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Chapter 3

Just Bein' Niggers

Blacks in this country are referred to by the media as the "Urban Underclass" or "Rural South Poor" and have been trademarked and stamped using a "group numerology tactic."  Whites refer to Blacks as "minorities" rather than individuals.  The majority of Americans do know it is Whites who are the minority.  Since Blacks have been lumped into one big group rather than as distinct and different, is that why we are ashamed to be Black?  Are we just iterating what has been mouthed to us?  Is that why we call each other "Nigger?"


As children we all learned to play the game of "Simon Says."  We have turned into a nation of "Simon Sayers."  White Simon says:  "You are Niggers."  "Simon Sayers" immediately react and utter:  "Simon says: We're Niggers--Therefore, you be my Nigger-Nigger."   

Blacks refer to one another as "Nigger" in a friendly way.  We all know there are two sets of rules in this country, but why is it okay for Blacks to refer to each other using that term?  By mouthing the word "Nigger" it reinforces the years of bondage even though the visible chains have been removed.  Whites do not call themselves "Honkies."  Chinese do not call themselves "Chinks."  Arabs do not call themselves "Camel Jockeys" or "Sand Niggers."  Then--Why are Blacks satisfied just bein' "Niggers?"

The word Neger that later became "Nigger" was found in Northern England in 1587, and Negre in Middle French (early 1600s). Both Neger and Negre come from Negro, Spanish and Portuguese for the color black, which comes from the Latin Niger, also meaning the color black.  The word Negro fell out of use as a harmless adjective and slowly but steadily became a negative, degrading designation for Africans, replacing the term “Moor.” Webster tells its readers that Moors are Caucasian in its continuing effort to disguise the Negroid ancestry of Spanish, Italian, and some Irish people.  Moor is a code word.  The title “Negro” was first used in relation to African people which traces back to approximately 1443, when Portuguese explorers went down the coast of Africa, past the Senegal River to Guinea, where they began trafficking African people as slaves. By 1555 (shortly after the first slaves were brought to London), Negro was adopted by the English as their term for Africans and other people of color. 


According to the Dictionary of African-American Slang, the term Nigger appeared as part of the English language around 1620.  Some researchers believe the word Nigger was derived from different words--"nick," as in nicking a coin;--"niggler" clips as used to file gold coins;--"niggling" meaning to "cut awkwardly;"--and--"nig" also a variant from nick; meaning to "niggle." 

In early English, Nigger means to have sex.  Some historians believe the word originated in Northern England in the Irish dialect (Negar)--an attempt to pronounce the Spanish word Negro--around 1587.  The word "negar" was widely accepted as a diverse pronunciation of  "Negro."

According to the African-American Slang Dictionary,  there are 38 kinds of Niggers. Young Blacks use the term to mean friend, brother, man, person, girl, and woman.  Some of the friendly uses include: "Bad-Assed (Nigger), Dog (Nigger), and (No-Count) Nigger.  It is probably used in a comic sense to in reference to the plight of African-American culture's fervent history.

A "Bad Nigger" was first used in the 1700's and was used to denote an unruly slave.  The word is used to refer to a rebellious Black person--usually a male.  Michael Jackson made a video for a song called "Bad," which further popularized the African-American reversal of the meaning of the word "bad."

The derogatory uses of the term include the following:   Nigger Babies, Nigger Boy, Nigger Breaker, Niggerdemos, Nigger Driver, Nigger Flicker, Nigger Flipper, Nigger Front, Nigger Heaven, Nigger-Hounds, Niggerhouse, Niggerhouse yard, Nigger in Charge (NIC), Niggerish, Niggerism, Nigger Jail, Nigger Killers, Nigger-Lover, Nigger Luck, Nigger Monger, Nigger Night, Nigger-Pot, Nigger Rich, Nigger Rig, Nigger's Bankroll, Nigger Show, Nigger Spit, Nigger Steak, Nigger-Toe, Nigger Trader, Nigger War, Nigger Worshipper, Niggery, and Niggra (Major, Clarence. Juba to Live:  A Dictionary of African-American Slang, New York:  Penguin Books, 1994 320-323).


