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I'm Your Baby's Data: Counterfeit Caucasian Connection


Homo (man) Occidentalis (European or Western Hemisphere) are being threatened as a biological identity.  Fertility rates are well below replacement levels in Europe and the United States, but cries ring out from my country tis a fee sweet land of liberty to control population growth in countries outside of Europe and North America--disappearance through infertility. The graphic is of Cheops - 4th Dynasty Pharaoh and builder of the Great Pyramid.  Sperm counts have dropped by almost a third in 10 years according to the Associated Press in 2004.


LONDON (AFP) - Male sperm counts have fallen by almost a third since 1989.  A survey of 7,500 men who attended the Aberdeen Fertility Centre in northern Scotland between 1989 and 2002 brought alarming findings.  Analysis of sperm samples showed that in men with what is considered a "normal" concentration of sperm -- defined as over 20 million sperm per millilitre of semen -- the average sperm count fell by 29 percent.


"An increase in men seeking treatment for male infertility has increased, but whether this is due to a significant increase in this condition or because men are more aware of new techniques which have been developed to help them, we cannot say."


Blonde Hair People are Disappearing and will be Extinct in 200 Years.


New research suggests that people with blonde hair will be completely extinct in 200 years.  Blonde hair occurs only in people from northern Europe.  The blonde gene that causes blonde hair color must be on both sides of the family, and according to the World Health Organization, there is now too few people who carry it. Professor Jonathan Rees from Edinburgh University is leading a two-year study into the genetics of blondes.  Scientists say blondes will survive longest in Scandinavia where they are most concentrated, and they predict the last one alive will be from Finland.


Jonathan Rees - Grant Professor of Dermatology

The University of Edinburgh - RIE, 1st Floor, Lauriston Buildings

Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9YW

Tel: 44 (0)131 536 2041 - Fax 44 (0)131 229 8769


(Source:  WDIV – Detroit Channel 4 - September 27, 2002)


The West is under-reproducing and is incontrovertible. Fertility rates are historically low--below replacement levels, looking much like what economists call a “low equilibrium trap.”  Cultural mechanisms that ensure the survival of a group are more fragile than anyone at present seems to realize.  Once they are shattered, they cannot be replaced with cash subsidies for child bearing or better day care facilities, or banning abortion and the distribution of contraceptives.


The West Germans and Danes, for example, have total fertility rates (approaching 1.3, where 2.1 children per woman will ultimately be required to keep the population from shrinking). Indeed, many of the North European nations are already shrinking absolutely - notably, the West Germans, the Swedes, the North Italians, and the Danes. In the United States, the Northeast exhibits North-European-style Total Fertility Rates, and the TFRs of Connecticut and Massachusetts, in particular, approach the lowest national TFRs so far observed, i.e., those of Denmark and West Germany.


So there is the passing of the Caucasoid--those of Nordic or Northwest European origins.  Michael Bradley opens his book on the Caucasoid problem (The Iceman Inheritance, Warner Books, 1981) like this:


Let’s see if we can better understand the preceding paragraph.  Even if abortion and contraceptives were banned in Europe and the US, the White birth rate would still remain below replacement levels.  Starting with the new millennium, the US gives a tax credit for all children under the age of one.  With that in mind, I ran across an article that appeared in the (Ritter, Malcolm, Detroit News, Oct 30, 2000. “Y chromosome under scope,” 4A).  “The work on the DNA sequence of the Y chromosome should help researchers learn about causes of male infertility because it will help them identify genes that men need to make sperm"--we know they are talking about WHITE men.  


Chromosomes make genes and gene families and genes help make sperm—a key to the disappearance of the Caucasian gene.  Scurrying and scampering like albino rats to schematically study the “Y” and save the White Gene swim tank is the hottest Caucasian Recipe for making White babies as European and American scientists produce the most recent monkey in a test tube—primate—closest thing yet to a human being early in 2001.


