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Black history has been silenced!!! 


When writing my first book, White Whores and Black Whoremongers:  A Bona Fide Racial Holocaust, a lot of research went into making sure that every detail was right.  After going to libraries and African-American bookstores, it became quite evident to me that there are many opulent and talented African-American writers who have done an abundant amount of painstaking research to refute the White Caucasian connection.  The research connected the origin of civilization to Black. My two heroes in research are Ivan Van Sertima and Cheikh Anta Diop. 


Ivan Van Sertima authenticates the presence of Africans in the Ancient Americas more than 100 years before Christopher Columbus arrived in America.  I feel the most compelling part of Van Sertima's book was the verification of Egypt/Black Africa. It is amazing/amusing that all history books used in American education proclaim Egypt a "nation of Caucasoid people."


Van Sertima provides what can be termed a "divine manifestation" relating to African-Egyptian navigation, shipbuilding, latitudinal, and longitudinal coordinates used by these Black Egyptians.  He shows evidence of calculated dated sculptures found in the Americas--Arabic documents, charts, maps and dated skeletons, but Egyptians are still classified as Caucasoid in ancient history books and chronicles.  And wouldn't you know it?--Gosh Darn it all!!! Christopher Columbus is still given credit for discovering America.


Ivan Van Sertima recounts the deliberate destruction of inscriptions covering artifacts, looped off Negro-heads, chiseled down noses, photographs taken from misleading angles to verify an erroneous White Egypt to White America and prove Egypt did not have a Black occupancy.


Cheikh Anta Diop has shown affidavit after affidavit corroborating the African Origin of Civilization. What was most extraordinary about Diop's research was his exposť relating to the deliberate destruction of African-Egyptian mummies by the French to link the origin of civilization to the Caucasoid Race.             


Diop's book was published over 40 years ago.  Van Sertima's book was published over 20 years ago.  Each book has verified findings, but the populous of this country still celebrates Columbus Day on the second Monday of October.       


Brainwashing tactics fall over this country like a White sheet draped over a window to keep out the light that illuminates the world.  Biologically, the eyes are wide open but controlled by a "Psychological White Dominance Center."              


We are being told that Blacks are a "minority group."  The Continent of Africa is suffering mass homicides from implanted AIDS.  There continues to be a day-to-day attempt to discredit a whole race of people.  The truth was divulged years ago, but the wrongs have not been righted!!!             


Stolen Legacy:  Greek Philosophy is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy first published in 1954 and republished in 1992, authenticates a stolen Egyptian Philosophy.  George GM James verifies that Greek Philosophy was actually stolen from Egypt. The great Athenian philosophers--Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle have been heralded worldwide, but their doctrines can be traced to Black Egyptian origins.  


White historians always start their books with the following words:   "Anthropologists disagree about where man first appeared on Earth."  "The first American was an immigrant."  Then the authors tell you that Columbus, the Spanish and other Europeans were ready for foreign trade and made their way to the New World where they made great discoveries.     


Portugal took the lead in maritime exploration with a new type of vessel as early as 1394 when Henry the Navigator discovered the Azores.  I am here to tell you that we live in an altered state of consciousness.    


Drugs planted in the Black community cause a temporary altered state of consciousness or "high."  Once the body rids itself of the drug, the addict goes out to find another "high."  The altered state of mind caused by forced attitude changes or "thought reforms" have caused a permanent change in global thinking. Historically, Caucasians have been in charge of the rudimentary forced attitude changes and still make it a point to stay in charge--by any means necessary.  After years of psychological manipulation there are still personal loyalties extended to the White Race due to commitment and dependency.