From the 1900's to the present a Bad-assed Nigger is a positive, courageous person; a troublemaker; mean person.  The most surprising terms used for Nigger were quite surprising.  Nigger Night is Saturday night.  A Nigger-Pot is homemade whiskey or bootleg liquor. 


A Nigger Bankroll is a roll of singles with a large bill, such as a twenty- or a fifty-dollar bill on top and singles underneath.  A Nigger Steak is beef liver.


The term Nigger was designed to spread race based assumptions. If is possible to strip pride, subservience is the only thing left.  Nigger is a term of subservience.  It tells the whole word that a Nigger is a farce because Nigger defines everything that is not positive. The Republican Congress and other people who are in charge flex muscles when they want to convey certain messages.


White has been superimposed verbally and visually by mass media to mean higher in quality and merit.  See the show, and the entire race is the same.  Everywhere a person looks in this country, there are visual images of White people--from the average White American,  to the President, to God himself.  (Note:  Blacks are never mentioned as just the average everyday American.  Blacks are always mentioned as "Black Americans"--never just Americans). 


White Domination is a stimulus that directly influences conscious experience. Subconsciously, the "WHITE ONLY" value system is directly linked to the Black child's sight and conscience and affects his behavior as he reaches manhood.  After many years of repeated association with "WHITE ONLY" a reflective response has occurred. 


Both Blacks and Whites would outright deny such a thing has taken place--The writer should STOP practicing tribal identities.  White people can only identify with other White people, and it has been easy for Blacks to assimilate into the White culture after years of rote indoctrination. Psychologically speaking, the identification process is important to socialization.


Whites cannot incorporate or accept another races' thinking, actions, and feelings unless the individual looks the same way they look.  That is why Whites like to adopt labeled "bi-racial" babies.  The baby has some physical feature denoting White Race identification.  Therefore, the adopters are no longer racially prejudice because they have a labeled "bi-racial" or "multiracial."   


It has become simple to accept multiracial people as a Pseudo-White Race. The repeated association with WHITE ONLY has emitted a reflective response producing the American Attitudes of White right!--Black back!


White people can only identify with other White people. That is the major cause for White flight from majority White cities, neighborhoods and schools.  Blacks brag about moving to mostly White neighborhoods, but once White people realize that a Black family has moved next door, they're on the phone to the real estate agency.


As a city, neighborhood, or school becomes half Black, White people start leaving in droves because they have lost their means of identification.  Identification has been defined as a defense mechanism. 

Blacks want to look around and see mostly White faces.  It makes them feel more affluent and in better company.  Whites also want to look around and see mostly White faces.  It makes them feel comfortable and protected. 


Whites want to look around and see people who look the way they look.  Identification is a means of categorizing and grouping according to familiar territory. Whites cannot incorporate black perspectives--goals, actions, and values into their lives because the separation was blatantly designed during slavery. 


In this country Blacks can only identify with White faces, White verbal patterns, White family situations, White historical programs, a White God and White Mary, and White heroes--just plain WHITE DOMINATION.  Therefore, White people are presented to the viewer as the smartest, prettiest, strongest, purest, most innocent, and most divine people in the world. 


The print media and now electronic media have worked hard for 300 years to present evidence, to project views, and to educate Blacks and Whites.  White people are smart, pretty, and strong, but Black people aren't as smart, as pretty, or as strong.  Instead Blacks are crack addicts, live on welfare, shot and killed, or shoot to kill whenever possible. 


It is only natural that people would tend to base the way they think and act, and feel on other individuals who are successful in gaining satisfactions from life.  Therefore, children both Black and White behave more like people with which they identify. Women with kinky nappy hair and Black skin couldn't be considered as beautiful as blue-eyed White blondes. Identification serves an important role in the socializing process of people.        


