamina of the human psyche with self-hatred.

As the Black skin pigment disappears under the radiation of the cruel invisible hate-imp, it molds the Black Race into statues standing tall to model the “Old Guard”—Confederacy Flag fly on—American “stink tank.”  The flags have been lowered, but the mindset is embedded in the US populace.

The history books will be rewritten.  The Host Race IS NOT the White Race as you have been led to believe.  The respective White recessive population is about to lose its biological identity.  The Caucasian Race is at a MINUS zero percent (0%) replacement level.  While the US and European history books theorize and toil in the differences between Caucasian populations who live in Eastern and Western Europe, Northern Africa, Australia, and the United States, it all “GOES BACK TO BLACK.”

The Black man links his secret inner self, his authentic talent, his deepest feelings of uniqueness ... to the very ground of White man creation.  Out of the ruins of the broken cultural self-there remains the mystery of the private, invisible, inner self, which yearns for ultimate significance. The Black Host Race attains significance by affirming connection with the ONCE UPON-A-TIME mystery of Black creation and White Albinism.  White global power only exists via media reports in Euro-America and parts of Australia.  Just as Greece fell and Greek Mythology found its place in world literature, the mythological White Race will find itself in historical literature as the recessive gene……. THAT ONCE WAS!

White Woman

The 2000's Era witnessed a “panic attack” on the “big Black penis.”  The American media whored African-American men to validate an all-around proof of Black men sexual derogations.  In both the Clarence Thomas Senate Hearings of 1991 and the arrest and trial of OJ Simpson in 1994-5, television networks worked hard to present evidence, to project views, and to taunt and educate White women in this country of the deviant Black male. 

Clarence was at the top of the apex with education and position and christened—all time “sexual harasser.”  Michael Jackson was the ultimate entertainer turned child molester and pedophile-- endowed “dinky” or “dinkily” of the crew.  OJ Simpson was hailed: “White woman abuser and murderer.”  Mike Tyson was the “illiterate rapist” while Dennis Rodman was dubbed “clown prince.”  Tiger Negrito Woods escaped all of the accusers and married a white woman--Why wouldn't he?  He's not Black anymore.  He is a "Cablinasian"--even though his parents are Black in color--even his Negrito mother.  In fact, his mother probably has more Negro DNA than his Black father.  America learned that Black men were all-around large penis dicks regardless of their positions in American life.  The proof presented to America resulted in White women running to accept black more vs. white less.  The large penis CAUTIONS reversed the original warning and caused their women to want what they were not getting.  They suffer from "White Man Mania" as their women glide to the Black side. 

You must read carefully between the lines and translate the code words.  For centuries, Whites have used benign code words on the surface to promote a White superiority strategy.  Since Blacks are survivors of a dichotomy world, it should be easy to train oneself to read between the lines of benign codes used as psychological brain warfare maneuvers. 

Mental White Man Mania—The US is reaping the impairment of the “angry White male” who has been given the term “sudden murderer” by psychologists.  The White male reeks of fanatical views that he is the “
mostess” credible and “bestess” authentic who can persuade the enemy to trust him—although he remains the enemy.  He is the “Super Power Global Cop.”  When there were mass shootings near the end of the Millennium at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, and schools in Paducah, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia the shootings became media abnormalities.  National news programs tore apart and dissected the irregular/random White man behavior.  The television news cameras rent space in the Black community.  When there is a homicide in the Black community, it is reported as a routine and common occurrence. 

When jumping on the Whiteness bandwagon to become “part White” or “multiracial,” think twice before pulling up on the joystick and losing your wheels.  As you face your Black and Brown Race aggressors, you will only amount to 8% of the global population.  Translate the code words.  For centuries Whites, have used benign code words on the surface.  Since Blacks are survivors of
dichotomy words and have always been under the radiation of an invisible imp titled “E-Lite,” the long-time running big screen spectacle Oreo Cookie reversed out Vanilla Wafer is an academy winning full-length feature publicized “twenty-four seven.”  Performing Black men turn slowly inside out symbolizing a cream filled albino.  Their pigment disappears, and they become transparent, continuing stupidly to live in the big screen exhibition shining their E-lites.

Observable behavior and the process of learning go together as we watch what naturally occurs.  The ability has been lost to distinguish between what is imagined and what is real.  We have stepped out of our “psychological Black selves” and no longer see Black—even though our commonality is color.  We have evolved into mainstream White America accepting the “n-
a-t-u-r-a-l order” disproportionate allotment for everything in life to which Whites are continually given the first choice.

Slavery in the Name of Jesus—White superiority was born within Christianity. The Roman Church of 1455 authorized infidel (atheist) people to servitude in 1457.  The Council of Cardinals met in Holland and sanctioned as a righteous and progressive idea, the enslavement of Black Africans for the purpose of their conversion to Christianity and for acquisition in the labor market as chattel property.  Slaves were incapable to foresee the final outcome and ingested the inborn learned helplessness.  Some slaves longed to be a replication of the “chosen ones”—Master White Race.  They loved their masters because they were allowed to bask in the “reflected White Glory”—which in turn enhanced both Black and White psychological delusional power (Glory to His Name).  This attachment was necessary for the formation of present day psycho-political symbiosis. 

The new Millennium brings with it a new world order.

The global world is no longer homogenously White as you have been led to believe.  There was a “changing of the guards” while America was busy painting its inhabitants White.  You probably didn’t notice because people with Negroid stock were busy changing their racial classification.  While Blacks were proving to White America that they were—at least—part white—a series of events at the end of the Millennium spelled out White global annihilation.