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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


The general public has been manufactured as a nation of ventriloquist dummies. The same "so-called mysteries" harbored by European Scientists should be no mystery at all if you got an "A" in World History. When something teeter totters into a realm that can't be linked back to Europe, scientists make the statement:  "We have our team of experts working on that."  Therein lies the carefully constructed hitch.  Everything documented in history is measured to and from Europe.  Sheer evidence shows the EXODUS was FROM Africa--NOT TO AFRICA.  When the Europeans FINALLY GOT TO AFRICA, Africans had already migrated to all parts of the world.  Read More...


Just Bein' Niggas

As children we all learned to play the game of "Simon Says" and have turned into a nation of "Simon Sayers." White Simon says:  "You are Niggers."  "Simon Sayers" immediately react and utter:  "We're Niggers--Therefore, you be my Nigger--Nigger." 



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