AIDS Origin Lawsuit Dismissed 
July 10, 2003
(Self-Preservation is the First Law of Nature.)

Dr. Graves called to inform that he was released from police custody late July 7, 2003, and had returned home--(with some bruises and scars).  On July 8, 2003, Graves called advising the federal court had granted Ashcroft’s attorneys motion to dismiss his Freedom of Information Act Request for full disclosure of the formerly secret U.S. Special Virus Program.

Graves said he will re-file the peoples’ case for the full disclosure of the U.S. Special Virus Program by noon Thursday, July 10, 2003, in the U.S. District Court for Southern California.

Finally, Dr. Graves was born on July 10, 1952. Today is his 51st birthday and 11th year living with HIV/AIDS. He has pursued the immediate review of the U.S. Special Virus Program for the past five years. His contact information is below:

Dr. Boyd E. Graves
4486 38th St. # 1
San Diego, CA 92116



Man contends plot lies behind disease


By Jeff McDonald

July 4, 2003

Boyd Graves' day in court lasted barely 10 minutes.

The AIDS activist from Normal Heights has sued the United States for allegedly withholding secret reports that he says prove the government created the deadly disease in a secret program designed to kill African-Americans.

At a brief hearing in San Diego federal court yesterday, Judge Jeffrey T. Miller took the complaint under consideration. A ruling on the government's motion to throw out the lawsuit likely will be issued later this summer.

Miller declined to allow Graves to debate specific points of his conspiracy theory in the courtroom.

"My jurisdiction is limited, and it's limited to the current Freedom of Information Act request that was made," the judge said.

Graves, an Annapolis graduate who also holds a law degree, pledged to file new Freedom of Information Act requests for records he says will confirm his allegation that the government created AIDS.

"We'll be back here in six months," he said moments after the hearing.

Graves filed the lawsuit last year against several federal agencies, claiming they wrongly withheld information he requested under the nation's public-records law.

All of the agencies – the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health and others – said they supplied whatever paperwork they could find.

Graves disagreed, and after an exchange of letters with the agencies, he sued the U.S. government, contending that it failed to comply with open-records requirements.

Among other allegations, Graves says AIDS was created by a secret U.S. government weapons program.

Beth Levine, the assistant U.S. attorney who defended the case, declined to comment on the claim.

"The government's position is that there was no improper withholding of documents," she said in court.


AIDS origin trial delayed, Ashcroft motions to dismiss US Special Virus claims


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SAN DIEGO - Seventy-two hours before human rights activist Boyd E. Graves was scheduled to argue his case demanding review of the U.S. Special Virus Program, the U.S. District Court for Southern California cancelled the initial review hearing originally scheduled for 11 a.m. June 27.


          "Chambers are needed for a judicial conference," a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's office said Wednesday morning. "Mr. Graves' hearing has been rescheduled for July third at 11 a.m."


          "The Court has known about the conference long before it scheduled the hearing in May," Graves said. "It is uncanny that the court would wait until the twelfth hour to postpone the hearing for six days so as to encompass the Fourth of July holiday."


          Graves' petition against the United States seeks the full and immediate disclosure of The U.S. Special Virus Program, a federally funded virus development initiative. A 2002 investigation by the U.S. General Accounting Office revealed the formerly secret U.S. Special Virus was once considered a secret 'black budget' program.


               "We believe the review of the U.S. Special Virus Program will garner our best opportunity to dismantle yet another government human experimentation program gone awry," Graves said. “We have evidence of man playing god to the detriment of the masses. This year Independence Day is on July 3, 2003, at 11 a.m. in court. There will be no bigger fireworks.”


          Graves v. The United States Case no. 02 CV 02396 has been rescheduled for July 3, 2003, in courtroom six at 11 a.m. before Clinton-era appointee Judge Jeffrey T. Miller in the U.S. District Court for Southern California.


Dr. Boyd Graves has found documents confirming a US government program to develop a "Special Virus" whose desired objective seems remarkably like the AIDS virus. Graves claims that the AIDS virus is a synthetic and intentional creation used as a depopulation agent intended to impoverish a community before it took up its reigns to depopulate it.   Dr. Graves was supposed to get his day in court to follow the paper trail to its sources and find out just what was created by this "special virus" program. For the US Attorney General to take time away from his busy schedule fighting terror and helping corporations to step in and motion for dismissal of Dr. Graves' case suggests that the good doctor has hit the nail right on the head!


Dr. Boyd Grave's Website is:

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