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The Global World is in a time of Backwardness!


Scientists would have you believe mankind evolved from apesapeman.gif (11265 bytes) rather than tell you the truth.  The King James Holy Bible is not a European institution but an invention of European characters. Even though the attempt to make Jesus White has worked in light of sagacious European researchers and impeccable truth-finders, the Christianity evolving from the Roman Church at the Council of Nicea of AD 325 is a European play on words. 


Genesis:  The first book of the Bible starts in Ethiopia. It says in the Second Chapter


2:10 And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

2:11 The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold;

2:12 And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.

2:13 And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.

2:14 And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria. And the fourth river is Euphrates.


Havilah means Cush (Kush)

  1. An ancient region of northeast Africa where the biblical descendants of Cush settled. It is often identified with Ethiopia.

  2. An ancient kingdom of Nubia in northern Sudan. It flourished from the 11th century B.C. to the 4th century A.D., when its capital fell to the Ethiopians.

New research shows the Earth is not flat and the Earth and universe are just 6,000 years old. Now we know these lies are nothing but lies.  Omo means a group of hominid fossils, the oldest of which are about 3,000,000 years old, found by Yves Coppens, Camille Arambourg, F. Clark Howell, and others on the International Pale-ontological Research Expedition in the Omo River region of Ethiopia from 1967 to 1974. The remains consist of about 200 teeth, four jaws, a partial skeleton, parts of two skulls, and a leg bone.


Omo People of Ethiopia

2001 Phillip Martin

Omo People of Ethiopia

2001 Phillip Marti

There is only one race—the original and aboriginal Black or Pan-African race originating in the tropical regions of Africa, and specifically the Omo region of Ethiopia. Modern humans evolved from Black Africans who were spread throughout the tropical regions of Africa and who may be of a modern present-day human type, 150,000 years to as far as one million years ago—the Black African race existed in Southern Africa almost one million years ago.


The appearance of other "races" is a recent phenomenon in world history and occurred only after the migrations of Blacks from Africa into Europe and Asia about 40,000 to 50,000 years ago. Even the non-modern human Neanderthal (physiologically and intellectually), said to be among the ancestors of Europeans and Caucasians, originally came from Africa about 80,000 years ago.  The Neanderthal, who migrated from Africa, was of the African genotype before they became fair-skinned and retained excessive body hair due to the need to adapt to cold, damp climates of Europe. It is a fact the absence of sunlight on warm-blooded mammals and other creatures can lead to the adopting of a fair complexion. (Gloger's Law)

The second group of Blacks migrating to Europe and Asia arrived just before the Ice Age. They were Black Africans with no body hair, black and smooth skin, Negritic features and kinky hair.  They ranged in height from tall to medium and had a culture that developed in Africa tens of thousands of years before called the Arugnician Culture. In 1994, scientists found stone and bone tools on the banks of the Semlike River in Zaire. They were finely crafted tools made between 75,000 to 100,000 years old long before modern humans migrated to Europe.


The previous inhabitant in Europe called the “Neanderthal” changed into a fairer-skinned, hairy type, suitable for the Ice Age conditions of Europe. Their culture was very rudimentary and primitive.  Current research points out the Neanderthal of Europe mixed with the advanced, tool and clothes making, and language speaking Africans to create the Caucasian people of Europe. It is also believed by some anthropologists, that the Neanderthal did not have a developed frontal lobe in the brain to develop reasoning and intellectual pursuits. The African Grimaldi Negroes of about 50,000 to 40,000 BC were Africans of 50,000 years ago who lived in Africa and Asia and migrated to Europe. The African Blacks migrated to Europe about 50,000 years ago and were called Grimaldi Negroid. They may have mixed with the Neanderthal create the current European Caucasian type.


The Mongoloid racial type is the result of migrations of the southern regions of Africans.  Body hair is rare in Asians compared to European.  Can it be said that the Mongoloid Asiatic racial type has less Neanderthal genes and is more Africoid in characteristics? That seems to be the case for in today's Africa, a very ancient racial type that was once widespread in all Africa, Southern Europe, Southwest Asia, and Asia were the Pygmies and Bushman or Kong-San type. The Kong-San people like many other Black African peoples do possess what is called "Mongolian" racial features such as small stature, slant eyes, yellowish complexion and other characteristics. Yet, genetic tests did show Negroid characteristics in every respect. The Bushmen were the original racial group in Asia and may have mixed with Caucasians or Cro-Magnon types in Southern Europe and Asia to create the Asiatic or Mongoloid Race. 


The "Ainu" people of Japan are of Negroid background. RECENT DISCOVERIES ARE INCONCLUSIVE IN REGARDS TO NEANDERTHAL BACKGROUND OF SOME HUMANS WHO ARE OF NORTHERN HEMISPHERE BACKGROUND. Some scientists believe they are a mixture of African Black and Neanderthal, while others believe they are descendants of Africans.


The Caucasian and Mongoloid races both came from the Black Race. The Mongoloids were a mixture of straight haired Negroid types found in India and Australia and Cro-Magnon type Neanderthal-Africoid mixture. All other sub races like the Japanese, Maoris, Malays, Polynesians, Arabs, the Aryan-Black Naga mixture of India, American Indians, Southern Europeans, South East Asians, Southern Chinese, North Africans, Latinos and Mexicans are all more recent mixed races who came into their present form over the past five thousand years, due to the various mixtures of African Black, the mixed Cro-Magnon Caucasian and the mixed Mongolian type. In this respect, the Black Race is the original and aboriginal race.


