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Greeks 'borrowed Egyptian numbers'

Or Maybe it was Africans talking about other Africans!


BBC Science 


White historians and scientists made shit up and repeated it 400 years to a gullible nation/global world of unsuspecting puppets.  People hear what they want to hear--a generalized cultural characteristic after years of brainwashing.  The African Egyptians--people with 7,000 years of experience in civilization--already had philosophy and math in place but ended up being hoodwinked by European snitching scholars--The Shim-Sham men.  This is a continual means to hide the true origin of the Greeks, the Middle East, all of Europe, and the rest of the global world.


Population genetic relationships between Mediterranean populations determined by HLA allele distribution--a historic perspective  

HLA genes allele distribution has been studied in Mediterranean and sub-Saharan populations. Their relatedness has been tested by genetic distances, neighbor-joining dendrograms and correspondence analyses. The population genetic relationships have been compared with the history of the classical populations living in the area. A revision of the historic postulates would have to be undertaken, particularly in the cases when genetics and history are overtly discordant.


HLA genomics shows that: 1) Greeks share an important part of their genetic pool with sub-Saharan Africans (Ethiopians and West Africans) also supported by Chr 7 Markers. The gene flow from Black Africa to Greece may have occurred in Pharaonic times or when Saharan people emigrated after the present hyperarid conditions were established (5000 years BC). 2) Turks (Anatolians) do not significantly differ from other Mediterranean’s, indicating that while the Asians Turks carried out an invasion with cultural significance (language), it is not genetically detectable. 3) Kurds and Armenians are genetically very close to Turks and other Middle East populations. 4) There is no HLA genetic trace of the so called Aryan invasion, which has only been defined on doubtful linguistic bases. 5) Iberians, including Basques, are related to North-African Berbers. 6) Present-day Algerian and Moroccan urban and country people show an indistinguishable Berber HLA profile.


Example: The Ethiopian Jews are Haplogroup A at 41%. This haplogroup is the earliest human haplogroups of people living on Earth. These men are the closest to ADAM. The Bible suggests in Genesis [Hebrew=Bereshith] and elsewhere that Eden was along the Nile River. Therefore, it would make sense that this earliest Y chromosome haplogroup would be found in Sudan and Egypt.


Author:  GM James 


Stolen Legacy: Greek Philosophy is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy


It is much like Bush and his crew finding the real Black/Brown world just too much to bear.  The Bush Administration and Neoconservatives cling desperately to the skirts of a tripped out "super power" vision while uttering the letters s--u--p--r--e--m--a--c--y--an imagined governance under the direction of European-extracted officials bearing the White man's burden--modern day Imperialism (American World Power).  We will just code "supremacy"  as "democracy" say they. "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it," said Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda.


According to the BBC, the astronomers, physicists, and mathematicians of ancient Greece were true innovators.  But one thing it seems the ancient Greeks did not invent was the counting system on which many of their greatest thinkers, based their pioneering calculations.


New research by Euro scientists suggests the Greeks borrowed their system known as alphabetic numerals from the Egyptians and did not develop it themselves as is long believed.  What it really means is that ancient Greeks were really Africans/Egyptians, and this story has been written to hide the ancient African ancestry that existed during that time.


An analysis by Dr. Stephen Chrisomalis of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, shows striking similarities between Greek alphabetic numerals and Egyptian demotic numerals used in Egypt from the late 8th Century BC until around AD 450.  Greek merchants may have seen the demotic system in use in Egypt and adapted it for their own purposes.


For Europe and America to maintain support in perpetuating the illusions of White existence and superiority, its citizens must know as little about World and American History as possible. Americans look at history through a single prism patterned by American and European authors. 


The following is a prime example of how Africans have been Shim-Shamed:


The Ethiopian, Egyptian and Nubian were the same people.  It was only at the advent of the Non-Africans that specific terms were used for the  African peoples.  They (Europe) divided people on the lies of color and hair texture and facial difference and any type of mixtures.


The terms Ethiopian and Egyptian 3,000 years ago meant quite a different thing than it did even 2,000 years ago and quite a different thing today. Two thousand years ago because to the devastation of Africa  and the devaluation of its original peoples, the term Ethiopian and Egyptian became derogatory terms (like Nigger).


When you begin to understand there was no line of demarcation in a family of Africa, then you will see that the Ethiopian was the parent, brother sister of the Egyptian as was the Nubian - [BTW no pharaoh was legitimate unless he married and Ethiopian Queen - that was true of the Hebrew as Solomon married and had a child with the Queen of Sheba or Makeda, Queen of Ethiopia].   When you say, "How did the Ethiopian become the Hebrew?"  They did not become anything--they were a people called out of the whole of the family, and that sub-group was part of the original group of  Africans.


The term Ethiopian is a recent title by the European and we have adopted that term.  The 'Ethiopian' called himself a man and a child of the creator but in some cases among themselves they were called Habashan meaning 'The [ or children of] Ashan'  HA(B) being the definite article in many Semitic-Hamitic languages.


The title Habashan is interesting because it is two words in one Hab-Ashan which in later terms meant children of the smoking city, which is they same name of the Tribe of Ashanti's in Ghana, who also became a large contingent that were captured as slaves and brought to America during the transatlantic slave trade.


It would be like your family moving to Tennessee or Timbuktu...you just moved.  They may then refer to you as "our relatives in Tennessee."  But later, those who did not understand the make-up of your family and felt the need to divide and conquer because they wanted to become 'the sons of God' differentiated and divided the family by calling one Hebrew and another Ethiopian and another Egyptian.


The true African did not consider himself divorced from the root - even if his hair was straight or nappy - even if his color ranged from light to blue-black.  You see this on the wall of the Temples in Egypt and Sudan.  


Cecil B. DeMille of the 10 Commandment movie fame,  has caused us to look at the true Hebrew in erroneous terms.  The Hebrews who left Egypt [ if you subscriber to that version] were Egyptians...


There was no such thing as a divided nation of Ethiopians, Egyptians, and Nubians--only in the mind of Europe.  Ethiopia at one time extended to Ur of the Chaldes where the so-called father of the three major religions hailed from ...Abraham.


The Biblical Scriptures are of African origin.   Africa always included Egypt and the Middle East or Mesopotamia [if you adhere to the theory of the three sons of Noah you will see Nimrod was associated with Kush and Kham (Ham)].   The division of Africa came with the European invasion and then the so-called Middle East was cut away form the Motherland with the advent of the Suez Canal.  (Ekowa A. Kenyatta)


Go to this site for more info on the subject.


Source:  Tissue Antigens, Volume 60, Number 2, August 2002, pp 111-121(11)