The United States' Secret 1971 Special 'AIDS' Virus Flow Chart (US also owns Patent for the Ebola Virus)

The United States' secret 1971 Special 'AIDS' Virus Flow Chart and AIDS Origin Lawsuit Dismissed. US also owns Patent for the Ebola Virus

Human Ebola Virus Species and Compositions and Methods Thereof  US 20120251502 A1 (Filed 2009)

So the CDC claims it has a patent on Bundibugyo and not Ebola Zaire--another strain.  As the Ebola outbreak intensified in 2013, concern over the spread of the disease steadily increased; and the seemingly-suspect CDC patent on Ebola began to circulate. Many users interpreted use of words like “invention” to indicate the U.S. government or its agents had literally invented Ebola in the lab as a tool to control the population or push forward an agenda involving expensive vaccines and cures. However, the 2014 Ebola outbreak is due to a strain of the virus known as Ebola Zaire and not the EboBun strain for which the CDC patent was obtained.  The invention provides the isolated human Ebola (hEbola) viruses denoted as Bundibugyo (EboBun) deposited with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”; Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America) on November 26, 2007 and accorded an accession number 200706291.

Why the HIV/AIDS Virus is attacking the Global World.  It was originally meant for Africans

American (Euro) scientists created AIDS and believed the anthropology textbooks that groups of people were classified correctly into Negroid, Asian, and Caucasian Races.  The scientists, therefore, felt safe to develop a disease that would wipe out people with Negroid Ancestry.  Little did the scientists know that only 8% of the global world left on the Earth is Caucasian--WHITE!  Many of the indigenous people (now classified as White) are dying of AIDS because of "Brown" skin.  In effect, Caucasians have become victims of their own propaganda!!! The magazine Scientific American, outlines it clearly.

  • Blacks/people with African Ancestry contain 95 to 100% pure genes and chromosomes represented in the scientific community.
  • Africans/blacks are 95% of a certain chromosome.
  • Whites are 75% of that same 'Alu' Chromosome.
  • Asians are 60% of that same ‘Alu’ Chromosome.
  • People with African Ancestry only have 5% of a chromosome found in whites by 50% and Asians by 50%.
  • Both Asians and whites are mixed first with black and African Ancestry genes/chromosomes, then with the genes of each other.
If any race is PURE, the most recent genetic studies (Genome Project) show that Africans/Negroids are the purest race on Earth by a very large margin. In fact, both Asians and Europeans have a number of 75% of whites with a Negroid chromosome (Alu), while 60% of Asians have the same chromosome (Alu). Furthermore, Europeans and Asians have fifty percent each of a chromosome found in each other. On the other hand, only five percent of Negroid/Africans have a chromosome found in Europeans and Asians.
People with African ancestry in parts of the world who think that a few drops of white blood makes them 'white' had better think again. THE FACT IS, HAVING BLACK BLOOD MAKES ONE CLOSER TO BLACK BECAUSE BLACK IS THE ORIGINAL BLOOD AND GENES. All people came from the Black African.
Hence, the pure Black Africans and those who support and identify or join as brothers and members of the pure black race (regardless of skin tone or mixture) Sudan, south India, Melanesia, the Americas and elsewhere, the time has come to uplift ourselves and take pride in our blackness and dark skins.
The people with African ancestry of North and North East Africa and elsewhere who think that they are 'white' 'colored,' or 'multiracial,' 'mulatto' or some other insulting term, THINK AGAIN.
The gene originally came from Africa.  Alu is an example of a so-called "jumping gene" – a transposable DNA sequence that "reproduces" by copying itself and inserting into new chromosome locations. Alu is classified as a retroposon, because it is thought to require the retrovirus enzyme reverse transcriptase (rt) enzyme to make a mobile copy of itself.
Some scientists regard Alu as an example of "selfish DNA" – it encodes no protein and appears to exist only for its own replication. If one reduces the definition of life to "the perpetuation and amplification of a DNA sequence through time," then Alu is an extremely successful life form. However, other scientists believe that transposable elements have played an important role in evolution by creating new mutations and gene combinations.
Once an Alu inserts at a chromosome locus, it can copy itself for transposition, but there is no evidence that it is ever excised or lost from a chromosome locus.  So, each Alu insertion is stable through evolutionary time.  In today's world of the inferiority complex being the major poison of some (SEE, some education may help.
The Australian Aborigines who were thought to be of a singular genetic line are now found to be a number of different Black/Tropical races including the prehistoric Indo-Negroid type who originally migrated from the Sahara about 100,000 years ago and followed a group of Negroid/Africans who left Africa for Melanesia at an earlier period.
The Indo-Negroid population of South India and the various Negroid groups and isolated Indo-Negroid groups are the purest race in India today. The Negroid strain is found in most labeled “non-Negro” Indians (Aryans) at a much greater amount than previously thought.

U. S. Secret Virus Program

AIDS was created in an American Laboratory to attach itself to Black (Negroid) Genes.  Black people have a gene called CCR5 Delta 32+. (I mean Brown people too.)  On the opposite end of the spectrum is CCR5 Delta 32-.  The CCR5 Delta 32- is a mutation of the original CCR5 Delta 32+.  The only people who have the Delta 32- gene are White people--Nordic Europeans.

