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Chapter 10


The Blow Job of the  Century:  Misdemeanors Synonymous with Monica

Television, Radio & Print Media

The Republican Party tried to orchestrate the coup tat’ of the century in the 2000 Presidential Election.  If the same thing happened in Cuba, India or China, reports would rain down on the global world as:  “Overthrow! Overthrow!--Third World Government Ousts Its Leadership.” 

Article I of the US Constitution--the Legislative Article--gives the House of Representatives the sole power to impeach, and the Senate the sole power to try all impeachments.  Impeachment language is very sparse in the US Constitution.  A public official must be found guilty and convicted of Treason, Bribery or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors. 

Only one president---Andrew Johnson---was impeached in 1868, but the Senate failed by one vote to muster the two-thirds necessary to support the charges.  Richard Nixon resigned on August 9, 1974; to avoid impeachment after the House Judiciary committee recommended three articles of impeachment against him.  If Blacks were to cite impeachable offenses for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” it would be for African enslavement--not the infamous “blow jobs”--surfacing as public knowledge. 

Our founding fathers--George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were the presidents who committed the Authentic “Gee Whilickers--High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  They reduced Black slaves to the level of chattel on their plantations.  Jefferson fathered children by one of his slaves.  History has always denied that it ever happened.  Then--200 years later, it took “high faulting” DNA testing to prove that such a thing happened--even though “Miss Nellie” walked around with the Jefferson heritage “Direct Lineage.” 

The real perjury and obstruction of justice should have been for the declaration that African slaves were three-fifths of a human being.

Eighty-four percent of all Blacks supported Clinton.  Could this be the real reason for the President’s demise?  Clinton arouses hatred among the conservative media like no other president before him--not even the “hoe” John F. Kennedy or “nefarious Nixon.”

Clinton has given Blacks access to the presidency and the White House making many heavyweights uncomfortable.  Vernon Jordan shared a high profile friendship with the President and made other Black faces personal secretaries--the gatekeepers--one of the most powerful public offices in the world.   Clinton appointed a record number of blacks to his cabinet, federal agencies and staff.  He took Africa seriously, embarking on a two-week tour to the continent of Africa.

The US Congress is power-smashed like someone drinking a “Red Dog” 40 oz malt liquor--dumped in Urban America by powerful economic concentrations who own and control the corporate power of the US and the military-industrial complex, and who elect the so called “momentous elected officials.” 

We want their wealth, but we don’t want them.  Take their wealth and get rid of them.  The same thing was true in Pre-Colonial Africa.  The same thing is true in the Middle East.  In Africa the diamonds and gold were the real treasures.  In the Middle East the oil is the real treasure.  Get rid of the people of color by any means necessary--HIV-Aids injections or sterilization.  The Black and Brown faces stand in the way of Caucasian wealth.

The United States has systematically raised issues against Iraq claiming noncompliance with Security Council for years. Most have been reactions to a statement or some stance that Iraq has taken.  US inspectors dominate the inspection teams making one excuse after another and requesting UN inspectors remain and continue proceedings.    The US flies planes over the so-called “no flight zone,” coming within 30 miles of Baghdad on the South including all Kurdish areas of the North.

The bombings of Iraq are like reenacting the Gulf War--one moment of fame--when the US devastated a defenseless country, killing men, women and children. The US hit every type of civilian facility in the country--schools, hospitals, public markets, homes, apartment houses, mosques and churches, and synagogues.

The whole country was bombed.  It amounted to seven and a half times Hiroshima’s equivalency--110, 000 aerial sortees, 88,500 tons of bombs.  Ninety-four percent were unguided bombs that were less accurate than in World War II.  The bombs were being dropped from twice the altitude causing greater variation due to air currents. There was no effort to be accurate.  Terrorizing and drubbing the country into submission was the aim.

The media [in the United States] is owned and controlled by the same handful of powerful economic concentrations that own and control not only the military-industrial complex, but also the corporate power of the country.  They elect all the significant officials.

America's aristocracy, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant sociological class of people is not extinct yet.  Their manners, civility and social hierarchy are their claim to fame.  The "media news and entertainment elites"--ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, and the Cable Networks set the agenda for what we will see, hear, and read. The television industry is White-dominated. Television is a social communicator.  Most homes have at least two television sets, each turned on for an average of seven hours per day. 

Although television is an entertainment medium, three out of four Americans use it for news as well.  Television is now the most trusted source of news.  Radio continues to reach more American households than does television.  Nine out of ten Americans listen to the radio everyday.   Cars and radios go together. Radio gives the listener facts, the print media gives facts and visual images with a delayed time frame, but television has the ability to give immediate visual images, facts, and summaries.

The power of television lies in setting the agenda for decision-making.  Through "agenda setting" the media can decide what events, personalities, and conditions in society will be brought to the attention of mass audiences.  "Agenda setting" by media elites takes the following forms:  News is made dramatic and conflict-ridden.  Violence attracts viewers, and the media has done a fine job to attract violence to Blacks and terrorism to people of Middle Eastern descent.  When the media elites want to project certain views, programming can be made to accommodate the views. 