Achievement is highly valued in Western culture. Success, money, possessions, status, love, approval, grades dominance, power, and belonging to the right/White groups can be social motives.  All are learned needs. People with strong needs for power want their importance to be visible.  They buy expensive clothes, jewelry, and cars, live in White neighborhoods, go to White schools, and want White women at the end of their arm. 

Blacks suffer from "learned helplessness."  A pattern of no longer trying to avoid negative events is a learned pattern of behavior.  The future looks bleak for some people, and they feel helpless to do anything to improve their lives.


Blacks and Whites use identification subconsciously as a technique to avoid, deny, and distort sources of threat or anxiety.  Take, for example, daytime programming.  Soap operas cast most Black actors in "mirror roles." 


Black actors live in White neighborhoods, have no other Black friends, and find only themselves in rooms filled with other White actors.  This is done because White producers and viewers cannot identify with a story line devoted to "Black only."  That's why the Black-oriented soap opera Generations was canceled.


This identification defense mechanism is used to maintain an idealized all-White self-image so that the people in charge can comfortably live with themselves.  All people practice Freud’s psychological defense mechanisms subliminally, but everybody manages the reactions or copes differently to what seems to have been created "behavior patterns" in this country.


Media elites in this country have instilled certain chosen psychological demeanors.  The populace, in turn, uses defense mechanisms to cope with created measures.  Blacks and Whites alike use the psychological defense mechanisms to avoid, deny, or distort sources of threat or anxiety to those who are in charge.  Every person defends themselves subconsciously from a buildup of uncomfortable tension with the "defense mechanisms" listed below.


Compensation:  Counteracting is a real or imagined weakness of emphasizing desirable traits or seeking to excel in other areas.  A Black person usually likes to emphasize what he feels his desirable traits are in school, in places of employment, or just casually without thinking about what is being said. 


Example from a Black perspective:  He is light skinned.  I am half White.  She has good hair.  He has those pretty eyes and that sandy hair.  My Grandmother has that Indian hair.   I am the brightest.     


Example from a White perspective:  What is she talking about?  All Black people look alike.  As Blacks are busy emphasizing so-called White like desirable traits, Whites do not see Blacks in differing hues and skin textures.  They are busy lumping every Black person into one big group of  "just Black" people.  The actions of one Black person depict the "entire race."


Denial:  We all protect ourselves from unpleasant reality by refusing to accept or believe that we are not like those Black people seen three times daily on the local news that have carjacked a poor innocent White person. 


Example from the Black perspective:  We are not like those other Black people.  If I can just use perfect English, dye my hair blonde, wear blue color contacts, and brag to White folks about my materialistic treasures, I can assimilate into the White culture and White world.  Constantly we are telling Whites about the nice White neighborhoods in which we live, and the schools we attend.  If we can deny our heritage, we can be White like psychologically.


Example from the White perspective:  As the Black person walks from the room, the Nigger jokes start.--"There are just too many Miss Nellies moving into our neighborhoods.  It's time to call my real estate agent." 

A White person doesn't want to hear about a Black person's material wealth or how smart he perceives himself.  Those are the things he himself wants. Affirmative Action, sports abilities, musical talent or illegal lifestyles are the reasons for Black success stories.


Fantasy:  Fulfilling unmet desires in imagined achievements or activities.  Hey!  Isn't this the ultimate?


Example from the black perspective:  The college degree and professional job might also require fulfilling the unmet desire of having that White woman.  The adorned White woman is the ultimate in fulfilling all unmet desires.


Example from the White perspective:    Fulfilling unmet desires to have a home up North or on lakefront property and away from the City, Blacks, and crime that  bring down property values. 


Whites still feel that the majority of Blacks do not have male heads-of-households and custodial employment is the norm.  Whites hold their childhood memories of Tarzan movies where Blacks are pictured as "primitive" and "savage barbarians" half-dressed and dancing.  White Tarzan flies from tree to tree as the natives gaspingly appear inferior, dumb, and lazy.        


Note:  When 5 p.m. comes, how many White people go home with you for dinner? They are afraid to go beyond the White boundaries.  Wake up!!!


