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Chapter 8


White Want-A-Bees And Black Seditity

(The Promised Land--The Whiteland)


The United States has turned itself into a racial spoils system because of its legal classificatory bi-racial system. Historically, individuals in the US have either been Black or White. The US has cultivated and practiced Negrophobia or a psychosocial fear of blackness; thus, creating a color social stratification. It has definitely resulted in the desire or aspiration for Blacks wanting to "whiten" themselves.


Just the fact that law must administer civil rights programs proves there is a psychosocial fear of non-White people. Any formal attempt through law or administrative practice to enforce anti-discrimination measures automatically requires the identification of a category of people. In the US non-Whites are the ones to be protected and/or ejected (placed on the back seat) by legislation.


This Negroid Phobia that both Black and White Americans have about Black Americans was skillfully constructed in a systematic way to provide Blacks with a dysfunctional culture. No wonder Black Americans want to escape to pseudo Whiteness and/or multiculturalism.


Politics in the US have made Italians, Arabs, Indians, and Puerto Ricans White. The Jews are all of a sudden White. Government policies after World War II led to Jews being considered a shade of White.


White government policies will lead to the consideration of light-skinned Blacks to be a shade of White and/or multiracial. The 47 European translators of the King James Bible documented a direct link to the origin of mankind with the creation of White Jews.


The origin of the Jews can be traced back to the Patriarch Black Abraham. Black Abraham's descendants were a tribe in the land of Canaan/Palestine-- (The land of burnt face people. The land of Cush (Kush)--meaning Black i.e. our modern-day country of Ethiopia/Aithiops). Even today the Ethiopians are sometimes called Cushi. A famine made it necessary for Black Jews to move down to Black Egypt and/or Kemet where Black Joseph welcomed them, who was viceroy at the time.


After the Black Jews had lived in Black Egypt (Kemet) for many years, they were made slaves. Africa (Kemet--meaning "Black") (which is of Latin origin named by European explores) included much of what European maps have termed "Middle East." The "Middle East" before World War II was known as Northeast Africa.


During the Old Testament, Africa was called "The Land of Ham/Land of the Blacks." Black Moses led the Jews out of Black Egypt in a journey through the Sinai Desert that lasted 40 years.


About 1000 BC, the 12 Jewish tribes settled in Palestine or the "Promised Land." Black Saul was crowned the first king. Black David of the Tribe of Judah succeeded him.


Black David's son, Black Solomon, was the next king who was famous for his wisdom. His BLACK color is documented by the European King James version of the Bible. "I am Black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem. . . . . . (Song of Solomon, Chapter 1, Verse 5).


King Black Solomon built the Great Temple in Jerusalem, the religious center of the Black Jews. The Jews organized a revolt in AD 135. They were driven from Jerusalem and ordered never to return. This marked the beginning of the Diaspora, or Dispersion--the scattering of Black Jewish people into the farthermost corners of the world.


Many Black Jews settled in Europe in the early centuries of the Christian era and were welcomed in many European countries. Currently, there are twice as many Jews in the United States than in Israel (Palestine). Before World War II large numbers of Jews fled from Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia and settled in the United States. The European admixture created White Jews with kinky hair. The US welcomed the kinky haired Jews as White people with open arms.


The Aryan Nation believes Canaanite Jews--descendants of Cain are like a destroying virus that attacks their racial body to destroy the Aryan culture and the purity of the White Race because originally they weren't White. Genesis 3:15 and John 3:12.


It has also been documented that the countries of Spain, Southern Italy, and Greece were invaded and conquered by the Moors--/Sudan/Cushites/Edenites/Ethiopians/Abyssinians), but these Europeans are considered Caucasian.


Europeans created the word "Semitic" and the geographical designation "Middle East" during the 19th Century. The word "Arab" does not refer to Arabians, but to any group that speaks the Arabic language. Arabic belongs to the Semitic language group. Semitic includes Ethiopic and Hebrew--People who lived in the middle of one of Black Africa's greatest civilizations.


Semitic is defined by Webster as a member of ancient and modern peoples speaking any of the Semitic languages including--the Hebrews, Phoenicians, Assyrians--modern day Arabs and Jews representing the descendants of the "Burnt Face" people or Cushites--Black Noah, his Black wife, and his oldest Black Son--Ham. In some instances Webster has constructed and reconstructed word definitions to fit the schematic plan. Today the Semitic languages are spoken throughout North Africa and Southwestern Asia.


