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Cleanse the Blackness through reclassification

The Pope apologized for a string of injustices, including sexual abuse, committed by Roman Catholic Clergy in the Pacific nations.  The Pope wrote that bishops from the region "apologized unreservedly" for the "shameful injustices done to indigenous peoples" in Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the South Pacific.

In Australia the twentieth-century official state policy and practice forcibly transferred children from Aboriginal families to White families with the express intention they cease being Aboriginal.  As a biological solution to Aboriginal extinction, the government practiced child removal—“breeding the ‘half castes’ with white,” and “dismantling” or reclassifying everyone regarded as less than “full-blood” until 1970.

The intent was to await the “natural” death of the “full-blood” people and to socially engineer the disappearance, forever, of all those “natives of Aboriginal origin.” This practice has a strange similarity to Blacks in the US being classified as “multiracial.”

In 1905, W. E. Roth, the Chief Protector of Aborigines in Queensland, ruled that the “social status of half-caste children” had to be raised. “In the future, all such infants taken from the camps should be brought up as white children [41]. In 1909, C. F. Gale, the Chief Protector in Western Australia, wrote:  Neville had a “three-point” plan: first, the “full-bloods” would die out; second, take “half-castes” away from their mothers; third, control marriages among “half-castes” and so encourage intermarriage with the white community. Neville established Sister Kate’s Orphanage in 1933, on the guiding principle that the good Sister took in those whose “lightness of color” could lead them to assimilation and intermarriage.

The National Inquiry into the “separation” of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, published in 1997, summarizes the situation. Between one in three and one in ten indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families and communities in the period from approximately 1910 until 1970” [51].  Note:  Anthropologists have classified Black Australian Aborigines as “Caucasian.”

Scurry to Whiteness like research lab animals—test tube Whiteness.  Current research shows that in Australia many people did not acknowledge their Aboriginality in the 1996 census.  They cited fears of what would be done with the figures or sheer antipathy to all “white systems.” The Aboriginal population is closer to 450,000, perhaps 2.5 percent of the total population rather than the 1.5 percent of the total population or 300,000 as Australia quotes—Again this sounds like the US of A.

A few archaeological traces of populations with Negrito-Papuan- Austro-Melanesian affiliations have been found all over Indochina and Southern China, some of it dating back 40,000 years. There are sites in Perak (Malaysia) older than 30,000 years and in Krabi (southern Thailand) between 27,000 and 38,000 years, to give just two examples. No archaeological proof of Negritos has so far been found in Burma (Myanmar), which has not been investigated archaeologically at all well, but Burmese folk tales do seem to remember Negritos. They tell of short, dark-skinned, fuzzy-haired cannibal Negroes who lived on the mouth of the great rivers and on islands offshore.

The situation is much clearer in Vietnam where the oldest known human population has unquestionably been Negrito. Skulls identified as Negrito have been found along the coast of Vietnam and dated to between 25,000 and 50,000 years. In Vietnam, the Negritos were replaced by (or perhaps developed into) people of Australoid and Melanesian type during the later Paleolithic, around 7000 years ago.

The word “colored” has been eliminated from racial references.  Colored came from…Middle English colour, from Old French from Latin color; see kel-1 in Indo-European Roots. Usage Note:  The terms “person of color” and “people of color” have been revived for use in formal contexts to refer to members of groups of non-European origin (e.g., Black people, Asians, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans).

Africa was Negroid in the previous century. The rest of the world was Colored if it wasn’t White European.  Now that the 8% is disappearing from the planet Earth, “Colored” is no longer being used to refer to groups of people that are of Black

African decent. Coloreds are now Caucasian.  Caucasian dominance only stems 500 years.  Documentation of Caucasian arrival can be traced only to modern history.  Before 1950 every black and brown country or continent were classified as either “Negro” or “Colored.”  Now you can put the puzzle pieces in the correct holes for yourself.  Do they all fit together???

Citation of Sub-Human Example:  Body Snatching and the Australian Aborigines

Classify them as subhuman.  Evolution and Racism:  In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s many in the scientific community viewed non-Caucasian races as evolutionary ancestors, human subspecies, or not quite human. As a result of this thinking, humans of certain races were treated like laboratory specimens. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC holds the remains of 15,000 individuals of various races. 

Ten thousand (10,000) Australian Aborigines were shipped to a British museum in an attempt to determine if they were the “missing link.” Some of the leading evolutionists of the day, including anatomist Sir Richard Owen, anthropologist Arthur Keith and Charles Darwin wanted samples.  Museums were interested in bones, fresh samples, and pickled Aboriginal brains.  Edward Ramsey, curator of the Australian Museum in Sydney (1874-1894), published a museum booklet that appeared to describe Aborigines as “Australian animals.”

It also gave instructions on how to rob graves and plug bullet wounds in freshly killed “specimens.” He complained in the 1880s that a Queensland Law to stop slaughtering Aborigines was affecting his supply. Amalie Dietrich, a German evolutionist (nicknamed the ‘Angel of Black Death’) came to Australia and asked that Aborigines be shot for specimens, so their skin could be stuffed and mounted. “She shortly returned home with her specimens.” “A new South Wales missionary was a horrified witness to the slaughter by mounted police of a group of Aboriginal men, women and children. Forty-five heads were then boiled down and the best 10 skulls were packed off for overseas.” (The above quotes and paraphrases are from Creation ex nihilo, Vol 14, No. 2, March - May 1992, pg. 17).