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What it Really is!--The Spin


In the quest to authenticate my existence as a human being, minus the title “colored girl” from Remus, Michigan, research always leads me to written texts empowering White people.  History about the arrival of pre-historic Europeans on Earth seems to be nonexistent.

Research about Caucasian pre-history is fragmented; whereas, research about Africa amounts to lengthy strands of archeological evidence, artifacts, and historical documentations about the Continent and the Black people who live there.  The only things you find about Europe are the expansive gains, dominance, and power that Europe and America have made in the world.  The research seems to intentionally overshadow all anthropological research about the origin of mankind in Africa. 

European scientists wanted England to be the cradle of humanity


Many European scientists preferred to have England be the cradle of humanity so they created a "fake" human fossil. The Piltdown man was revealed as fake in 1953 and was titled "The Biggest Scientific Hoax of the Century!"  "Piltdown Man Hoax Is Exposed," announced The New York Times on November 21, 1953. The Piltdown fossils, including a portion of the skull, a jawbone, and a few teeth, were found in 1911 and 1912. This "Piltdown Man" was believed by many to be "the earliest Englishman," and in fact, the missing link between apes and humans. But in 1953, the jawbone was found to be that of a modern ape -- orangutan, most likely -- that had been treated with chemicals to make it look as though it had been lying in the ground for hundreds of centuries.   They created a "fake human skull" and now try to lay claim to the group of Semitic Languages.



The original Indo-Europeans referred to, as Aryans were nomads who herded animals in the steppes north of the Black Sea, in what is now the Ukraine.  Between 5,000 and 6,000 years ago, the Aryans migrated into Europe on horseback and conquered a series of cultures.



When tracing pre-historic mankind, language is one variable used. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Indo-Iranian languages make up a major branch of the Indo-European family of languages.  The Sinhalese Language is an Indo-European language of the Indo-Aryan family.  The earliest surviving specimens of the language are brief inscriptions on rocks in Brahmi Letters from 200 BC.  The most considerable amount of dated Aryan language dates to about AD 1000. 



Linguistics links the Iranian language to African languages.  Iranian languages include the Arabic language. Arabic belongs to the Semitic language group.  Semitic includes Ethiopic and Hebrew—people who lived in one of Black Africa’s greatest civilizations.  The implication being made is the following:  Caucasians cannot validate their White civilization rudiment.   It has been proven that civilization started in the great river valleys of Africa in the Fertile Crescent.  The human race was born in Africa, and it is only logical that the evolution of the White man started in Africa.  



The Encyclopedia Britannia outlines the lack of or absence of historical sources to trace the process of Swedish Expansion and the Viking Era around AD 400.  The same is true for Denmark.  It is written—The first trustworthy written evidence of a kingdom of Denmark belongs to the early Viking Period.  Roman knowledge of this country was fragmentary and unreliable.  The same is said for the other Scandinavian countries.   



During Biblical times Europe was part of Africa.  Europeans themselves designated and divided Africa into the regions of the “Middle East” and “Europe.”



Two ancient skulls, one from central Africa and the other from the Black Sea Republic of Georgia, have shaken the human family tree to its roots, sending scientists scrambling to see if their favorite theories are among the fallen fruit. Between 6 and 7 million years old, this skull is the earliest known record of the human family. Discovered in Chad in Central Africa, the new find, nicknamed ‘Toumai’, comes from the crucial yet little-known interval when the human lineage was becoming distinct from that of chimpanzees. 


From The Economist (Aug 2002) The Vinland Map, a piece of parchment that purportedly proves that Scandinavian explorers arrived in America centuries before Columbus. One of these announcements showed that the map is genuine. The other showed it is not.  The Vinland map was revealed to the world in 1965 by researchers at Yale University, where it still resides. It depicts Europe, Asia and Africa—and also, across the Atlantic Ocean, a place called Vinland.  This is supposed to correspond to land explored early in the 11th century by a Viking called Leif Eriksson, and so named because of the wild vines growing there. Unfortunately, the Vinland Map had no recorded history before 1958, and so became the subject of instant controversy.  More to the point, it is a matter of historical record that Norsemen discovered Greenland in the ninth century and colonized in the tenth. A glance at any map shows that Greenland is an offshore island of North America.



Nowadays there is a dispute by White Christians and Jews about the Black Jews of Africa.  The theory:  Black Africans were converted to Judaism so there couldn’t possibly be Black Jews.  Think about the conversion of Black Africans to Judaism.  The theory does not “hold water.”  The EARLY (CHRISTIAN) MISSIONARIES were in Africa converting the so-called “HEATHEN AFRICANS” to Christianity.  Do you really believe that Orthodox Jews would go into Africa and convert Africans?  BE FOR REAL.



According to Jewish Law, being a Jew has nothing to do with what you believe or what you do. A person born to non-Jewish parents who has not undergone the formal process of conversion but who believes everything that Orthodox Jews believe and observes every law and custom of Judaism is still a non-Jew, even in the eyes of the most liberal movements of Judaism, and a person born to a Jewish mother who is an atheist and never practices the Jewish religion is still a Jew, even in the eyes of the ultra-Orthodox.  In this sense, Judaism is more like a nationality than like other religions, and being Jewish is like a citizenship. Here we go with "White-man Doubletalk." AGAIN—WHY WOULD JEWS CONVERT HEATHEN AFRICANS TO JUDAISM?