Speaking of Color: An infomercial shown on cablevision sells a wristwatch that illuminates the 12 skin shades of African-Americans. The infomercial alludes to Caucasians having four skin shades. There is an "opposing directional scenario" at work to turn things around. Blacks are obsessed with changing hair color, eye color, and skin color.


Psychologically, through imitation and identification we have been trained to be "White like" even if it means the denial of your own mother and father to escape into the White world that has whored Brown and Black people.


We suffer from a "slavery whored Black ignorance." Our biggest aim is to get to Whiteland. Black men are teaming up like whoremongers to help a White nation turn Blacks into the new multiracial pseudo White Race. In the United States the Black race is a manufactured race with actions like "well trained domesticated animals" unless this entire nation becomes a "shade of White."


Good Example: Before J A Rogers wrote the book We Have Already Had 5 Black Presidents, the Author's African-American family history documented President Warren G. Harding, the 29th President of the U. S (1921-23) part of the Author's lineage and direct descendent.


His father George Tyron Harding (1791-1860) was a Black West Indian born in Otisville, New York and later moved to Morrow County, Ohio. Before he was elected president, he was a teacher in a "Colored" school because it would have been unheard of to have a "Colored" man teaching White children.


In the Encyclopedias, Harding's father is listed as George T. Harding. Listing his father by the initial "T" rather than his full middle name--Tyron would make it harder to trace his Black father.


The Author's grandmother on her father's side was the daughter of Ada Jane Harding a brother to George. Her Grandmother Emma Norman, daughter of Joseph Dow and Mary Harding-Norman, was an African-American for 83 years of her life on this earth. Just as our US Government could not portray Warren G. Harding--the 29th President of the United States (1921-1923) as a Black man, neither can many others accept being Negroid.


Many people in the entertainment field are in a state of Black denial--Tiger Woods, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, and Prince--just to name a few. There are probably thousands of others who have problems in accepting their Black ethnicity. By flashing: "What Color is Black???" before Blacks who are sucking on white sponges has resulted in the direct effort to "project a fantasy/reality" about being decorated as White.


Even though our shackles have been removed, we have been so brainwashed that we run in the direction of the Mass Media Master that asks us: "What Color is Black?" It has resulted in the direct breakdown of the Black identification system. The White man wants to become the victor breaking down the Black classificatory system. After many years of wrote indoctrination, White Want-a-bees has become the norm.


Initially, White super humanism was formed because the European/Caucasian conqueror's psyche had to find realistic ways to meet needs and avoid trouble caused by selfish and aggressive behavior. The intent of White superiority has been to help the Caucasian psyche fulfill its needs and has balanced its desires against the restrictions of reality.


Modern day racism takes the form of symbolic prejudice (sometimes called "modern prejudice"--Brewer & Kramer 1985). The modern prejudice is disguised prejudice that does more outright harm than blatant prejudice.


Many people realize that crude and obvious racism is socially unacceptable. It may not stop the general public from expressing prejudice in disguised forms when they give their opinions on issues such as affirmative action programs, busing, welfare programs, and crime.


Brewer & Kramer (1985) discovered that stereotypes held by their subjects tend to be unusually irrational. When given a list of negative statements about other ethnic groups, prejudice individuals agree with most of them. They often agree with conflicting statements.


Thus, a prejudiced person may say that Jews are "pushy" and "standoffish" or that Blacks are both "ignorant" and "sly." Blacks can blame the media for depicting and helping to instill ideas of prejudice.


The same people that work for the National broadcast networks, radios, newspapers, and magazines live in the same metropolitan areas in which you live. They are merely transferring their own personal views. Mass media helps project prejudicial views of the general public in disguised forms. It is up to the reader to decipher what is printed in black and white.


The following was an experiment done in the early 1970's to offer psychologists insight into stereotypes and inter-group tensions. Isn't it comical that the experiment had to be done between two groups of White children to surmise what has been going on for hundreds of years between Black and White groups of people??? Centuries of outright discriminatory practices have caused desolation and anguish. The following is quite an entertaining gesture of what goes on in everyday America:


Peters (1971) did an experiment in prejudice dividing children into two groups according to eye color. On the first day of the experiment, researcher, Jane Elliot announced that brown-eyed children were to sit in the back of the room. They could not use the drinking fountain. Blue-eyed children were given extra recess time and got to leave first for lunch.


At lunch the brown-eyed children were prevented from taking second helpings because they would "just waste it." Brown-eyed and blue-eyed children were kept from mingling, and the blue-eyed children were told they were "cleaner" and "smarter."