The 32- allele must be inherited from both parents to be immune from the test tube created HIV and AIDS.  The mutation does not have the required receptacles needed to "hold on" the HIV and AIDS Disease.  The gene gives credence to the disease being racially designed to eliminate "people of color."

About 10% of Europeans carry the CCR5 Delta 32- mutation. The incidence is only 2% in central Asia, and the mutation is completely absent among East Asians, Africans, and American Indians.  THAT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING.

The HIV/AIDS enzyme is the product of many steps in the laboratory per all scientific criteria in every independent ‘de novo’ review that has been conducted to date. The science history shows an ‘Aryan obsession’ with the development of ethnic biological weapons targeting people of Negroid descent.  At present, it is unclear exactly when the genociders learned there was an exploitable difference in the blood of the Negroid Race.

Shortly after the United States Congress appropriated money (for offensive biological weapons) to the CIA and US military in 1957, Negroid children on the Continent of Africa became afflicted with a “new” cancer (Burkett’s Lymphoma).  In 2002 something or some new disease was killing African children that utilized the CCR5 delta 32 positive genes--indigenous to all people of color.  It became clear there was a clear master plan to debilitate, incapacitate, eradicate and eliminate the Black populations of the world.

Role of the CCR5 delta 32 alleles in resistance to HIV-1 infection in West Africa

The National Library of Medicine determined the frequency of the mutant CCR5 delta 32 alleles in high-risk HIV-seronegative Africans as compared with the general African population and assessed in vitro protective efficacy against HIV-1 infection.  In the homozygous form, the CCR5 delta 32-allele confers resistance to macrophage-tropic (M-tropic) strains of HIV-1. If genetic characteristics favoring HIV, resistance would prevail in a high-risk HIV-seronegative population, they examined the CCR5 genotypes of female commercial sex workers (CSWs) from Dakar, Senegal, who have remained uninfected for an elongated period.

The following Methods were used:  The CCR5 genetic profile of study participants was determined by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of genomic DNA followed by sequencing.  Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were infected with different strains of HIV-1 and monitored by p24 enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

The Results Follow:  They confirmed the presence of two CCR5wt/delta 32 genotypes among 139 individuals (1.44%). PBMCs from these 2 heterozygous individuals were also found to be less susceptible to in vitro infection by an M-tropic HIV-1 primary isolate. The following were conclusions:  Evidence was found of an increased prevalence of the CCR5wt/delta 32 genotype in a high-risk HIV-seronegative cohort in West Africa. Furthermore, reduced susceptibility to HIV-1 infection among heterozygous individuals supports a role for 32-bp CCR5 deletion in HIV-1 resistance.

In the mid 1990's, an exciting new example of intense selection against one of the homozygotes for a trait came to light. This stemmed from the discovery that some people do not get AIDS even if they are repeatedly exposed to the virus (HIV) that is responsible for this usually fatal disease. The people who are immune have inherited two copies of a rare mutant gene known as CCR5-delta 32 --they are homozygous. Those who are heterozygous apparently have a partial immunity or at least a delay in the onset of AID's. Approximately 10% of Europeans now have the CCR5-delta 32 gene variants, but it is extremely rare or absent in other populations of the world. There is a surprising connection in this story.

The CCR5-delta 32 gene also provides immunity to a deadly disease of bacterial origin, bubonic plague. People who are homozygous for the OCR5-delta 32 gene variants are completely immune, while heterozygotes have partial immunity. It is very likely that this life-saving allele occurs as a random mutation and that it was selected for by the devastating black plague epidemics that swept over Europe beginning in the 14th century. During the first wave of plague, between 1347 and 1350, one fourth to one-third Europeans died from this disease. Natural selection favored those who by chance had inherited the CCR5-delta 32 gene variants. Repeated waves of plague over the next three centuries resulted in an increase in the frequency of CCR5-delta 32 in the European population.

The Proof for the Development of AIDS

U.S. Public Law 91-213 signed March 16, 1970, by Richard Nixon states: "In the United States’ effort to 'stabilize the population of Sub-Saharan Africa' and thus, increase the national security of future the United States, Nixon proclaims there would be 'explosive events' (relative to John D. Rockefeller, III’s oversight on the problem of African overpopulation). To date, nary a single U.S. official will address the ‘peculiar’ public law that authorizes the United States to kill its own citizens and others in the name of the national security of future (White) Americas. If the United States is above board, then the President should take immediate corrective action to fully disclose this secret (Manhattan-style) program.

