Shaul is either telling the truth or spreading a lie.

By:   Ekowa A. Kenyatta ©2007

If Shaul is not a liar, he had an awesome feat trying to teach a blind man what blue looks like. The point is, who was the message for? Why was he sent?  The Lost sheep of the house of Israel were/are the gentiles, but not foreigners like we think they were the family in the Diaspora.

But the Romans and Greeks got the message (after his death and the death of the Apostles) and bastardized the faith of Yeshua.  Most of the places that Paul went were heavily populated with Africans who were Israelites.  There were some maps that named parts of what we know as Africa, Asia, just as there are maps that showed the 4 rivers spoken of in Genesis that are all in Africa.

We cannot look at ancient maps and geographical areas the same as we look at maps today.  Neither can we look at the people of today as being the same people that inhabited a place 2,000 years ago.

Those who were of the Benjamin/Levite/Judah ilk made up the Pharisee and Sadducees. They were the inhabitants of Jerusalem of Shaul’s day, and they didn’t want to reach out to the lost sheep.  They even shunned their cousins the Samaritans because they were (Semites) half-breeds and did not worship in Jerusalem. That was why the Bible has an emphasis on the word 'Good' Samaritan, for they were considered second class citizens and not good in the eyes of the so-called Jews of that day.  

The Israel of today only has the Falasha, who are the descendants of Solomon.  They can still tract their lineage back through the father, which is the point of paternity—Mama’s baby, Papa’s maybe.  It has only been of recent years the birthright was through the mother.  That is an unbiblical principal. The rest of the so-called Jews are converts from 1,100 years ago descendants of Japheth, who dwelled in the tents of Shem. The word Jew did not appear in scripture until AD1800.

If Shaul did have the Damascus road experience, it was not to make a new religion, but to aid in seeking the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.  Context... Context… Context is the key to reading each account in scripture.

Shaul could not deny the very foundation by which he lived.   What he was doing in some of his letters (they were not scripture, but pointed to scripture/Torah) was to correct error.  In Shaul’s day they did not have a New Testament when he told Timothy “ All scripture is inspired of Yah and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness: that the man of Yah my by adequately equipped for every good word.” He was referring to the so-called Old Testament. We do not have the letters that prompted his replies so; it is like hearing one side of a two-way conversation.  Suffice it to say, it was correction of specific incidences and influences that pervaded the called-out body of believers.

Shaul was always referring back to Torah and the prophets when correcting error.

He confronted the Gnostic heresy in Colossians.  He confronted the Epicureans, Stoics the neo—platonic heresies and those of the legalistic faith of so-called Judaism that Yeshua had already talked against in the scriptures.  The people had gotten so burdened down with the law of man, that the legalist said it was a sin for a child to drag a stick across the ground on Sabbath because it was considered plowing).  That insanity was creeping into the lives of the converts--the ones called back to the faith who were in the Diaspora.  He also corrected the influences of the Mystery systems, Egyptian, Babylonian Assyrian, Greek and Romans, in addition to folks just wanting to act a fool because they thought that grace gave them an opportunity to sin. Yah has always given grace/favor.  But Shaul did not violate the true belief in Messiah as some contend.

When we read, we skim over things, not understanding the culture that was given to the Hebrews. All of the Apostles including Paul still stuck to the Torah. The celebrated the 7 feasts and the males appeared before the Lord 3 times a year with an offering.

The two books that are weighed heavily upon to aid in his so-called Formation of Christianity and rejection of the tenants of so-call Judaism are Galatians and Colossians. To understand what he is saying you must understand Torah. God established a culture with the people he chose. That was manners, customs, feasts, times, seasons and laws, with Him at the center of all their actions. He (Yah) denounced the practice of contrary god-cultures with their feast, festivals, laws, manner and customs which were in opposition to their worship of Almighty Yah, and the exaltation and worship of the intellect or the genitals of humans with a bit of human sacrifice mixed in for good measure.

If you want to know who made-up Christianity, look to Rome and Greece and their obsession with the Mystery Systems and Luciferianism. Look to the Mithras cults, the revisionists and translators. It was a political move to conquer the world if was the blind leading the blind.

Some have said Shaul came to do away with the law, but Yeshua said: …not one yod or stroke (jot or title) would be done away with. I do not think they were at odds with one another.  Yeshua didn’t abolish the Torah by his death, he fulfilled it. Just as the marriage ceremony is not the end of the marriage, but the beginning or fulfillment.  Shaul expanded on what was said if you read it in context. He even took the vow of a Nazarite for a while, recorded in the book of Acts, along with other brothers.  Due to translation and revisions the scribes (writers from the time of the Greeks and Romans) have obscured the critical information about the feast and rites that Paul kept in accordance to the Torah.

Let Saul's words be reflected in the light of Messiah and his words instead of the other way around. Shaul had one of the hardest jobs in the world. Trying to correct error with pagans and enlighten wayward children.  Not just the error that comes with paganism, but also the error that comes with birthright and tradition, prejudice and conceit. It is like telling a Whiteman he is really Black, and making him live as a Blackman. WOW! Compromise will come in the next generation, or rejection of the truth and a tweaking of the facts, so now the scale of what is white it broadened, and the scale of black is diminished, all to keep the idea of white supremacy alienating us all from the root that is African like the myth of the three sons of Noah.

Shaul also corrected the leaders of Judah who put weights on the common folk, more than they could bear. He also had to correct paganism that was creeping into the belief in Messiah throughout the land of the gentile.

The spiritual 8%ers so-to-speak, who through captivities had left the religion of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and had to be returned to the fold, with them came those that were heir to the promise.

