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The People Who Live in the 8%-Pod are disappearing from the face of the Earth


Imagine what it would be like if you were confined within the walls of a pod where no other Nations existed on the face of the Earth but European countries and America.  “Great and wonderful” echoes and affirms the constant chest thumping--nobody else subsists.  You are blessed by God.  That gives you a license to do whatever you want.  Woe to the other 270 odd US unrecognized hordes of black and brown faceless global Nations.

White Global Identity Scene 101: It has come down to the basic citation of Population Reference Bureau Statistics. It's so elementary, My Dear Watson, that even anthropologists seem dazed from the shock of having to present daily visionaries of white people for media display.  Overlapping gene pools have created a non-white reality.  While people of color have come to the realization they are inconvenient counter-examples to America and Europe's central doctrines—trigger-happy—shoot to kill policies, they realize full well how whites overreact, and then target people who do not look the way they look. 


When the "shoot-to-kill-in-order-to-protect policy” is over, and another person of color has fallen, the 8 percenters stare into the cameras and “express regret.”  The investigation following the “Fallen Enemy Combatant Policy” cures the whole situation and reassures the general public everything is just fine now.  Police departments across the US and Europe do what they believe necessary to protect the lives of the white brotherhood.  Shootings are an indication of nervousness, panic, and anxiety whites fear because they are fighting for survival.


My thoughts always go back to Jesse Jackson as he negotiated the release of three US prisoners of the War in Kosovo (1999) and initiated the signing of a cease-fire in the bloody seven-year war in Sierra Leone.  The former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, addressed the UN Security Council regarding Iraq and its disarmament obligations under UN Security Council Resolution 1441.  Whites can no longer travel or speak freely at the global level.  Bush needed Powell for global representation to give the appearance of relevancy.  Once Powell refused to “buckle under,” Condi Rice got the job.  The Euro-American citizenry live in a pod surrounded by the worst kind of brainwashery.  Whoever told them knows it is a matter of 8% survival. 


Everybody should take a course in logic. Reasoning is the process of drawing conclusions from facts. For the reasoning to be sound, conclusions must follow inevitably from facts to which they are drawn.  When a person reasons, it is natural to regard reasoning as producing a number of separate arguments aimed at supporting different conclusions.  A person could then see the rhetoric and the images precipitating down through the atmosphere into corporeal reality.  Maybe our resident anthropologists, do the same thing in perverse; play God to make Caucasians from people with African ancestry.


Former President George W. Bush granted himself the power to declare anyone on Earth -- including any US citizen -- an "enemy combatant," for any reason he saw fit.  He thought it was for global power, but we know is it really about Euro-American preservation? He rendered torture, imprisonment for life, put out hits to have a people killed, all without charges, with no burden of proof, standards of evidence, legislative oversight, appeal,  judicial process whatsoever except those that he himself deigns to construct, with whatever limitations he cares to impose. He can never be prosecuted for any order he issues, however criminal; in the new American system laid out by Bush's legal minions, the Commander is sacrosanct and/or holy, beyond the reach of any law or constitution.


Trapped in the "White Race" 8%-pod most Americans are oblivious to what's happening in the world outside their own isolated neighborhood.  White Americanism—or "our way of life" struggles against the faceless hordes of Muslim savages parading across Continents to destroy the world through the coined term of “terrorism.”  Most White Americans function daily in a dazed and confused state.  The US and Europe have made it a “Global badge of honor” to be just like them!  Jump on the bandwagon to become “White like us,” they say--class-collaboration. There is an American obsession with "White benevolence" at the center of the US opinionated imaginary. 


Police fired 50 rounds at a car of unarmed men leaving a bachelor party at a strip club, killing Sean Bell on his wedding day. The spray of bullets hit the car 21 times, after the vehicle rammed into an undercover officer and then an unmarked NYPD minivan twice.  Police thought one of the men in the car might have had a gun. But police found no weapons. The officers walk free as they were acquitted in 2008.

A 27-year-old Brazilian slain by police in a London subway was shot eight times at point blank range—seven times in the head and once in the neck.  One police source as stated that he was shot so many times the face was beyond recognition.  He was the victim of an officially-sanctioned policy of state execution is beyond doubt.  Under the guise of the war against terror, police secretly adopted the shoot-to-kill policy.  “There is only one sure way to stop a suicide bomber determined to fulfill his mission: destroy his brain instantly, utterly.”

Euro-Americans are unable to coexist with Global Civilization as it now exists.  The allegory of a rat being backed into a corner and fighting for survival is a great description of what is going on with the 8 percenters.  FormerGo to fullsize image President Bush tried to justify the recess appointment of John Bolton to the UN, but little does anybody realize, "It just doesn't matter."  The US is outnumbered within the UN Delegation. It doesn't matter if John Bolton or Howdy Doody are there as delegates representing the US.  Bolton will be lost in the nameless horde of brown faces representing the 270 odd US unrecognized nations of the global world.  You know, Howdy Doody probably has more global recognition than John Bolton.