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The False Hispanic Category


A false “Hispanic” category fails to recognize the true number of Hispanic whites is about 15 million, Mestizos 10 million and American Indians (from Mexico, Central America) about 5 million, Afro/Black “Hispanics 10 million.  Add ten million Black “Hispanics” to 38 million Black Americans and one gets a more realistic count.

There are many who believe that the Census is promoting a racist and self-destructive agenda by first creating a false “ethnic group” out of people with the last names of Spanish colonialists, then insulting the intelligence of the victims of this white Spanish colonialism by calling Black Africans, American Indians, Philippines and mixed Mestizos by the term “Latino” or “Hispanic.”  In their aim of continued destruction of African-Americans by using all types of tricks to artificially lower the accurate number of Black people in the US and keeping the percentage at the same 12 percent mark that it was on the eve of the Civil War in 1865, the census is also doing great damage to the Anglo-Saxon protestants whose numbers are decreasing while the Spanish surnamed population grows. 


SPANIARDS ARE JUST AS WHITE, RACIST AND COLONIALIST AS THEIR WHITE ANGLO-SAXON/GERMANIC BRETHREN The fact the census fails to realize is that the term “Latin” “Hispanic” or “Spanish Surname” in classifying Africans, Americans, Asians, Mestizos and anyone who is the victim of Spanish colonialism is an insult and a very grave insult at that.  In fact, Blacks in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Southern Mexico, Colombia, Central America, Brazil and all the “Latin” Nations in the Americas are NEVER CALLED “HISPANIC” “LATINO” OR ANY OF THESE FALSE TERMS. 


In the Spanish-colonized lands of the Americas, Blacks of both African slave origins and pre-Columbian origins (such as the Kalifu, Afro-Darienite, Chuarras, Guanini and other Blacks of America before Columbus) are called Negra, Negro, and Africano of other words referring to African origins. In like manner, the oppressed Indians of Central America and South Mexico reject the term “Latino” “Hispanic,” and such terms denoting European origins and classify themselves as Indians.  Yet, the census seems to turn a blind eye to that fact while pretend in that they cannot come up with a better system of racial classification.  Here is some advice that the census should know:


1.      Race matters in America and there is the original Homo sapiens race of African origins but there are also branches of that race and the term “race” is used to define them.


2.      Race is a social construct but race is a reality in America and has been for five hundred years.  It also was a reality in Europe when the Europeans expelled more than a million Black moors to Southern France and Africa after the Spanish Monarchs took over in 1492.  If race did   not matter they would not have expelled the Black Moors nor would they have used religion to enslave only Blacks with a specific type of racial characteristic.


3.     There are three major races in the Americas today.  They are Negroid/Africoid and include Blacks from Africa, ALL BLACKS WHOSE ANCESTORS CAME TO THE AMERICAS AS SLAVES NO MATTER WHAT LANGUAGE OR CULTURE THEY ARE FROM.  Blacks were originally in the Americas before Columbus, Melanesians, Negroid peoples of South and East India, Blacks of the South Pacific, Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea.


4.     There are Caucasians and these include WHITE PEOPLE OF SPANISH ORIGINS, who began the slave trade and the system of racism as we know it.  Half of all “Hispanics” classified themselves as “white” and they are 100 percent correct.  They are descended from the white Spaniards who committed genocide in the Americas and who were despised by the Japanese Shogun, the Chinese, African kings and others who were worried that the Spanish and Portuguese explorers were trying to open their lands for the slave trade.  There are also the other whites of Europe including Germans, Scandinavians, and Southern Europeans.  The Armenians, Arabs and Jews are also whites of the Semitic group and are classified as “white” by the census and consider themselves Caucasians.


5.     Then there is the Mongoloid race consisting of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Eskimos, American Indians, some Philippines and others.  SUB-RACES AND GROUPS:  Polynesians, Philippines, Mestizos (mixed Spanish, American Indian and Africans from places like Mexico, Central America, Puerto Rico, etc.) and some others are highly mixed races in that it is very hard to classify them as being a distinct race when they are clearly a mixture and it shows.  That is the very same problem that most Hispanics who are “Mestizos” also have.  Most Mexicans, Guatemalans, Puerto Ricans and others who have no sign of Black in them but have dark complexions, straight lanky shiny hair, short stature and a combination of African, Spanish and American Indians should never be classified as “Latino” or “Hispanic,” yet, these are the people who make up at least thirty percent of all Hispanics in the US.


