Book Reviews (Good Reads)

Black Bible Manuscripts:  Why the Bible Isn't the White Man's Book​​
(Author: Firpo Carr, 2015)

The Delectable Negro: Human Consumption and Homoeroticism within US Slave Culture
(Author:  Vincent Woodward, 2014)

"We have all read about the hunger of slaves whose masters sought to starve them into submission. But the Delectable Negro asks of these slaves: 'How does it feel to be an edible, consumed object?' Inverting the trope of slave hunger, Vincent Woodard provocatively suggests the slaveholder is a parasite who feeds off the slave’s body in acts that range from cannibalistic to sexual modes of consumption. Woodard argues that within the black community, hunger is transformed into a regenerative space from which the search for home and communal belonging may be initiated. A bold and brilliant book."-Carla L. Peterson, author of Black Gotham: A Family History of African Americans in Nineteenth-Century New York City.  Cannibalism is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. Slave children were boiled alive, butchered and roasted on an open fire.
The oldest Hebrew Old Testament manuscripts, the oldest Greek New Testament manuscripts, and the oldest Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament (called the Septuagint), are all African documents. A number of fragments among the world famous Dead Sea Scrolls are African documents. In fact, the oldest document among the Dead Sea Scrolls is an African manuscript. The influence of Black African rulers in the Hebrew Old Testament in the present book, the title “Pharaoh” is mentioned approximately 271 times in the first half of the Bible. Five pharaohs are mentioned by name, while eight remain anonymous. This book discusses an African Greek New Testament manuscript that was initially deemed the oldest of its kind until it was “re-dated” so as to lose that distinction

The First Americans Were Africans
Author: David Inhotep, 2011

The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality
Author:  Cheikh Anta Diop, 1989

C. A. Diop takes a permanent place in the group of African historian’s aka history revisionists. Anyone interested in Ancient Africa should start with this book. The entire book is a refutation to the so-called European and other historians, anthropologists, philosophers who have performed "scientific" and intellectual acrobatics to remove the African from Ancient Egypt. Mr. Diop used their own work and research and his own observations to tear apart their arguments to pieces. Many of Diop's books were banned in the US.
Africans not only came before Columbus and Clovis, but were in the Americans far before any other group, at least 60,000 years ago. We will go through evidence exposed by a panel of credible scholars, professors and researchers. The evidence lies in several different scientific fields. The Egyptians were also here far before the Vikings or Columbus. They left structures above and below the waves in far away places in North America. From the East to the West Coasts; from the valleys to mountain tops that still carry their names. You will read about remnants of their artifacts, writings, architecture and more.

  African Empires in Ancient America 
Author: Dr. Clyde Winters (2013)

Hebrews to Negroes 2: Volume 2 Wake Up Black America
Author:  Ronald Dalton Jr, 2016

African Empires in Ancient America tell the story of the numerous African groups who colonized Mexico, North and South America. Today most people believe that African people never voyaged outside Africa except as slaves. The Dafuna boat discovered in Nigeria dates to 12,000 BC. Hundreds of ancient African boats have been engraved on rocks in the Sahara Desert. Boats from Magan (Egypt) and Meluhha (Kush-East Africa) are mentioned in the Sumerian cuneiform text. In this book, Africans have a long tradition of sea exploration and founded many of the major American civilizations. Although many people have heard about the possible discovery of America by Mansa Abubakari of the Mali Empire, and the giant Olmec heads of Mexico, Dr. Clyde Winters gives a detailed account of the Malian colonies established by these West Africans in North America and Brazil. You will discover the role of the Xi or Olmec people as the Mother Culture of Mexico. Dr. Winters outlines the Axumite discovery of America, and the role of the Ethiopians in the rise of Mochica civilization and religion. In addition, this book discusses the ancient Sumerian influence in South America, and the African role as Mound Builders in the United States.
Modern Jewry looks for the "10 Lost Tribes of Israel" in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Arabia, and India but never seem to look in Africa. The Ethiopian Jews and the Lemba Jews have been recognized by modern Jewry as having a connection to Ancient Israel, but other African countries are often overlooked. Jews today boast to have "Israelite" heritage based on the "Cohen Model Haplogroup" genetic marker they say links them to the High Priest Cohenite Clan of Aaron, the brother of Moses. But what is this "Cohen Model Haplogroup"? The book explores, descendants of Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Cushites and Phuttites today. Who are the "Original Arabs,” the connection between the Lemba Jews, African-Americans, Caribbean Blacks, Afro-Latinos and "Bantus" West/East Africans and indigenous Native Amerindians? Who were the Jews that were exiled from Spain and Portugal in 1492 A.D.?