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Ending the Censorship on the U.S. Causation/Production of AIDS


By Boyd Ed Graves

To the people of the world:

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This continent we have called Africa and have thrust our most intimate desires upon for its resources, is being purposefully vanquished of its people. Our long range material lust for the diamonds and gold, in which to sanctify American pro-creation, will continue to lead to more and more stealth, genocidal crime policies as best described in Public Law 91-213.

On the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day in 1970, Richard Nixon boastfully signed the public law and before passing out pens, declared (regarding Africa’s “over-procreation”), “There will be explosive events in the last third of the 20th” Century”.

The former President’s remarks will live in infamy, throughout all time.

Shortly thereafter, the United States was ready to associate the Nazi sheep disease, VISNA with human disease. That disease is HIV, according to the United States from their official proceedings. See, PROC NAS Vol. 83, pp. 4007 – 4011, June 1986. The science paper concludes ‘HIV/AIDS evolved from Nazi sheep VISNA disease’. To further show the co-mingling of HIV/AIDS and VISNA, Dr. Robert Gallo displays electron microscopes of the ‘identical’ nature of the HIV/AIDS and VISNA at Science, Vol. 223, pp. 173 – 177, January 1985.

The United States narrates in 1971 in one of the 15 progress reports of the development of HIV/AIDS, that Nazi sheep VISNA Disease, had not YET been associated with human disease. See page
39, progress report #8 (1971), U.S. SVCP (1948 – 1978).

I am today proposing an open scientific debate on the mostly secret, U.S. Special Virus-Cancer Program (SVCP) as the ‘cause’ of HIV/AIDS. I believe the people of the world want to know the truth. I believe the 1971 flowchart
www.boydgraves.com/flowchart/ of this secret virus development program provides “absolute evidence” of the mindset behind the ethnic disparity of AIDS.

In this same breath, I am also proposing an immediate global implementation of the U.S. patented cure for the synthetic AIDS, patent#5676977 (“TETRASIL”). This one time infusion AIDS cure is a ready remedy for Africa in its effectiveness and cost Turning on the fire hoses of TETRASIL will ‘stabilize’ the continent’s people. We can not and should not wait until 2012..

I seek the support of the good people of the world, to achieve our final goals of global truth on the medical and science states’ research on synthetic ethnic viruses as weapons of mass destruction. I believe it is worthy to note that the Secretary General of the United Nations, the Honorable Mr. Secretary, Mr. Kofi Annan is now on record as proclaiming that AIDS is a weapon (of mass destruction). A global review of the “fully-disclosed”, U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program will prove it.




For case background, trial transcripts, video, and U.S. Special Virus materials please visit archives at  http://www.boydgraves.com/  


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