In Deuteronomy 7:1-5, in expressing the prohibition against intermarriage, God says, “He [i.e., the non-Jewish male spouse] will cause your child to turn away from me and they will worship the gods of others.” No such concern is expressed about the child of a non-Jewish female spouse. From this, we infer that the child of a non-Jewish male spouse is Jewish (and can therefore be turned away from Judaism), but the child of a non-Jewish female spouse is not Jewish (and therefore turning away is not an issue).


KNOWING THAT – would you say that the Jews dispersed from Africa to Europe and other parts of the Western World leaving pockets of Jews behind—like the pockets of Negritos still present in Asia? Did the Jews disperse from Europe back to AFRICA?


Okay, Diop and Wesling—You’re on the money again.  Where you find the so-called Yellow Race, there are pockets of indigenous Blacks.  The Yellow Race has the pigmentation of mixed breeds.  The ethnic features of yellow people, lips, nose, prognathism, are those of the mixed breeds. 


Whites have the POWER but not the pretext.  President Bush and other Americans are in awe of US and European power.  He says, “We are going to use precision-guided weapons to strike Iraq." "The bombs are guided to a target not by laser beams but by Global Positioning Satellites." "The bomb knows where it is and where to go." "Weather, visibility, and altitude do not matter." 



      (A Slave By Any Other Name Is Still a Slave)

By: Omowale Za


The comments to follow have little to do with the personal views of individual African slave descendants about their identity or legal status because issues dealing with U.S. slavery are impersonal. It rather has to do with what International Law states about our status in the U.S. that is backed up by The Constitution of The United States.


Blacks in actuality have a forced European identity that leads to a non-Black individual or group identity. The European identity has de-socialized the psyche to think of Black in negative terms.  Blacks do not exist in terms of any international identity.  When we refer to each other as “Nigger,” for example, we make “fun” of our own prototype that is simply a part and parcel of a de-socialized mindset that helps Whites to continue domination.


How can the same Constitution that made Black people slaves by U.S. “Law” then free us without our involvement in the process? It certainly has no legal meaning. Law is made between mutual parties.  Slave master acts are made unilaterally. So whatever the slave master wants to call us, free Negroes, ex-slaves, emancipated slaves or whatever will never change our status as U.S. slaves as long as we are not mutual to the process and are in accord with the conditions of freedom, including Reparations, Repatriation and so forth.


Slaves so-called “emancipated” by the 13th Article of Amendment never agreed to be governed by the U.S. It was another slave master act. In fact, the word emancipate cannot be found in the text of Lincoln’s Proclamation. The Proclamation simply “liberated” those slaves under the Confederacy to be returned to our original slave status under The U.S. Constitution before the war.  Neither was it a Proclamation made by Lincoln as President, but in his special role as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.  It was not a U.S. Public Law.  Indeed, the Proclamation had little to do with our original slave status.  It was an act of wartime.

"Diop had to prove to the world that Egypt was Black."  If pockets of Black people live throughout the global world, it is easy to surmise the mixtures--yellow along with browns all originated from Black.  Look at the United Nations Population statistics and count the number of European, US, Canadian, and Australian people that presently exist.  They are far outnumbered by yellow, brown and black countries and populations." 

The white establishment in all its forms is far from a source of trustworthy information. They hide the facts and figures they don’t want the general population to be aware of.  Let’s suppose that the US and other Anglo-Saxon/ Aryan controlled nations are actually engaged in an inveterate plan for global domination. Would it make sense for them to tell us that their numbers are increasing exponentially while millions of “mud people” are being murdered through “aid programs” and the like? And think about your “white whore” scenario.

The offspring of interracial partnerships will tend to gravitate towards whiteness.  Even if you exclude initial generations from white classification, eventually those Blacks whom the progenitors and their offspring, will be absorbed by the white majorities.  Realize that the slow burning genocide that you have identified is directed primarily at Black males. All they need do is remove the Black male from the population and their problem is as good as solved.  Entertain the notion this may have already happened before in the past--Brunettes and brown eyes are the result of generations of ethnic cleansing.

As long as whites maintain control over the Earth’s resources and propagate their fiscal infrastructure throughout developing countries the Black/Brown man has little chance. There is also the specter of a successful one-world government administrated through force. Do you really think they are unraveling the human genome for wholesome purposes?

Perhaps this all sounds far fetched, but we are after all talking about a group that has single handedly destroyed entire cultures and marred human history for basic territorial gain.  Imagine what they will do if they master human genetics.  I simply don’t believe much of anything that gets published, regardless of who’s doing the publishing....

Propaganda uses institutional mind cuffs to immobilize citizens of the US so they tend not to see or hear anything outside of the contiguous US.  The television, radio and movie screens broadcast what we are to see and hear.  The windows to the rest of the world have been nailed shut.  We are surrounded by a communal or shared wall of propaganda sharing the notion that America is a uniquely honorable, Christian and democratic.

In the collective US citizen minds, propaganda is still associated with Nazi Germany and does not include Iraq or the rest of the Middle East.  Propaganda works to limit the range of discussion and to exclude from the public arena arguments or evidence challenging the prevailing attitude and/or American accepted beliefs.

The vast majority of Americans are simply ignorant--not just about the Middle East and Africa, but about the rest of the Global world.  We are susceptible to manipulation as I write.  One good example is the impending falsehood that the White man is the "majority" when in fact he amounts to under 8% of the global world.

Read this article:  natural blonde haired people are disappearing and will be extinct in 200 years.