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Chapter 5

Wagering Webster’s Warped Dictionary


Webster claims to be the authoritative core of the English vocabulary.  Webster affirms a staff of professional lexicographers providing the reader with a concise and handy record of the English vocabulary.  The Webster Dictionary is an American icon to which readers give credence.  Webster tells the reader that Egyptians are members of the Caucasian Race.  Encyclopedias tell the reader the origin of the Egyptians is unknown but were probably members of the Caucasian Race.  The Egyptians referred to themselves and their country as khem meaning “Black.”


The issue of racial identity in Egypt past and present has been subjected to distorted politics and scholarship. Today Egyptian society is regarded as white-Arab and its black-African roots and population marginalized and in many instances denied an existence or any association with the civilization that made the greatest contribution to mankind. Napoleon Bonaparte’s destroying the black African portraiture in the faces of the sphinx in the 18th Century (1798) is but among the plethora of direct actions to disassociate the glory of Kemit, known today as Egypt from the Africans who founded this civilization of civilizations. Currently, reclaiming Egypt’s African past faces opposition from its overwhelming Arab present and Europeans internationally in all spheres of power who find it more profitable and believable to imagine that Ancient Egypt was not African. Not to be discouraged by these efforts, African scholars such as Dr. Manu Ampim continue to reaffirm Kemit’s African-ness in order to foster “…human capacity, potentials, and possibilities” in Africans everywhere.


Encyclopedias also play eradication games substantiating the Egyptian Civilization as the oldest in the world with written records dating back 6,000 years, but the origin of the Egyptian Civilization then becomes unknown.  The pages of reference books that line our schools, colleges, and public library shelves revere the entire world as white.


Webster tells the reader that a Moor is Caucasoid.  It seems ironic that after seeing pictures of Shakespeare’s Othello in the 1995 movie starring Lawrence Fishburn shows the Moor Othello as a Black man, but the truth can still be concealed by Webster and his team of lexicographers—so what’s up with that?


Following are some more of Webster’s Warped Definitions:


  • Moor – One of a North African people of Arab and Berber ancestry (Caucasoid) who conquered Spain in the 8th Century.


  • Berber – A member of a Caucasoid people of Northwestern Africa.


  • Arab – A member of a Semitic people of the Arabian Peninsula in Southwestern Asia.


Beginning in the Middle Kingdom (2133 BC) African-Asians (Coloreds/Egyptians/Mulattos) far out numbered the Asians in Northern Africa 1500 years before.  Out of this situation developed a passionate and defiant nationalism that restricted the term “Egyptian.”  Knowledge of Egyptian history begins at an advanced stage of culture with Menes (or Men).  Menes was the first king of the 1st dynasty (family) of rulers.  He united north and south kingdoms of Egypt about 3000 BC. This began the long period, during which there were 30 dynasties, each with a series of kings called pharaohs who ruled Egypt for 25 centuries.


Cheikh Anta Diop writes about the falsification of ancient history.  Here’s what he said:


·   Black Africans (Kushites) becomes incompatible with the ideal of the first inhabitants who civilized Arabia before Mohammed; the land of Canaan, prior to the Jews (Phoenicia); Mesopotamia, prior to the Assyrians (Chaldean Epoch); Elam; India, before the Aryans.


·    Given the ideas we have been taught about the Negro, even if the evidence proves objectively that civilization was created by the said Negroes (Kushites, Canaanites, Egyptians), it must be wrong.  By searching diligently, we are able to find the opposite.


The confusion of our Halfway-Cunning Education


In urban schools teacher staffing is usually white.  Black teachers in this country make up only about 5 percent of the teaching staff, although minority student population accounts to about 33 percent.  The curriculum is designed with White foundation models. 


Four years of English are required for graduation that usually includes a year of English Literature chucked full of Dickens and Shakespeare.  “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” is considered a classic.


Three years of social studies are required for graduation that includes ancient world history, US history and US government.  The courses taught causes students to believe thoughts that have been falsified.


Racial issues generally surface in elementary schools with racially related “Nigger” name-calling.  It’s hard for me in high school to read and memorize works from English and American authors for a grade to graduate from high school after knowing the works are a part of the schematic plan to whole the Black Race of people.


There are mismatches between students and white teachers’ expectations of them.  Since teacher’s personal experiences are usually quite different from those of students, teachers often do not understand students’ life experiences.


When Blacks are mentioned at all by ancient history books, they are confined to the 25th dynasty called “The Ethiopian dynasty.”  The period has been labeled “period of decline.”  As part of the Black cover-up, inscriptions on artifacts have been defaced, African heads are lopped off, and noses have been chiseled down, photographs have been taken from misleading angles or through misleading camera filters to show any trace of Whiteness.