Repression:  We all protect ourselves by repressing thoughts or impulses that are painful or threatening. People have tremendous difficulty recalling shocking or traumatic events from childhood.  Television talk show Black women as screaming shrews, in bigmouth, big butt close-ups, using street slang, and calling each other "Hootchie Mamas." It causes a big laugh from the audience as the Nation and Black men look at the clowns. 


Black women help to reinforce the "big-loud-matriarchal" pre-determined dye cast mold affixed to a discerning public.  The White woman is looking better every day to a Black man who wants a sophisticated woman as he watches the "Hootchie Mama" performances.


From both the Black and White perspectives:  Blacks have repressed being different from what is considered the norm in this country. Therefore, both Blacks and Whites believe the White Man was first on the earth, is first in intellect, the most beautiful, built this country and made it prosperous. 


Both Blacks and Whites believe Jesus was White, Adam and Eve were White, ancient Biblical characters were White, and that all things that of any value come from White. 


Reaction Formation:  Reaction Formation is a defense mechanism in which impulses are repressed but are also held in check by exaggerated "opposite" behavior. 


Example from the Black perspective:  A Black person who has supposedly escaped the "ghetto" or "inner city," obtained the college degree and has a good job consciously resents other Black people he feels will bring him down or cause him to be grouped into the "inferior Black category." 


He is the ultimate Oreo.   He appears Black on the outside.  He appears Black every time he looks in a mirror.  On the inside he is "culturally White."  He helps the White Race reinforce the thoughts of "culturally deficient Blacks."  He immediately becomes absurdly overprotective of his own status and members of his race because he does not want to be viewed in a "Black group category" or perceived "like the rest."  His real thoughts of "I hate them" and "I wish I were White or light" are replaced by "I love them," but I will acclimate myself culturally so that everyone will love me. 

The hostile impulses are traded for "smother" love so that the Black person won't have to admit the dislike of himself.  This is done to block the created threatening impulses or feelings that have developed because he feels he has escaped into the White realm. 

This has happened over and over again for hundreds of years as Blacks have crossed the color line to "pass for White."  It is happening today as many Blacks differentiate skin hues within their race.  It is happening today as many Blacks want to escape their Negroid ancestry and become Multiracial.


From the White Perspective:  Whites view Blacks--not as individuals--but as a category.  Black is Black to them, but White women who have given birth to Black babies, and White families who have adopted Black children welcome the anesthetized category of Negroid so that their Black children can escape into Whiteland.


Regression:  This refers to the return to earlier, less demanding situations or habits within a person's life.  A Black man who marries a White woman may once in-a-while regress by going home to the old neighborhood to see his "homies," "get some good home cookin," or reminisce how he once was "Black."


Projection:  Is an unconscious process when we blame our feelings, shortcomings, or unacceptable impulses on others as a means of defending against anxiety.  Whites feel Black's have the shortcomings of ignorance and superstitious ness.  That psychologically raises White intelligence test scores.


Example:  White clerks in retail stores feel uneasy and might believe that any Black person who enters the store is automatically a shoplifter. Clerks and security in White neighborhoods watch Black patrons so that they won't steal.


Rationalization:  The making of excuses or "explaining it away" comes from a natural tendency to explain one's behavior. It provides us with reasons for behavior.  Whites explain that carjacking only takes place in Black neighborhoods because of the high crime rates rather than accepting that crime takes place in all neighborhoods. 


From the White perspective:  When there is a murder or carjacking in a White neighborhood, the local news spends a whole week covering the story to delve into the psychological problems that would have caused the White perpetrator to do such a thing.  At the same time the news coverage is convincing the audience that it rarely happens in good White neighborhoods.


The Black psyche in this country started its process of alteration almost 400 years ago when slavery was legalized, and Black women were called upon to be the heads of households.  The altered mind-set has been reinforced in the past three centuries with the debasing terms being just a minute form of the reinforced alteration. 