"Racism itself is a pre-disposition of but one Race of Mankind. Racism has its origins in the pre-history of the White Race and invented in the 1700's. We attribute various threats of our survival to a conscious and self-protecting euphemism.  Caucasoid behavior, Caucasoid values and Caucasoid psychology have attributed to the disappearance of the White Race. The problem with the world is white men" (p 3).

Johann Friedrich Blumenbach invented the title “Caucasian” in 1795 in the third edition of his—On the Natural Variety of Mankind.  He took the name from Mount Caucasus.  It was in that region he presumed was the original forms of mankind. So does "Caucasian" currently refer exclusively to people who are from the Caucasus?  White today means people of European descent.  Is that a misnomer?  Regions and countries that are predominantly white, or of mainly European ancestry or Western culture, include Europe, Russia, the US, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand. 

The reason the Caucasus had such an attraction to Blumenbach and other contemporaries of the 18th and 19th centuries was because of its proximity to Mount Ararat, where according to Biblical legend, Noah’s Ark eventually landed after the Deluge. Blumenbach believed the original humans were light-skinned, that the Caucasians had retained this whiteness as a constant, and that darkness of skin was a sign of change from the original.  The concept of Caucasian Race and its stated or implied superiority over other races was often used as a moral excuse for colonialism by Western European countries.


He republished the text for general distribution in 1776. Isn’t it a coincidence there were three documents in 1776 helping to shape US Eurocentric History?  1)  Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence (on the politics of liberty); 2) Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations (on the economics of individualism); and 3) Blumenbach's treatise on racial classification (on the science of human diversity).


Outside of the United States people with indiscernible African admixture are considered “white,” while those of slight African appearance are often called "colored" or mixed race —a blanket term for people of multiple racial heritage.  In Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Brazil, even those of clearly visible partial African ancestry, are considered or consider themselves “white.”  In Latin America, the color situation is approached from the other end of the scale: A single drop of European blood is seen to inevitably whiten a person with discernible African heritage so that he is not immutably black.  By contrast in Europe and Australia Middle Easterners and North Africans are never regarded or categorized as white. Instead, they are regarded as racial minorities.


Afrikans were descendants of Noah through Ham, whose sons were Cush (Ethiopia-Nubia), Misraim (Kemet or ancient Egypt), Phut (Somalia) and Canaan (Palestine).  The sons of Cush, according to the biblical account, settled in Western Asia, the so-called Middle East, "'bounded east by the eastern branch of the Euphrates and the Persian gulf, south by Arabia, or the Arabian Sea, west by the Red Sea and Egypt, and north by Canaan and Syria and in Africa itself.  Egyptians and the Ethiopians were confederated in the same government and soon became the same people in politics, literature and peculiarities.


The portion of the Earth which was first peopled, after Adam and Eve had left Paradise, was the land of Ethiopia, on the river Gihon that went out of the Garden of Eden, "which compasseth the whole land (or country) of Ethiopia," 4003 years before Christ.  The children of Ethiopia were from Adam to Noah" and through Noah's progeny. (James W. C. Pennington, A Text Book of the Origin and History, etc. etc. of the Colored People Hartford, CT: L. Skinner, Printer, 1841; reprint Detroit: Negro History Press)


Americans have been lead to believe that Black History started with slavery in the Americas.   Instead of Black History dating back to the origin of man, it has become African-American History--a “full-blown” fascinating tale of dancing and singing happy people in cotton fields.  During the 1950’s and 1960’s our revered elders were given the first and last name “boy.”  Black mothers and grandmothers held the title “gal.”  The schematic titles specified segments in breeding the Black “hate thyself psychic” brainteaser.  The puzzle pieces have produced self-satisfied, brainwashed disciples who’s a$$es are being served on silver platters in the Benzos, Lexus-is-us, and Jeeps who wind up behind metal bars.  


Classify them as subhuman.  In 1906 crowds assembled around the monkey house exhibit at the New York Zoological Park.  Here were man’s “evolutionary ancestors”—monkeys, chimpanzees, a gorilla named Dinah, an orangutan named Dohung, and an African Pygmy named Ota Benga.  