At first Elliot had to maintain the imposed conditions of prejudice. She made an effort to constantly criticize and belittle the brown-eyed children. In a short time it became natural for the blue-eyed children to practice prejudice. We have been living the very same experiment since the 1600's. Ms. Elliot may have had to prove it to her counterparts, but non-White Races are living it day-to-day.


To her surprise--To her surprise the blue-eyed children rapidly joined in and were soon outdoing her in the viciousness of their attacks. The blue-eyed children began to feel superior, and the brown-eyed children felt awful. Fights broke out among the children. Test scores of the brown-eyed children fell.


It is okay for a few Black people to move into a neighborhood. Once the neighborhood becomes 50 percent Black in color, there is White flight because Whites have lost their basis or means of identification. The same thing occurs when a school district becomes majority Black.


What happens to the White teachers left behind who have high employment seniority and cannot go to another school district with the same salary? The Author has done some research of her own. It is interesting to watch people who have been wearing a superiority crown on their heads most of their White lives and suddenly find their racist views struck down and power taken away.


At faculty meetings in the Author's school district, there are constant disputes over White dominance regarding school committees, activities, rules and regulations. White teachers grumble, complain, blow up and fiercely threaten others of what will happen if things aren't done their way. Their way is the right way. There is a constant dispute over territory that was traditionally White dominated. To lose one's prevalence must be hard.


There is no doubt that human learning includes a large cognitive or mental dimension. As humans, Whites have always been greatly affected by information that has placed them as the originators and masterminds who are always in first place. Therefore, their expectations, perceptions, and mental images can only include them being in charge.


To buckle under to a situation where Caucasians are no longer the racial majority is somehow not possible. An overall Caucasian mental picture of how things should be or were prescribed to be is always present. Whites will detour or take a new route to recapture that jurisdiction of majority White cultural and physical surroundings.


A person constantly develops a road map of life. If the life highways on the map go off course, people react through aggression by attacking whomever or whatever else is around to bring things back into Caucasian perspective.


Blacks are targets of displaced aggression. Examples of displaced aggression occur when unemployment increases, so does child abuse. A pattern known as scapegoat is particularly damaging. A scapegoat is a person or thing that has become a habitual target for displaced aggression. Between 1880 and 1930 there was a strong correlation between the price of cotton and the number of lynchings of Blacks in the South. As the price of cotton went down, frustration increased, and the number of lynchings increased.


Daily we see some Blacks wanting to cross the color line physically and mentally. The book The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray published in 1994 helped to reinforce attitudes and beliefs of racial and ethnic differences by the US White brotherhood and keep "learned Helplessness" alive.


Herrnstein and Murray advocate that the median IQ score for Negroid Africans is about 75. The scores are about 10 points lower than the current figure for American Blacks.


The IQ of 'Coloureds' in South Africa has been found to be similar to that of American Blacks. The implication is clear. The admixture of Caucasian and African genes, both in South Africa and in the US, boosts 'Coloureds' IQ 10 points above that of native Africans. Genetics explain the Black-White differences in intelligence; therefore, being part-White accounts for more intelligence. The authors advocate that US Blacks are more intelligent than native Africans because US Blacks have the admixture of Caucasian blood.


They also maintain that low IQ causes poverty. Children of day laborers are less likely than the children of stockbrokers to acquire fortunes or go to college. They are more likely to be delinquent, to receive welfare, to have children outside of marriage, to be unemployed and to have low-birth-weight babies.


Children of the poor, like their laborer parents before them were born with poor genes. Low IQ workers in minimum wage jobs have little incentive to remain in the labor force. Dull young women lack the foresight and intelligence to understand that the welfare system offers them a bad deal. The end result is Welfare Queens driving Cadillacís. People who have low IQ's commit crimes because they lack foresight. For that reason prison does not defer them. They cannot understand why robbing someone is wrong.


Psychologically, Black Americans are given three alternatives to the frustration package presented to them. One is to escape or withdraw into the white Race and become an "imitation White person," "Black radical," or to follow the trail of "learned helplessness." A person may try to escape the bafflement presented by crossing the color line. The escape involves leaving the source of frustration physically and/or psychologically.


As the Black to White transition phase becomes more powerful, blacks want more and more to identify with White imitations. Both Blacks and Whites contribute to the frustration by always presenting the question, "What color is Black?" Blacks feel they will be more successful in gaining satisfaction from Whiteland. Blacks have been second-class citizens so long; it may be the last chance to become "White." Blacks will become part of the schematic plan to increase White numbers.


Even the Aryan Nation believes that extinction of the White Race is a very real danger. Read their paper Focus 14 or The Watchman published by CPC in Hereford, PA. Caucasians have been backed into a corner like White Albino Rats.