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White Global Identity on the

Homogeneous Black and Brown—Planet Earth


Things Aren't Always As We Perceive!

Holy Bush - God Bless America Big Time (Jesus was his mentor).

Jesus portrayed in the

King James Bible

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Black Madonna & Child --This is just one of many graphics portrayed throughout Europe--the statues of the

Biblical Mary & Jesus.

Haile Sellassie

Who's the original Jew?

The word “Jew” (in Hebrew, “Yehudi”) is derived from the name Judah.  Originally, the term Yehudi refers to members of the Tribe of Judah, distinguished from the other tribes of Israel. After the death of King Solomon, the nation of Israel was split into two kingdoms: the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel (I Kings 12; II Chronicles 10).  Haile Sellassie can be directly traced to King Solomon—the ruler of Ethiopia and the "Lion of Judah."

Hawaii's Last Queen
Lili'uokalani (1893)

Hawaiians have been classified as Caucasian.

Beethoven 2

Ludwig van Beethoven was Black.  Things aren't always as we perceive.

(1744 - 1818)

Charlotte Sophia - Wife

King George III - England

Things aren't always as we perceive.  We've been told British royalty was always white? Queen Charlotte represents the roots of the current British Royalty!

The European American community is no longer homogeneously White. Society as we know it should be titled a Mythology.  Scientists find themselves in a quandary and must be weary after c-r-e-a-t-I-n-g daily visionaries for media display.  Parts of the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia are predominantly White---a legacy from their squatters. Whites continue to be a "dominant minority" globally. The American Anthropological Association regards race as a cultural concept rather than a biological reality while the media provides a nostalgic longing by Whites for a homogeneous global world---by Whites for Whites.  What the AAA will not say is that the global biological reality has authenticated a Black/Brown world.  The overlapping genes have created a non-white reality. 


Keep that in mind, and you will know why scientists and anthropologists feel the urgent need to create a White global identity within the homogeneous Black and Brown—planet Earth.  Euro-American anthropologists are reclassifying, racially cleansing and then recapturing prototype Negroid people and categorizing them as Caucasian through artificial means. Imagined is artificial.  People of color are inconvenient counter-examples to America and Europe's central doctrines.  Don’t be brainwashed.


The definition of a holocaust depends on who's won the battle, writing the history books and making the movies.   The original Biblical Jews were of African Edenic Ancestry.  Africans are the indigenous native Hebrews.  Therefore, when God said: "Ye were a curse among the heathen, O house of Judah, and house of Israel; so will I save you, and ye shall be a blessing:  fear not" (Zechariah 8:13).  He was talking about "Black Abraham and Moses" and their descendents. People of African descent are indigenous mankind of the global world. 


History has been fragmented and destroyed.  Scattered pieces of the trite and obscure were used to rebuild what we have become and to map out where we are today.  The old cliché states that history repeats itself and simultaneously recreates the wheel.  God did not destroy his creation which has resurfaced to the top after being buried in a makeshift grave for a few centuries.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!    


This web site is dedicated to my indigenous ancestors, and those Black people from the African Mali Tribe who arrived in America in 1311 which was 182 years before Columbus sailed the "Ocean Blue" to DISCOVER the indigenous people who were already here. 


The first Secretary of State, Colin Powell, addressed the U.N. Security Council regarding Iraq and its disarmament obligations under  Resolution 1441.  Whites can no longer travel or speak freely on the global level.  Bush needed Powell for Black representation to give the appearance of relevancy just as he now needs Condalessa Rice to talk for him.


Former President George W. Bush said to Brazil's President Fernando Henrique Cardoso when he visited the country:  "You have blacks, too?"  Condalessa Rice, Secretary of State, became President Bush's lone capacity for sensible verbal communication. While most African Americans were outraged by his comments, the White community never knew nor would have probably cared.  Most Whites believe the only people of Negroid descent live in Africa and the United States.  According to WHITE RIGHT, Black History started with slavery in the US--Brainwash No Think!!!  The White mind-set is the Caucasian residue of supposed superiority.  NO THINK--by Whites for Whites.   


The "Old Guard" Census Bureau  reports  Blacks in the US amount to 12 percent of the population.  In the 2000 Census the country had a Black undercount.  Black Latinos from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica were classified as Hispanic--NOT BLACK because they are Spanish speaking. Latinos amount to 40 percent of Black/African ancestry in this country.  If you know the history of South and Central America, you would say that the percentage goes from 40 to 90 percent.  Read the article within this website titled:  Racial Amnesia: African Puerto Rico and Mexico.  In a few years Latinos will increase to 25 percent of the US population.  Latinos have already been classified as WHITE according to a HONOR BADGE law of the 1950's--even the 40% with African ancestry and Black skin.


Asian, Arab, and people from India and Pakistan (whose ancestral roots are the Negritos) amount to at least 15 percent of the US population--including American Indians and other "people of color." That is also probably a lie if you have read history books and know about the UN population statistics. Caucasian Americans are already under 50 percent of the US population and probably present a problem for television stations to promote a WHITE existence.