The parable of the prodigal son is a good indication that some stayed with the faith (the older son) those who Yeshua preached to and they believed in him, (the younger son) those carried away over the years of captivities that they endured because of disobedience and idolatry those who were given to Yeshua, as he said he came ONLY for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.  Those who are being drawn by the spirit of Yah allowed to come to their senses, coming to Yah during the time of the Apostles till the great harvest at the end of the summer, which correlates to the great harvest at the yearly Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles, which is a shadow or rehearsal of what is to come. Yeshua being the first fruits from the dead, then latter in the fall the greater harvest, those who will come into the true knowledge of who they are in Messiah…an awakening.

The translation of the New Testament that we have is erroneous, because it is in Greek, the language of pagans and mythmakers, and cultural liars and rapists. This was not the spoken or written language of Yeshua, the Apostles or Shaul. On the Damascus road Yeshua spoke to Shaul in The Hebrew tongue, but we have to wade through that noise. They could not obscure the truth, if you study and understand the hints.  There is always an inward witness that keeps us asking questions, seeking, knocking and finding.

Herodotus said: ‘Everyone knew Abraham was an Ethiopian’.

Look at the Ethiopian and you will see the Egyptian. Look at the Sudanese, and you will see the Egyptian. We can’t look at the boundaries today and see the true regions of Africa. Israel and so-called Arabia were Africa long before the Caucasian drew lines on a map.

King Farouk of Egypt said: He could not respect the modern Jew because he left here a Blackman and came back white.  Some of the so-called church fathers slipped and told the truth about the faith of Yeshua and how he looked. They twisted the word for political favor, similar to what the George Bush family has done, to use a modern day example.

Read about the feasts in Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Numbers.

Yeshua was born around our calendar Sept-October, around the Feast of trumpets. Christmas and December birth came from the Mystery systems and the worship of Sol Invictus. Yuletide is strictly a European concept.

John the Baptist, his herald was born 6 months earlier around Passover. Study the courses of the priesthood, which John’s father Zechariah was one.

Yeshua was crucified on Passover/Unleavened bread (Midweek on a high Sabbath) and raised in the feast that same week on a Sabbath. This was the only sign he gave that he was Messiah, if it was a Friday-Sunday resurrection then we are worshipping a fake. He gave the sign of Jonah as his calling card. Three full days and three full nights. Yah’s day start from evening and ends the following evening. The first day of the Feast is always considered a Sabbath, so there were 2 Sabbaths in one week when he was crucified; he rose on the 2nd Sabbath and not on Sunday morning.

He is a Hebrew not a pagan.

Holy Sprit fell 50 days later, after his resurrection, (10 days after his ascension) on Shovuot or Pentecost (the same time in Exodus when the People received the Torah in the wilderness).

Note: He left the disciples and went to the father after he had taught them for 40 days.  His return was on the Sabbath. (Read Acts I  about a Sabbath Day’s journey).

So there is a possibility if he stays consistent, he will return on a Feast Day in the Fall after the great ingathering. Sept-October. No man knows the day or hour but we know the season....

It is an African thang true enough! Let us never forget our ancestors were divided by a great gulf and only could strain at faint memories of our past. Throughout the generations, the truth of Yeshua had been told to them from their parents, the children and they clung to that hope even through slavery in America, but some had begun to lose hope, a story told and retold had taken many branches and tributaries, just as in the Diaspora, but we always carried the story, we were always the Eyes in the desert as Moses said to his brother in law...who will be our eyes.  

They did not understand the etymological for exegetical or hermeneutical slant on the Bible; they just believed that they would be delivered once again by the right hand of Yah.  As he said in Proverbs...What is His name and his son's name if you know it.

Shaul in Colossians 2:16 wanted the lost sheep to look to Israel and the customs and culture of Yahweh as the shadow of messiah and not the customs and culture of the society they lived in. They were getting harassed by those who wanted them not to introduce anything new or anything that looked Hebraic. Then he went on to say in verse 18 as another correction, do not be a stoic (self abasement) and do not be a spiritualist and necromancers and worship angels (worshipping the creation rather than the creator)…he said hold fast to the head (Messiah).

As far as Shaul goes, when you are dead they can say you meant whatever they want it to mean! Like Martin Luther King, all we hear is the ‘I have a dream’ sound bite, and they interpret that to mean he wanted everyone to be judged on the content of their character.  He wanted BLACK FOLKS to be judged on the content of their character. White folks are always judged in this fashion so it was not need to include them. We have been massaged into believing he wanted all people to be free, he may have, but the context of the whole Civil Rights movement was for the Africans who were enslaved and disenfranchised in America. The ones who were judged by society by skin color and not character content.  Context is the key to all history, especially Biblical History.

Beware of the scribes:

When you read about the 7 things that the Lord hates in Proverbs 6:16-19, the sixth one is: “The false witness who breaths out lies.”  In the Hebrew language: That is referring to a scribe. One who holds history in his hands and records it for the future. One who can change history by a stroke of a pen. This lying scribe intentionally fills the air with falsehood, so that not only the generation he lives in believes and breathes the lie, but future generations will believe and breathe it in as air.

Those lies are like breath, like aspiration the breath of lives. Like the breath Yahweh breathed into Adam and made him a living being. But this breath, a lie shrouded in the trappings of truth brings death. They breathe out lies and we breathe them in. 

True power is the ability to create your own reality, then impose it on other and have them accept it as their own.

Yeshua said in the original meaning of the New Testament: I am the way the truth and the life. In the Hebrew the truth is Emet, which means the reality. He is the door, road or the access, the reality and the breath and living essence of the believer.  No one comes to Yah except by him.

Shaul understood this, Blue is a hard color to describe especially to those who think they see clearly.

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