People who say "We are all human beings and color does not matter"--should ask why so many Black people assimilate into the White culture physically, emotionally, and socially?  Why is it so important to be part White?  Why have so many people crossed-over the color line and denied their ethnicity?  Why are there so many "Black-looking" people who say they are White?  Why are there so many Brown Race people who classify themselves as "White?"  


If light-skinned people are white enough in color to pass for White, he disappears into the population creating some of the "so called" White people we see walking around with nappy hair, broad noses, protruding teeth with wide gaps, rounds buttocks, and a sort of permanent suntan.

We identify or embody people's goals, actions and values into our personalities when they are successful and positive.  Parents are the main agents for society to create and teach principles to their children by punishing disobedience and rewarding proper behavior. 

"White righteous behavior" and "Black degradation behavior" is being taught on a subliminal level. Most people aren't aware of what is happening because the positive and negative behaviors are taught subliminally.  You can accept what is happening, or you can ask yourself, "What kind of society is being created?"  As children, we strive to attain a goal of "ideal" perfection. Experiencing inaccurate generalizations presented by media and parents soon become incorporated into our minds as we grow up. 


When we hold a stereotyped view of a group of people, we tend to treat each member of that group as if the person has the exact characteristics of the stereotype.  Example:  If a White person sees a trash can knocked over on a White homeowner's lawn, his first thought is that a dog knocked it over.  If a White person sees a trash can knocked over on a Black homeowner's lawn, his first thought is that the family is lazy and dirty.


Self-image and self-evaluation went through basic processes of development during slavery.  During the 1600's White children were nurtured and molded to become teachers, musicians, writers, lawyers, and doctors.


During the 1600's Black children were nurtured and molded to become matriarchal baby producers and career slaves.   Seeping through the cracks from that era is a stronghold on people that has developed a similar mind-set.


A slave owner named Willie Lynch delivered a speech to slave owners during the 1600's outlining three ways to keep slaves in line.  He shared with other slave owners the developmental psychology needed to keep the Niggras in line.  He said that if these tactics were used, the effects would last for hundreds of years.  They were: 


1) Pit men against women.  How many times a day do you hear Black women man bashing???  How many times do you hear Black women saying, "I want a good man, but there are none out there."  Black men come in last place and seem to be on the media's hit list, White men's hit lists, and Black women's' hit lists.

2)  Pit old men against young men. 


3)  Pit light slaves against dark slaves and light Blacks against dark blacks--light Blacks are "not really Black but multicultural!"

His tactics are still at work today.  It has become routine for Blacks to describe one another by skin tones.  In fact--that's how Blacks are described. The term "Nigger" used in a friendly or casual way by Blacks directed to one another helps to keep the tactical mind-set in place.  The US Government via the CIA has set up a tactical plan to keep folks high on crack so that homicides and other Black-on-Black crimes are the norm.  Therefore, local police departments on Level I can control lives and lifestyles.  On Level II lives and lifestyles can be controlled by the penal/prison system.  On level III the Caucasian mind-set controls everything visible and thinkable.


Crime provides incarceration-tooling benefits , which are twofold.  The first provides a preventative measure.  There are less Black men on the streets; thus, creating a decline in the Black birth rate.  The second is the realization of huge profits for conglomerates like Microsoft Corporation.  The modus operandi keeps the American economy strong as prisons account for America's fourth largest growing industry.


Teenage pregnancies much like the Slave Era “Matriarchal system,” create a "Dependency on Welfare Mind-set."  It teaches "learned helplessness" to young Black women so that they retain and remain in a constructed state of being set forth by Willie Lynch's forefathers who now represent the majority or standard of the US population. 


Blacks in America are dual citizens.  They can survive in all color sectors of the US.  Blacks have been taught to accept the key concepts of Western institutions.  These concepts include a Euro-centric religion (White Biblical characters), education (European explorers and discoveries), economics (White exploitation with drugs, guns, AIDS, church torchings and welfare), and a government (contrived plan to noose 'em up)!