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Chapter 1


If you as a reader can go beyond this point, you may learn something.  If you can't stand to read one more ridiculous thing you think the Author is writing about, you need to "check yourself" because you are in a state of denial.  Your mind-set is such that you feel the foregoing information is threatening to you and your psyche, and you will probably end up blocking it from your conscious awareness anyway.  Whether or not you accept any of the information given to you, you must realize that before you were humanized, you were categorized.

In less than four years, 40 percent of the school age children in America will be non-White.  Non-White teachers, on the other hand make up less than 10 percent of the teaching force.  When children enter our American school system, White teachers and White principals greet them.  When they open their desks, their textbooks depict White characters and story lines.  When the White teacher takes the students to the library, the books that line the shelves are sectioned off into White fiction and White non-fiction. Within the book shelving of non-fiction are the subject categories of White art, White history, and White science.

When adult Americans go to the shopping malls and enter a typical bookstore, they see the same type of books the children saw in the school room and school library earlier depicting "White only."  Way off in the corner is a section labeled "African-American Interest."  Blacks seem to be the only ones who are interested in this section of the bookstores.

When both the adults and children get home at the end of the day and turn on the television, the major television networks depict "White news shows," "White dramatic series," "White sitcoms"--just plain "White Programming."  There are White role models--from the former Presidents to Jesus to God himself.  Even with President Barack Obama, a great emphasis was placed on his "White mother."  His Black Father was criminalized by the media.  When both the adults and children go to the movie houses, there are White heroes and heroines flashed across the movie screen.

Our National icon magazines and newspapers line the newsstands depicting the most beautiful people in the world--all of which have blonde hair and blue eyes.  The newsprint features important scientific discovery makers and history makers--all with White skin.

  • If there is an interest for a book, there is a market.
  • If there is an interest for television programming, there is a market.
  • If there is an interest for a movie, there is a market.
  • If there is an interest for a magazine, there is a market.


Interest = I            Market = M                 I + M = I'M


I'M the only one I see.

I'M the only one I read about.

I'M the only one that counts.

I'M therefore - superior.

Superior used as a noun means boss, foreman, manager, or supervisor.  Take it for what it's worth readers.  We live in the great White persona of I'M.  The Author is not talking about outright "racism."  The Author is not talking about outright "prejudice."  The Author is talking about a persona of vibes that are emitted below the "awareness" level of the psyche. The vibes can be projected into the minds of willing individuals who are shuffling along with the planned program.  You have been psychologically and scientifically deceived. Look everywhere and see the planned schematic program to dull the brain and destroy the mind and body. 

Genetic ingenuity, social disgrace, biological blitz, Syphilis, AIDS, drugs, planted evidence, missing evidence, psychological trickery, Black self-hate, scientific deluding, destruction of Black history and Black Race credence, are compartments of an elimination program.  You've been played.  Check yourself!