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Black Jews were in Africa 1300 years before the birth of Christianity and 1800 years before the birth of Mohammed.


Israel (Palestine) depends totally on the United States for existence. Since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, the United States has expressed its commitment to Israel's security and well-being and has devoted a considerable share of its world-wide economic and security assistance.


There are two distinct groups of Jews living in Palestine.  The Sephardic Jews from the Middle East and North Africa; the Ashkenazim (singular, Ashkenazi) Jews from Eastern Europe.  The Sephardic is the oldest group and are the Jews described in the Bible. They are blood relatives to the Arabs - The only difference between them is religion.  The Ashkenazim Jews comprise 90 percent of the Jews in the world.  According to historians, the Ashkenazim Jews came into existence about 1200 years ago.


Arab historian Jarid al-Kidwa told an Arab TV audience, "all the events surrounding Kings Saul, David and Rehoboam occurred in Yemen, and no Hebrew remnants were found in Israel, for a very simple reason--because they were never here."

Al-Kidwa said: "Most of the Khazars [a Turkish tribe that converted to Judaism in medieval times] are the Ashkenazic Jews who arrived in Palestine. As Allah is my witness, in my blood flows more of the Children of Israel and the ancient Hebrews than in the blood of Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu."


The identity of our father Ibrahim [Abraham] who is mentioned in the Koran is clear. From the Koran's description of him it arises that he lived in the southern Hejaz [Saudi Arabia], near Mecca."


 (The Omega Letter Intelligence Digest - Jack Kinsella)


Most of today's Jews in Palestine aren’t descended from Abraham.  If you read your Bible right now, it still tells you God promised land to the ‘seed of Abraham’ – the literal seed of Abraham.   Evangelicals and other Christians believe in a spiritual Israel--not a physical Israel.  Churches teach or have interpreted the Bible to mean the spiritual seed of Abraham.  Did the church fathers in Rome know the implications of the "seed of Abraham?"


Abraham found the land of Canaan inhabited by Hamitic people upon his arrival.  Genesis 15:18 clearly reaffirms the boundaries of the land to be inherited by Abraham (Genesis 2:8-14) from the Nile to the Euphrates including the Garden of Eden and the Fertile Crescent.  Genesis 15:19-21 lists the Hamitic Tribe people and nations who inhabited the region promised to Abraham in Genesis 15:1-21. 


The Cushites of Mesopotamia were Ethiopians (Judges 3:3-10).  Cushites were Edenites from the Land of Eden.  The Sudanese are synonymous with Watusi and Zulu, 400 years from 1846-1446 BC. The Cushites of Mesopotamia are identical with Ethiopians. Until the 4th Glacial Epoch, flat-nosed Negroes were the only humans (Diop, 67-8).  There is archaeological evidence includes Semitic Languages which are closely related to African Languages and are spoken in Syria, Palestine and related to Berber, Libyan, ancient Egyptian and Coptic Cushite (Greenberg pp. 110-111).  The earliest human bones have been found in Ethiopia.  Twenty years ago South Africa was the only place in the world where the bones found allowed scientists to reconstitute the genealogical tree of mankind uninterruptedly from its beginning until today.


Did you know Britain wanted to set up a homeland for the Jews in British East Africa in 1903?  I wonder why?  Was it because it was one of the homelands of the original Jews--(Abayudaya Jews).  The Ashkenazim (converts) have been telling people the Uganda Jews are converts themselves.  That implication does not hold water for the pockets of Jews appearing all over the Continent of Africa.  What about the Lemba who contain more of the priestly Y Chromosome than any other groups of Jews globally?  Read on!!!


Ancient Israel was in Egypt (Land of Ham)--not Palestine as you have been led to believe.   Ancient Israel spent 430 years in Egypt.  They entered Egypt 66 in number and left numbering two million+ people.  This is just one more incidence of fabricated history.  It also plays right into changing the color of history.  The Europeans have spent centuries trying to prove Egypt was Caucasian--for what?  Just Guess!!!


In his book Ancient Israel in Sinai, Hoffmeier refutes the claims of scholars who doubt the historical accuracy of the biblical account of the Israelite sojourn in Egypt.  He employs archaeological findings to shed new light on the route of the Exodus from Egypt. He also investigates the location of Mount Sinai and offers a rebuttal to those who have sought to locate it in northern Arabia and not in the Sinai peninsula as traditionally thought.