The White sterile environment has severed the brain fibers PRODUCING White humans while Black life remains “non-human.”  Benga was brought from the Belgian Congo in 1904 by African explorer Samuel Verner along with other pygmies and displayed in an exhibit in the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. After the St. Louis exhibit, Ota found himself at the Bronx Zoo under the direction of Dr. William T. Hornaday who “apparently saw no difference between a wild beast and the little Black man.”  Present-day history has its similarities to the early 1900’s. The Black non-human concept prevails.


Look at the cases of Amadou Diallo and Rodney King.  Diallo was shot 41 times by the NYPD—“Make Sure the Nigga is Dead Scenario.”  King was blamed for the Los Angeles Riots i.e. the “Rodney King Uprising.”  The hunt, capture and kill philosophy is on target as the White hunters, capturers, and murders were found--not guilty!!!  As the new Millennium rolled around, Whites no longer use the belittling titles “boy” and “gal.”  We are gettin’ busy calling ourselves  “b!+(h-a$$ hoes.”  The lyrics have been reinforced to brainwash youth into feeling they are the “Cool-A$$” scum of the Earth—a title to be reckoned with.


Decode the Caucasian Theory behind Black Race Theorizing.  Americans live with the deception they are a majority worldwide; yet make up only 8 percent of the global population—I’m your baby’s data. Apply what you’ve learned about dominant and recessive genes in Ninth Grade Biology. Europe has less than a 2 percent birthrate per annum.  Caucasoid--8 per centers are presenting the world with a slight-of-hand act with "statistical numbers of non-truth.” The statistical maximizing multiplies the dwindling White Race numbers.  


Read the following:  Death of the West by Pat Buchanan.  He is a White man who knows the "real deal."  His book is expected to be banned.  


Note:  It always takes a White person to validate anything.


Psychologically implanted into the minds of an unsuspecting world populous is the idea or maturation of many White Races.  Whites are divided into racial categories--German White Race, English White Race, French White Race, Russian White Race, etc.  While the Counterfeit Caucasian Connection is being communicated, authors like Cheikh Anta Diop, J A Rogers, Ivan Van Sertima and Chancellor Williams have researched the demolition of Black Civilization. By switching and substituting African names with Arabic and European names of people and things during antiquity, Black Hamites, Cushites, Hebrews, and Canaanites are no longer Black Africans. The titles are forthwith full-blown Caucasian character references.  African History has become the history of Arabs (a reclassified Black Race) and Europeans—not the history of Africans.  


Note:  Read Diop's and William's researched proof of European civilization being a derivation of African achievement.  Diop has proved the lack of archeological Caucasian specimens from antiquity.


Our modern written history is a segmented/fragmented version of chronicles about Caucasian human beings who lived on earth for thousands of years before they learned to record their thoughts in writing.  African people are what every man must have been like before he learned to read and write, domesticate animals, cultivate crops and use metal tools.  In essence African History is an abandoned/thrown-out footer to research publications.


Europeans entered Africa and realized recorded African chronicles were already posted on the front entrance.  Europeans tried to destroy archeological artifacts so that there would be no evidence of a Negroid origin.  When people think of antiquity, their first thoughts are of the Bible and the Garden of Eden.  The early books of the Bible weren’t fully edited until after 7th Century BC from ancient Hebrew (Negroid) texts.  


There is no exact portion of biblical text dated earlier than 3rd Century BC.  Ancient Hebrew (Negroid) texts were used to write the Christian Bible. Recorded in the “Universal European Legislature” are the “religious” and “scientific” doctrines written for appeasement of the White (inner voice) conscience justifying the “White-First Theory” and the “Get Blackward Theory” of origin and knowledge.  The theories are universally embedded in the global psyche. With good reason, Caucasian Theory can be equated to a pristine privy--outhouse.


Caucasian scientists refuse to give a valid explanation of why Blacks are disseminated all over the world--outside of Black-Black Africa.  There are probably more arguments to diffuse the appearance of African masks and artifacts in Mexico and the Americas.  Christopher Columbus told the King of Portugal, "We should use the secret trade route Africans have been using since 1310 to travel to the new world."  Large populations of Blacks can be found in Southern China, Mexico, Formosa, Australia, Malay Peninsula, India, and Indo-China.  Caucasian scientists refuse to explain the Negroid finds in early Europe.  According to White scientists, the indigenous "Black in color" people of India and Oceania have “no known origin.”  