The United States narrated in 1971 in one of the 15 progress reports of the development of HIV/AIDS, that Nazi sheep VISNA Disease, which had not YET been associated with human disease. See page 39, progress report #8 (1971), U.S. SVCP (1948 – 1978).  Shortly thereafter, the United States was ready to associate the Nazi sheep disease, VISNA with human disease. That disease is HIV, according to the United States from their official proceedings. See, PROC NAS Vol. 83, pp. 4007 – 4011, June 1986. The science paper concludes ‘HIV/AIDS evolved from Nazi sheep VISNA disease’. To further show the co-mingling of HIV/AIDS and VISNA, Dr. Robert Gallo displays electron microscopes of the ‘identical’ nature of the HIV/AIDS and VISNA at Science, Vol. 223, pp. 173 – 177, January 1985. 

J. Craig Venter, Jr., holds the patent to the gene called the "African American HIV/AIDS Entryway."  This is the same gene that early U.S. science used on African children in the late1950’s (CCR5 Delta 32 positive).

Another theory is that AIDS was developed by Dr. Hillary Kaprowski. Aids crossed from chimps to humans when doctors used their kidneys to prepare an experimental oral polio vaccine (OPV).  Regardless of how it was transmitted, we can be assured it was manufactured in a lab by US and European scientists and used in bioterrorism.

AIDS Origin Lawsuit Dismissed
July 10, 2003
(Self-Preservation is the First Law of Nature.)

Dr. Graves called to inform that he was released from police custody late July 7, 2003, and had returned home--(with some bruises and scars).  On July 8, 2003, Graves called advising the federal court had granted Ashcroft’s attorneys motion to dismiss his Freedom of Information Act Request for full disclosure of the formerly secret U.S. Special Virus Program.

Graves re-filed the peoples’ case for the full disclosure of the U.S. Special Virus Program by noon Thursday, July 10, 2003, in the U.S. District Court for Southern California. Dr. Graves lived 11 years with HIV/AIDS before his death in 2009.

Man contends plot lies behind the disease

By Jeff McDonald
July 4, 2003

Boyd Graves' day in court lasted barely 10 minutes.

The AIDS activist from Normal Heights sued the United States for allegedly withholding secret reports that he says prove the government created the deadly disease in a secret program designed to kill African-Americans.

At a brief hearing in San Diego federal court yesterday, Judge Jeffrey T. Miller took the complaint under consideration. A ruling on the government's motion to throw out the lawsuit likely will be issued later this summer.

Miller declined to allow Graves to debate specific points of his conspiracy theory in the courtroom.

"My jurisdiction is limited, and it's limited to the current Freedom of Information Act request that was made," the judge said.

Graves, an Annapolis graduate who also holds a law degree, pledged to file new Freedom of Information Act requests for records he says will confirm his allegation that the government created AIDS.

Graves filed the lawsuit last year against several federal agencies, claiming they wrongly withheld information he requested under the nation's public-records law.

All the agencies – the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health and others – said they supplied whatever paperwork they could find.

Graves disagreed, and after an exchange of letters with the agencies, he sued the U.S. government, contending that it failed to comply with open-records requirements.

Among other allegations, Graves said AIDS was created by a secret U.S. government weapons program.

Beth Levine, the assistant U.S. attorney who defended the case, declined to comment on the claim.

"The government's position was no improper withholding of documents," said in court.

AIDS origin trial delayed, Ashcroft motions to dismiss US Special Virus claims

SAN DIEGO - Seventy-two hours before human rights activist Boyd E. Graves was scheduled to argue his case demanding the review of the U.S. Special Virus Program, the U.S. District Court for Southern California canceled the initial review hearing originally scheduled for 11 a.m. June 27.

          "Chambers are needed for a judicial conference," a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's office said Wednesday morning. "Mr. Graves' hearing has been rescheduled for July third at 11 a.m."

             "The Court has known about the conference long before it scheduled the hearing in May," Graves said. "It is uncanny that the court would wait until the twelfth hour to postpone the hearing for six days to encompass the Fourth of July holiday."

           Graves' petition against the United States seeks the full and immediate disclosure of The U.S. Special Virus Program, a federally funded virus development initiative. A 2002 investigation by the U.S. General Accounting Office revealed the formerly secret U.S. Special Virus was once considered a secret 'black budget' program.

           "We believe the review of the U.S. Special Virus Program will garner our best opportunity to dismantle yet another government human experimentation program gone awry," Graves said. “We have evidence of man playing god to the detriment of the masses. This year Independence Day is on July 3, 2003, at 11 a.m. in court. There will be no bigger fireworks.”

            Graves v. The United States Case no. 02 CV 02396 has been rescheduled for July 3, 2003, in courtroom six at 11 a.m. before Clinton-era appointee Judge Jeffrey T. Miller in the U.S. District Court for Southern California.

Dr. Boyd Graves found documents confirming a US government program to develop a "Special Virus" whose desired objective seems remarkably like the AIDS virus. Graves claims that the AIDS virus is a synthetic and intentional creation used as a depopulation agent intended to impoverish a community before it took up its reigns to depopulate it.   Dr. Graves was supposed to get his day in court to follow the paper trail to its sources and find out just what was created by this "special virus" program. For the US Attorney General to take time away from his busy schedule fighting terror and helping corporations to step in and motion for dismissal of Dr. Graves' case suggests that the good doctor has hit the nail right on the head!  Graves died in 2009.

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