If you stand on the peak of the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Gizeh, looking south, you can feel a spirit walking down a street that takes your mind back to the beginning of man’s longest civilization.  The Sphinx was a portrait statue of the black Pharaoh Khafre (also Cephren) and was built during the greatest of all the pyramids.  After thousands of years the spirit of Cheops seems to cross the Libyan Desert.  There stands the three famous Pyramids of Giza.


Constantin Francouis Volney is billed as a French intellectual republican and savant epitomized the enlightened history and political thought of the 18th Century.  Volney was a senator under Napoleon.  When Count Volney stood under the shadow of the great Sphinx in 1783 and looked at the man-made mountains stretching across the western desert, he was startled and confused.  He could not believe that Brown and Black-skinned men who had taken him to view the pyramids and stood on the banks of the canals as he gazed at the pyramids were actually the native Egyptians.  They looked like the slaves in his French Empire.


He could not understand how history was reversed.  He felt a strange guilt.  He wondered how the loathsome and disgusting Black Race could have contributed the wealth he saw in the development of Egypt which had inspired the pre-European civilization.  He later wrote, “When we reflect to the race of Negroes, at present our slaves, and the objects of our contempt, we owe our arts, sciences …..”  This rediscovery by Europeans of ancient Egypt came as an embarrassment to Volney.


It became necessary to the peace of the Christian conscience in Europe that was then prospering from the massive exploitation of Black slaves that Black history had to be falsified.  Blacks lost the honor that comes with racial worth.  Black identification was lost right here.  Presently the Black mind operates positively towards the white Race and negatively towards himself and others whose color is identical—the direct fallout of a defense mechanism labeled by psychologists as identification.


When the Europeans designed the racial categories Negroid, Mongoloid, and Caucasoid, the distinctions made reference to certain structural features, skeletal measurements and relationships within the groups.  The physical differences used by anthropologists to divide human beings into various included skin color, hair, eye orbits, bone structure, blood types, fingerprints and head shapes.


Skeletal material from Egypt was selectively gathered, measured, and classified.  During the 19th Century American Anatomist Samuel Morton used pseudoscientific criteria to flatter and delight his Negrophobic listeners.  He demonstrated to their satisfaction the Egyptians were a Caucasoid Race and indigenous to the Nile Valley.


Later Morton’s findings have shown to be false.  Extensive skeletal surveys of the ancient Egyptians, both before and during the dynasties, show them to be roughly the same racial composition as Blacks of a modern Caribbean island, with a predominately Negroid base with traces of Asiatic and Caucasoid admixtures.  According to Ivan Van Sertima ancient Egyptians became mixed with Asians and Whites migrating to the north of Egypt.  The Nile was the meeting place of races.   The unification of the lands in northern Africa led to the mixture.


William Shockley and Arthur Jensen made the largest strides to prove that IQ was directly tied to race.  They also theorized a Caucasian superiority connected to high IQ scores. Shockley was a Nobel Prize winning physicist.  In 1969 Shockley wrote about race and IQ.


Lower Egypt became physically and culturally a “mulatto” Egypt.  Asians married Africans and the integration of the two peoples proceeded apace.  European histories have ignored the African beginning, the African political and administrative structure, the African agricultural contribution on the Nile, the African science of mathematics and mummifications—all the elements that laid the basis for the first four dynasties.


The Sphinx is a portrait statue of the black Pharaoh Khafre (also called Cephren) for the greatest of al the pyramids was built during the reign of the African Knufu (Second Dynasty, 2590-68 BC.


European histories have not only ignored African beginnings but have turned historical Africa into a Caucasian continent.  The flat noses and big lips of the great Sphinx were shot off by Napoleon and his army.  Negroid mummies were destroyed to conceal the Negroid presence in Egypt when the mummies were transferred to places like London for museum Egyptian displays.


A-L-L—R-I-G-H-T-Y now!  You know that science and mathematics were White innovations don’t you?  Even though Negroid human substratum have been found in whales, North Italy, Sardinia, North Portugal, Traz os Monte, and Spain (west of the Pyrenees) and other scattered places in Europe.  Evolution of a Black world has been authenticated, but there is still an ongoing global falsification.


A sense of pride + a rich tradition and history ^equals^ a White team spirit to falsify.  Whites have succeeded to cup and cap Negroid beginnings.  When pride is stripped, subservience exists.  Whites can now point at the utter chaos in central cities with glee because they don’t have to take blame for what they have helped create.  There are also many Black team players helping transact Act 1, Scene 1 of the continual tragedy Central City Lunacy stage performance.  The time has come to pull up a chair at ringside and watch the further destruction of an entire race of people.