According to the Bible in Genesis 28:4, Abraham’s blessing passed from Isaac to Jacob. “And give thee the blessing of Abraham, to thee, and to thy seed with thee; that thou mayest inherit the land wherein thou art a stranger, which God gave unto Abraham.”


(Ezekiel 38:8) In the last days, the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would return to the ‘mountains of Israel, which have always been waste’ and the nation of Israel would be reborn, ‘in a day’ -- (Isaiah 66:8).


The Sephardim are Israelites with African Ancestry.  The word Sephardi is "Spanish."  It refers to the Moors (Israelites) who lived in Portugal and Spain when the Moors ruled the country for 700 years.  The term now applies to non-Europeans Israelites who lived in Moslem countries or African-Asian countries.  It is also another name applied to these same Israelites is "Oriental" (Windsor, 111).  The Blacks transported to the Americas as slaves were Israelites.  Read The Hebrewisms of West Africa published in 1930 by Joseph Williams.


According to Bible prophecy, during the reign of the antichrist, the Temple will be rebuilt and full Temple worship restored by a Cohanim--the Jewish priesthood who must meet strict bloodline requirements, including direct decadency from Aaron, the brother of Moses.


So do you believe the ethnic Jews, and not merely religious Jews, qualify to inherit the Land of Promise, according to Scripture--the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses?


All existing studies fail to compare modern Jewish populations' DNA to ancient Judean DNA and medieval Khazarian DNA, and many of them focus on paternal ancestries rather than maternal ancestries.


According to "DNA research carried out at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School and University College in London has shown that many Jews and Arabs are closely related.  That makes for more Biblical Proof doesn't it? 


According to the Bible, Arabs are descended from Ishmael and Esau and are closely related to the Hebrews. Sephardi Jews of North African origin are genetically indistinguishable from their brethren from Iraq, according to The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


The Bible says that the Jewish priesthood, the Cohanim, began 3000 years ago when God anointed Aaron, brother of Moses, to be Israel’s High Priest.  A DNA genetic study of modern-day Cohanim has provided the first scientific evidence supporting the oral tradition of an ancient priestly lineage.


Statistically, the Lemba people from Southeast Africa are more JewishProf Mathivha of the Lemba Cultural Association than European Jews.  In a particular Lemba Clan known as the Buba Clan, 53 percent of the males carry the unique DNA signature of Jewish priests.  Males form the Lemba Tribe carry a higher incidence of the Jewish priestly DNA signature than the European and American Jewish population.  The Lemba carry a DNA sequence that is distinctive to the Cohanim, a hereditary set of Jewish priests. More than half of the men in an Lemba elite family contain the same genetic marker on the Y Chromosome as the one found in a study of Kohanim — male Jews who claim to be descended from the Jewish priestly line of Aaron, brother of Moses.

(Genesis 10:6-19) Ham had four sons:  1. CUSH (Ethiopians, Cushites & Nubians), 2. MIZRAIM (Egyptians & Khemet), 3. PHUT (Ancient Libyans or Somalia), and 4. CANAAN (Canaanite, the original inhabitants of the Land of Israel).


(Exodus  4:6-7) God shows Moses miracles proving to the Children of Israel that he was sent by him--God. Moses puts his hand into his bosom. When he takes his hand out, it is LEPROUS (White) as snow.  If Moses was already white, what would have been the miracle in turning the skin of his hand white?


In Verse 7, God told Moses to put his hand back into his bosom, and it turned the same as the other flesh of his body.  If the flesh was being turned back to the same color as the other parts of his body, doesn't that mean his skin was not "white as snow?"

Acts 10:28: Their behavior angered God.  In Verse 10, he TURNED MIRIAM LEPROUS, WHITE AS SNOW. Once again if Miriam, who was a Hebrew, was white to begin with, what would have been the curse of turning a white person white?

It is an established fact the Bible always mentioned leprosy in the context with the skin turning white because of a disease or in relationship to some specific wrong doing.  There was snow in what is today known as the Middle East.  There was snow at Mt. Hermon, Lebanon, snow in the Sinai, and at the Simen Range in Ethiopia.


In the book of Amos chapter 9: we will now see Israel being compared to Ham (Khawm) first born son Cush / Ethiopians.




In this Verse, the Israelites are being called children of the Ethiopians by the Most High. The Ethiopians (Israel) are called by the most high his children. It doesn't make sense to call white people, CHILDREN OF THE ETHIOPIANS, would it?




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