BLACK “HISPANICS” ARE BLACK AFRICANS JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BLACK IN THE AMERICAS, AFRICA, EUROPE OF THE INDIAN OCEAN/MELANESIAN REGION The other groups in the Hispanic category are Pure Blacks (i.e. distinctly Negroid/Black people) who are about 20 percent of all Hispanics and who should never be asked on any census in English whether they are “Black” or not.  Terms like “Negro, Africano, Gente Negra, or adding Afro- before any of the Spanish-speaking nations of the Americas” are terms that people who may not understand the term “Black” (an English term) WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM UNDERSTANDING AND WILL NOT BE CONFUSED AND THUS CLASSIFY THEMSELVES AS “HISPANIC” and not put their race as “African Negro, African,” etc. 


This is done to deliberately confuse the 10 million Blacks of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Central American, Panamanian, Venezuelan, Colombian and other Spanish colony and Spanish slave origins who are victims of the worse form of racism in Latin America today and are never called “Hispanic,” “Latino” or such terms  in Latin America, yet are used by the colonial Spanish/Latino hierarchy  and census folk in the attempt to make Blacks from Latin America invisible and divide the from their brothers and sisters in the U.S. Furthermore, the umbrella organization that represents about 300 million people of Black/African descent in the Americas, the Organization of Africans in the Americas has taken steps to stop the racist agenda and divisions that the colonial elite of Latin America have placed on Blacks. 


At the last meeting and before, the OAA’s members made it clear that Blacks in all the Americas are united in their agenda of improving their lives and creating a strong union among all Blacks in the Americas.  It is also clear that Blacks in the Spanish and Portuguese as well as English parts of the Americas are no longer going to be classified as anything but of African descent.  Terms like Afro-Braziliana, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Jamaican, African-American, Afro-Boriqua (Afro-Puerto Rican) and so on are the terms being used to classify people of African descent who were enslaved in Spanish, British, Dutch, French and Danish America?


Hence, the time has come for people of African descent and Black African origins in the Americas who live in the U.S. TO realize that when in  the U.S., all Blacks are Black and al white Germans, Spaniards, Hispanics, French, Portuguese, Armenians, Italians, Russians, Scandinavians and any one of European or white Middle Eastern origins are considered “white.”


Where is the attempt to divide whites of America into Ethnic groups and declare that “WHITE GERMANS, IRISH, POLES, ARE LARGER IN NUMBERS THAN WHITE ANGLO-SAXON PROTESTANTS.”  After all, if America is going to continue using the racist trickery of trying to keep Blacks at 3/5 of a person by not classifying people who are Black ad of the Negro African race as Black the population by trying all types of trickery, then clearly it is up to Blacks regardless of languages spoken or origins  to UNITE AND REJECT THIS RACIST SYSTEM OF BLACK DISENFRANCHISEMENT AND RACIST TRICKERY. 


A good resource to read the writings and thoughts of Blacks in Latin America is “The Afro-Latino, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-American Page,” at http://community.webtv.net/paulnubiaempire In retrospect, Blacks in America will have to start getting down to business.  The idea of a conspiracy to keep the Black population at a small number is one that is believed by many Blacks in the US and appears to be true. The fact that population control is directed at Blacks while white women are encouraged to take fertility pills and  have seven babies per pregnancy, or that women of Spanish last names are not hounded and tricked into having abortions or fooled by the “teenage pregnancy” propaganda is evidence.  In fact, white women who take fertility pills and have seven babies are given all types of gifts, free pampers for life, new houses, television commercials for the septuplets and good publicity.  No one hounds Spanish surname girls from having lots of babies, yet they are constantly after Black people.  The time has come to reject all forms of population control and trickery.