The 8% Epitaph:  Disappearance of the Caucasian Race


by:  Marsha Stewart

The 8 percent refers to the disappearance of the European (Scandinavian/Nordic/Alpine/Slavic) White Race.  You can do a quick examination for yourself.  Go to the Population Reference Bureau Website for 2004 and add the figures together.  If you take the numbers given for Europe and North America and divide them by the numbers given for Africa, Asia, South America and Oceania you will see the percentages. At the present time Whites amount to about 20 percent.  By 2050 the percentages will be below 8 percent.  Europe's population is declining.  All of the following countries show a minus with the UN Population Bureau or depopulation:  Italy, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungry, Check Republic, Bulgaria, Germany and Belgium.

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