The nomadic Aryans, who supposedly invaded India, were involved in many wars with the Blacks of India for the control of the land. Unable to win outright due to the advanced military tactics of the Black Nagas, they used ancient texts originally written by the Blacks and corrupted them to bring into being a racist color caste or "varna" system. Two of India's greatest Black Naga heroes, Ashoka and Buddha fought the Aryan infiltration and racist caste system and helped brings the Black Naga Indians back to a level of high civilization for a long period of time. Yet, this rule by the Blacks of India was stopped due to disunity among India's Blacks and trickery and deceit by the invaders.


In Egypt the Semitic Hyksos, who were nomadic shepherds, invaded Egypt and implemented a brutal regime that raped, killed and plundered the land and its people. During that same period of Hyksos rule, the Hebrews entered Egypt and were among the Hyksos invaders. After about four hundred years, Ahmose 1, the Hyksos were overthrown. The experience of the Hebrews led to the composition of many tales and stories about the origins of the world, and their history in Egypt as slaves. Many of the stories were taken from ancient Egyptian books like the Book of Ani, the Book of the Coming Forth by Night and others. Their bibles and sacred texts were altered copies of ancient Egyptian texts.


The Canaanites and more Blacks from Nubia and Egypt as well as West Africa, established bases in the Americas, particularly Mexico and the Washitaw territories of the former Louisiana Territories of the United States. The Olmec civilization of Mexico and Central America are a typical example of how ancient Blacks from Africa established or contributed to the development of Black civilization in the Americas in ancient and prehistoric times.

Religious philosophies began by blacks were copied by Europeans. Black Gods such as Amun became the Apollo of the Greeks. Black religious founders such as Buddha and virgin types such as the Black Madonna’s are testimony to the origins of these religions today.


The ancient civilizations of Blacks included Nubia-Kush, Egypt, Sumer, Elam, Canaan, and others...all except Nubia Kush were invaded by barbarians from the north during these Black kingdoms periods of weakness. Only Nubia-Kush remained powerful until the 1500's when Arab invaders infiltrated and began enslaving blacks. These invaders are still there today. The Bedouin Arabs...or Semites were undertaking a policy of invasion of Black civilizations and the enslavement and violation of Black people. The Arabs were also beneficiaries of Byzantium civilization which was influenced by Rome, Greece and originally by Black Egypt.


From about AD 711 the Moors, a Black people from Senegal, West Africa and Morocco, invaded Europe. They introduced a Black Moorish civilization and education to Europe from AD 400 to AD 711. The Black Moors introduced advanced learning to Spain, similar to what had been taking place in Ghana, and at the university city of Jenne in Mali for hundreds of years. They introduced advanced learning to the cities of Toledo, Seville and Cordoba. These cities became centers of Black Moorish and European scholarship, science and culture, where Europeans and others learned new and advanced sciences, arts and technologies. That led to the European Renaissance of later years. The Black Moors introduced art, architecture, sciences, medicines, animal husbandry and other advanced disciplines to Spain and the rest of Europe. This was the catalyst that led to the European Renaissance.


The introduction of gunpowder to Europe from China via the Arabs played a major part in elevating the Europeans to a level of military superiority. This advantage over some Africans made colonialism and the theft of African lands as well as the defeat of some African armies easier than in past eras. When the Europeans fought with sword and lance against sword and lance, their victories against Africans were few. For example, Hannibal, the African from Carthage defeat Rome's legions with as little as fifteen thousand men and ruled Italy of many years. However, even with modern weapons during the modern era, Europeans were sometimes soundly defeated. Nations such as the Zulus, Mossi States, Ashanti, Dahomians, Ethiopians, Herrerros and others defeated the Europeans in a number of wars and battles.


In the United States, aboriginal Black nations like the Black and bushy haired Washitaw Nation, the Black Washitaw Empire (which included over fifteen million acres of the Louisiana Territories of the United States) the Black Caribs of the Caribbean region, the Afro-Darienite Indians of Panama, the pre-Columbian Black nations of northern South America, the Black Californians, the Black Yamassee of the South East US, and a number of Black nations who existed in the US and other parts of the Americas for thousands of years before Columbus, became victims of the international conspiracy concocted by the Catholic pope during the 1400's which called for the enslavement of the so-called "Descendants of Ham." This great atrocity was based on one of the greatest lies ever concocted. The very same lie that the Earth was flat, or that the Earth and universe was 6,000 years old. Now we know these lies are nothing but lies.


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Yamassee Aborigine

Black Carib Indians

Black Carib Indian

Aryan infiltrators who changed ancient Kushite holy books to suit their racist purposes introduced the racist caste system of India. According to writers like Drusilla Dunjee Houston (Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Kushite Empire), V.T. Rajshekar, Kly and Runoko Rashidi (Dalit: The Black Untouchables of India), and Ivan Van Sertima/Runoko Rashidi (African Presence in Early Asia), the Blacks of India were forced into Casteism by religious doctrine and the trickery of the invaders, who used ancient tribal and labor traditions and made a four tiered caste system, originally based on skin color "varna" to subjugate the native Black Indians of Kushite African racial origins. These Kushite African Indians were the original inhabitants of India and created the first great civilizations there. Their descendants are called 'Untouchables," or Dalits today, and their people of the same racial origins and background, blood type, skin color, facial features, language family (Kushitic, spread from West Africa to the Horn of Africa, through South Arabia to India and Cambodia) continue to be a significant population in India and South Asia.


The Ocean--called "The Ethiopian Sea" by the ancients. The ancient Hawaiians, Melanesians and other Negritic peoples of Asia, including the Australian Aboriginal all migrated from East Africa during a period of 100,000 BC to as recently as 2000 BC.