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The Stuff You Learned in Kindergarten


The modern day "chosen people" have only been chosen by the United States only within the global world as we know it. The modern day struggle for this land by European Jewish immigrants have  no connection with Palestine other than through their religion.


The alphabet that we all learned in Kindergarten had no "J" or "U" until the end of the 18th century or about 200 years ago.  The Roman Alphabet had missing letters. The word "JUSTICE" would have been written "IVSTICE" by the ancient Romans. You may have seen "Romanized" inscriptions on Courthouses that perpetuate this usage.  The modern day Israel created by the US and Britain in 1947 was less than 70 years ago so where did the modern day Jews come from?


The nationality of people in the Biblical Israel was never JEW ISRAELI, OR SEMITE.  The name Jew was only applied to the tribe of Judah (Yahudah in the Hebrew). So, Moses could not have been a Jew because he was from the tribe of Levi making him a Levite (NUM 26:59). Those that were from the tribe of Yahudah, were known as Yahudites in Hebrew or Judahites in English, not Jews, and Yahudites only made up 1/12th of the nation of Israel.


The word/name "JEW" is not a Hebrew word, it's English. There is no letter "J" or "J" equivalent in the Hebrew language. As a matter of fact, the letter "J" is one of the last letters to be added to the English alphabet. It was created in the 1600's in France, so there was not a letter "J" in existence during biblical times. In English, Jew means, those who practice a religion called Judaism. Since the ancient Hebrews didn't practice a religion called Judaism, the name Jew could not refer to the biblical children of Israel or their modern day descendants.

The word "ISRAELI" is not mentioned in scripture. Israeli only refers to a citizen or resident living in the modern "STATE" of Israel. Israeli does not mean a descendant of Jacob, (Yaaqob in Hebrew) who's name was changed to Israel (Genesis 32:28). An Israeli and an Israelite are two different things.

Neither can the word "SEMITE" be found in the bible. The biblical Israelites were Hebrews descendants from Shem, (Noah's son) through Abraham and through his son Isaac and through Isaac's son Jacob (Yaaqob / Israel). Israel had 12 sons who were all Hebrews (Deuteronomy 29:13). Neither Noah, Abraham, Isaac nor Jacob gave birth to a son named Seme or Sem. This means that the Semites could not be descendants of Abraham, Isaac, or Israel. So, it follows that they could not be Israelites, according to scripture.

There was never a tribe among the children of Israel called Sem or Semite. There were only twelve tribes of Israel:

Semite is of relative recent origin. It comes from the 18th century (along with the word Jew). One of its uses was to designate those who spoke a certain language, such as Syrian, Hebrew, and Arabic. The name was given an extra meaning later, to include all those people who were "SUPPOSED" to be descendants of Noah's son Shem (not Sem). Over the years, Semite has come to mean Jew and Jew only. So, in modern day terminology Semite is synonymous with Jew or Jews. 

If the Jews are Semites, which they claim to be, this means they are not descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, which means they are not Israelites. Semite is a word made up by deceived men with little understanding of The Bible and should never be used in reference to the biblical Hebrew Israelites. It will only cause further confusion, to an already confused world, and since YHWH never refers to Israel as: JEWS, ISRAELI OR SEMITE, we shouldn't either.

Source:  Israelite Heritage:  http://www.hebrewisraelites.org/nationality.htm