Remember when OJ Simpson and Mike Tyson were the sparing partners for "agenda setting" trends when educating women in this country about abusive relationships.  The tactic became widespread during the Simpson trial.  Talk shows immediately picked up on the trend in programming to display abusive Black men with White submissive women.

Blacks are portrayed on television as simple, happy, uneducated clowns. The television industry has produced stereotypical projections of Blacks as stand-up comedians. When Blacks talk, Whites laugh.  Blacks are cast in the roles of comedians, policemen, and teachers who teach children--never adults.  Black family sitcoms have made their way to Warner Brothers (WB) and cable stations. 

The media sets the agenda for conversation among people and debate among government officials.  The President, for example, has immediate access to the media.  He can call a press conference or ask the networks for prime time any time he wants.

Television can motivate people who are already predisposed to act in a certain way.  Television has the power to shape public opinion because it can take an issue directly to the people.  Television talk shows have been able to break stereotypes about ethnic groups, gays and lesbians, race roles, gender, cultural values, and racial inequality.  In culmination, we know there is power in visual image.          

A major effect of mass media news is "agenda setting."  "Agenda setting" is determining what problems will become salient issues for people to form opinions about and to discuss.  The media becomes the influential definer of these issues.  Subtle political messages are found in all types of programming. 

Although stereotypes have been broken regarding certain topics, people are not empty vessels into which information can be poured. When people watch television, listen to the radio, or read a newspaper, they bring with them values and attitudes that have been shaped by family, peers, school and the groups to which we belong. 

Television may influence our values and attitudes, but face-to-face contacts with our families or friends have more impact on us than an impersonal television or newspaper.  People who work for news media organizations and who are in charge of what appears on the screen tend to share a similar culture cosmopolitan--urban upper class.  It is only natural that their views are projected in what we see and hear. 

Their approach to the events and issues they cover is governed by their common worldview.  Their training results in unconscious perspectives that produce bias because these journalists give greater weight to the side of issues that correspond to their own version of reality.   

Offenders of the law, at one time, were tarred and feathered for public display.  Public lynching was prevalent in the name of justice.  Television is used to chastise offenders who have gone against the grain of "media elites"--representatives of the US version of reality. 

Clearance Thomas and OJ Simpson were tarred, feathered, and lynched on national television--but they seemed to like it.   The "agenda setting" efforts provided audiences with societies' realism.  The approach to these events and issues was governed by "agenda setting" commonplace to a worldview of  "White only" realities.  The "agenda setting" efforts provided audiences with societies' realism. 

The approach to both events and issues was governed by "agenda setting" commonplace to a worldview of "White only" realities. The journalists covering the stories gave greater weight to the side of issues corresponding to their own version of reality that included "symbolized lynching" Black men married to White women.  The two men had gotten too uppity for their own good.   

A comment was made that NBC's prime-time show ER has done more to familiarize and teach viewers about medicine than the public school system.  The talk shows have probably done more to help people understand the social problems that plague our every day lives inclusive with entertainment as the side dishes.  Television provides a social reality.  Television and movies are the medium to this societies' realism.

Media elites use "agenda setting" methods to spread race-based assumptions.  Media projections are what the public believes. Whites hate to hear Blacks continually "crying victim," but Whites sit on opposite sides of the table and are tuned into different channels.

If television has that much power, then it can also link crime, AIDS, and ignorance with the Black Race.  Television is the medium that has the power to convince the entire world of a contrived existence. There is a continuous effort by Blacks to break the old discrimination patterns. Statistics show that proportionately more Blacks than Whites watch TV.  It is especially the case with African-American children living in poverty.

Television is a comprehensive part of our American culture.  TV provides the majority of people in this country with news at 6 and 11 p.m.  TV has become our past-time amusement.  It provides viewers with sports, game shows, movies, music videos, and is an audio-visual poster for advertising. 

TV has helped elect many presidents and governors.  Television provides a powerful influence for this country's existence.  Since there are so many non-readers, the visual can be the convincing factor. TV is on in America, and America is on TV (MacDonald, xi).

Media has the power to persuade the listener.  Political speeches and billboards are intended to persuade you how to vote.   The communication about crime and drugs with fear-provoking messages are more effective than the same messages without the fear-provoking images.  Fear enhances the persuasiveness of communication.

A child will see 18,000 murders in his lifetime on television. Some parents use television as a baby-sitter.  The child watches music videos that project a glamorous gangster lifestyle.  The music videos glamorize gangs, drugs, and guns. 

Music videos sell drugs.  "I've got five on it," and singing about smoking blunts, have made running drugs exciting to children.  The videos show half-naked young women in abusive relationships and young men either jailed, driving hoopties, or laying in coffins.  The television lighting, music, and video images are certainly more interesting than the English classical writers and Spanish and Greek historians introduced to children in grade schools across America.  People watch intently as the television screen emits light rays of White people.  There is little doubt that many things are experienced by observational learning, modeling or simply imitation according to Albert Bandura (1971). 

Mass media is merely depicting individual life images of the way they feel.  The media strategy has been Negro phobic in nature.  The job of the network is to model with images, pictures, and words.  The same people that work for the National broadcast networks, radios, newspapers, and magazines live in the same metropolitan areas in which you live.   They have read the same books that have falsified history and have installed them staunchly in first place.