According to Rogers, antiquity illustrates recorded history was Negroid until Europeans emerged and began to extend themselves into the broader world of Africa and Asia during the 15th and 16th Centuries.  Europe colonized Black and Brown mankind and conveniently rewrote history to show that Europeans were the only creators of “civilization.”  The events took place 700 years before the “fallacious Caucasian discovery” of America.  Europeans referred to African Kings as Chiefs in order to avoid making them equal to European Kings.  The Chiefs could trace their lineage back thousands of years when Rome was nowhere to be seen on the map. Sixteen centuries passed before Charlemagne ruled in Europe and Egbert became the first King of England.


Seven hundred years still had to pass before the news rang out over the world of the discovery of America.  Menalik II "King of Kings," "Lion of Judah" (1923) can be traced to King Solomon in the Bible whose ancestor was Abraham--father of all Jews and descendent Jesus.


The oldest royal family in Europe was the Bourbon, which dates back to the 9th Century AD.  The next is the English, which goes back to William the Conqueror, who was born in 1028.  The Menelis can be traced to Menelis I, son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, or back to 930 BC between Menelik I and Menelis II, stretching 2,793 years.  Solomon’s lineage is traced in the Bible to Adam, would give Menelik nearly 6000 years of recorded ancestry.    


According to Diop, until the 4th Glacial Epoch, the only humans on Earth were the flat-nosed Negroid Race.  It was not until the fourth glaciation, lasting 100,000 years, that Negroid Race differentiations and other distinct races occurred.  


Mycerinus (4th Dynasty)

He built the third Giza Pyramid.



Caucasoid humans have changed the origin of civilization.  They iterate:  We have dabbled in racial engineering.  We have been successful in wiping out mass numbers of American Aboriginal.  We have classified and reclassified people into different races.  We have been successful in changing religious philosophies to meet the needs of the Caucasian Race.  We are busy in our scientific labs trying to clone people with blue eyes, blonde hair and white skin.  We have instituted biological germ warfare to produce Aids and wipe out a massive number of Blacks globally.  Assuredly, and by far the harder fate to us all which may amount to our very own extinction is that which strikes the man who thinks he can overcome Nature.  In the last analysis we only mock Nature because we are at the point of extinction.  


Feasibly Fictitious (4th Dynasty African Royal Family)

Ra-Hotep and Nofret - Does not follow strict rule-bound artistic system.



Invented Rendition

Does not follow Ancient

Egypt's Rule-Bound

Artistic System

British Museum - 18th Dynasty

Notice the similarity in the statues.



  • Ra-Hotep does not have on a wig, but the 18th Dynasty male does.

  • Ra-Hotep is a pale color whereas the 18th Dynasty image is dark red.  (Diop says that the famous “Dark Red Color” to claim white authenticity is just the color of African Negroes).

  • Ra-Hotep has mdw ntr writing near his head; whereas the 18th Dynasty image has no writing near the head.

  • Ra-Hotep has no object in his left hand, and his right hand is across his chest without an object. 

  • The 18th Dynasty image has his right hand on his lap with an object in it. 

  • Ra-Hotep has his kilt belt lying completely on his lap, whereas the 18th Dynasty image has the kilt belt showing just above the waistline.

  • Nofret has on a diadem, whereas the 18th Dynasty female does not.

  • Nofret is wearing a cloak with her arms completely covered; whereas the 18th Dynasty female has her arms completely exposed.

  • Nofret does not have an object in either hand; whereas the 18th Dynasty female has a cloth in her left hand.

  • Nofret has mdw ntr writing near hear head, whereas the 18th Dynasty female image does not.

  • Both Ra-Hotep and Nofret are depicted with separate individual seated statues, whereas the 18th Dynasty couple is depicted in a joint seat and are showing affection.