Author's Notes


Most people do not profess racism and feel no prejudice. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, people know the correct pieces to place in a Black/White people puzzle.  Nobody has to verbalize racial remarks.  Racism is so embedded naturally in the “global order,” everyone automatically knows which side to stand on when the trolley comes down the street.  The general public is tired of hearing about it, and the term has been "beat to death."  In America racism is extinct.  If you use the word "racism," you are the "racist!"


The Author was sued in US Federal District Court as a “Racist Nazi.”  (Note:  A Nazi is a Caucasian member of the German Fascist Party).  The Civil Suit was filed in US Federal District Court - Eastern District.  The Plaintiff claimed wrongful discharge from employment, discrimination (race and age), assault and hostile work environment.  The Civil Case read:




Defendant Marsha Stewart discriminated against the Plaintiff by publishing a book called:  White Whores & Black Whoremongers, a racist "Nazi" directed against the White population of the US and White women in particular.


The Plaintiff was slandered when the book White Whores & Black Whoremongers was placed in her mailbox due to the fact that she was a White female who was married to a Black man.


The Suit originated in Wayne County, but the Plaintiff filed the case in the Federal Court System.  The lawyers for the Defendants queried the Plaintiff’s motives for bypassing the Wayne County Court System.  The Plaintiff sidestepped Wayne County, which takes in the City of Detroit--(80 percent Black).  The “luck of the draw” might produce an ALL BLACK jury and judge; thus, generating similarities to OJ Simpson’s—“Tainted Jury Scenario,” on opposite ends--Rodney King’s “White Acquittal Jury,” and--Malice Green’s “Anti-White Jury.”


The lawsuit was dropped a year later in 2000.  The Plaintiff's lawyer was disbarred.  She realized there was no valid case.  She left town with her 250 pounds intact--minus her Black husband.

Consider the following case.


Walking While Black-- They shot his ASS 41 times.


Amadou Diallo 

White skin color and/or European origin have always been an immediate exemption from racial oppression.  The Plaintiff wanted the entrustment of a medium by which the world has been judged--the “Caucasian Male.”  The laws put on the books by slaveholding “Framers of the Constitution” still serve as preconditions for the White Man’s existence.  Remember these words.... The idea is always conditioned by the presence of human beings; hence, these laws have created the precondition for your very own existence....The trial of the four officers was moved 150 miles north of where Diallo was killed because of the all-embracing pretrial publicity. The demonstrators criticized the decision to move the trial from the Bronx, NY, where Diallo lived and died, to the state capitol in Albany. Attorneys for the officers had argued the wave of pretrial publicity would make it impossible to find an impartial jury in the Bronx.


Was the trial was fair?  Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson said, “Judge Joseph C. Teresi did an excellent job.” “Of course, in any trial there are disagreements over some rulings.” “But, yes, it was a fair trial.”  This jury reaffirms our confidence in the justice system to find the four officers innocent of killing the Black man in self-defense for walking down the street and looking armed, suspicious and Blackened.


Judge Joseph C. Teresi instructed the jury:  “Even if the defendant is otherwise guilty, if he acted in self-defense, you must find him not guilty,”


New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said:  “The seven men and five women, two Blacks and 10 Whites are a cross section of the community.  They have found these officers not guilty and reaffirmed for all of us confidence in the US justice system.


Episode 1


New York: On a winter day in February the skyline turned from amber to a blackened firmament.  The haze of smut and city lights hid the moonlight that showed over the rest of the world.  A shy Amadou Diallo walked along reminiscing his boyhood and remembering the delicate scent of orange tree perfumes in the air of his village back in West Africa’s Guinea—a world away from his present Bronx neighborhood.


Crystallized snowflake formations landed and melted on his cheek. He stood and watched as an empty silver trashcan toppled off the curb on his right, while its lid like a swirling swastika, struck the trash-lined alley.  On his left an unlatched gate exchanged blows with its brown-rusted hinges.  Shadows walked and lurked straight in front of him. The only traffic signal in sight swayed like a suspended shank, tugging at its wires until it turned from green to amber to red.


Diallo turned his back against the snow driven wind and waited for the gust to pass him by.  Standing out in the cold and dark, he squinted as the gust of wind made the shadows in front of him come alive.  He looked around.  He saw their eyes looking out; looking down, and then they saw him.  Diallo’s eyes enlarged with unrelenting fear.  As he made his way home from work, he found himself hemmed in by four White members of the NYPD in plain clothes.  The shadowy shapes moved in.  Diallo was on the steps that lead to the doorway of him home.  The reflective glass door alerted him of the proximate surroundings of the men.  As he turned quickly and took his wallet out of his pocket trying to get at his door keys, the NYPD flogged him with bullets hollering, “Kill him!”  “Kill him!”  The last thing he saw was a circle of faces.


The officers lurched forward.  The firing pins from their four guns were clicking mechanically as 41 bullets at all angles sprayed from the metal barrels of the police weapons like an atomizer spraying a dose of lethal toxic fluid.  Diallo’s body was bouncing like a withered basketball up and down on the cement spewing guts and feces on the vestibule of the Bronx doorway.


Diallo lay bleeding and clumped in the doorway.  The corpse twitched from side to side before the muscles finally rested.  Diallo’s gut-churning shock merged with over-powering rigormortis that turned every muscle of his body into numbness.  He disappeared into a shrouded death as his blood turned to a collagen ice in his veins.


The 4 members of the NYPD were searching for a serial rapist, and the Black-faced man from Guinea armed with a wallet and keys was made the symbolic sadistic serial rapist. The scenario—“Walking While Black.”  Their guttural toned motto:  “We own the New York --Nigga.”


Episode 2


The four NYPD Policemen laughed in frenzy.  “You’re caught.” “The Nigger’s armed with a flashlight.”  “He was armed and dangerous, and we killed that Nigga in self-defense.”  The Plaintiffs sidestepped the City’s Court System.  The “luck of the draw” did not produce that ALL BLACK jury and judge.  "WE'RE HEADED TO ALBANY, THEY CRIED!"