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The Original Canaanite (Semite) Hebrew/Israelite Jew

NOTE:   The letter "J" was not added to the English Alphabet until the 1600's.  The word Jew does not appear in the Bible until the Book of Daniel.  Europeans invented the Mythical Ashkenazim White Jews. 


A book published in 2002 helps to prove that Ancient Egypt was Geographically in Africa & African Jews Wrote the Bible:  Other books written by Gary Greenberg who is president of the Biblical Archaeology Society also substantiate the fact that the original Jews were Black.


Even White Nationalist groups like the Aryan Nation believe and warn other Whites that the original Hebrews/Jews were of African descent.  The Aryan Nation proclaims:  WE BELIEVE that the Canaanite Jew is the natural enemy of our Aryan (White) Race. Scripture and all secular history attest this. The Jew is like a destroying virus that attacks our racial body to destroy our Aryan culture and the purity of our Race. Those of our race who resist these attacks are called "chosen and faithful" (John 8:44; 1 Thessalonians 2:15; Revelations 17:14). 

The white man has a God complex!  The Falasha Jews of Ethiopia are related to David and Bethsheba the daughter of Kush - Gen 10:6-7, by their son Solomon.  Solomon then had an affair with Makeda for Candace the Queen of Sheba (who was his cousin), they had a son Menelek.  Menelek looked so much like his Grandfather David, that all of Israel thought he was the resurrected David, and their Messiah that was promised to be the seed of David.  It is from this line of Kings that Haile Salassie (Ras Tafari) was descended, he and his family are the only ones to be known to be the Lion from the Tribe of Judah. 

The Falasha Jews are the only Jews in modern day England in 1948 who can trace their roots back through Bible Lineage.

The Falasha are said to be from the tribe of Dan, which is impossible since they are from the stock of Judah, but the Ashkenazi's could not admit they are not Jews, so they themselves assigned the tribe of Dan to the Falasha of Ethiopia.

From the book the Kebra Nagast, one of the holy books that Rome refused to Canonize into the Bible.  Solomon is shown in a dream that the glory of Israel was fading.  He should give his new son Menelek the Ark of the Covenant and a priesthood to carry on the traditions of Judaism in the land of his fathers (Kush) Ethiopia.  That is one of the reasons the Ashkenazi from the Israel (1948) went to get the Falasha from Ethiopia so they would have a claim on the original heritage and the Ark. The Falasha are isolated in Ethiopia with the African Diaspora. The rest of the original Hebrews did not adhere to the tradition of the Talmud. When they got to Israel it was found their traditions were pure, and another problem arose from that truth. 

The Talmud is a European document used to solidify the false heritage of the German Jew. It is like the Book of Mormon to the Mormons.  It takes precedence over the Bible, and it is the commentary of different Rabbis over the centuries.  It may have started out innocence but now promotes racism that occurred by the 2nd and 3rd Century after the destruction of the Temple and the dispersion of the original peoples.   The Greeks, Romans (Europeans) took to writing and re-writing scripture. This is where the Talmud came into being.  By the 6th century Christianity and Judaism was essentially European.  After that the Turks, Germans, English added to the confusion.

The Physical Appearance of Ancient Israel

The original Canaanites were Semites.  The word “Canaanite” was used BEFORE the words HEBREW and in the King James Bible.  Linguistically, the ancient Semites have been broadly classified into Eastern and Western groups.  Akkadian, the language of the Assyrians and Babylonians, who inhabited the Tigris and Euphrates River Valleys, represents the Eastern group. The Southwestern Semites inhabited Arabia and Ethiopia while the Northwestern Semites occupied the Levant - the regions that used to be Palestine as well as what is now Syria, Israel and Lebanon, the regions often referred to in the Bible as Canaan. The whole region was ruled and colonized by the Black Egyptians between 2300 and 1900 B.C.E.  The Amorites sacked many of the coastal Canaanite cities.  All of this was under the patronage and dominance of the 18TH DYNASTY OF EGYPT.  The 18th Dynasty included the biblical Black Moses and his descendents. 


Does Haile Sellassie look like the typical European Jew??  He happens to have a direct lineage to King Solomon and the Queen Sheba--THE ORIGINAL JEWS!!!


The word “Jew” (in Hebrew, “Yehudi”) is derived from the name Judah.  Originally, the term Yehudi referred specifically to members of the tribe of Judah, as distinguished from the other tribes of Israel. However, after the death of King Solomon, the Nation of Israel was split into two kingdoms: the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Israel (I Kings 12; II Chronicles 10).  Haile Sellassie can be directly traced to King Solomon—the ruler of Ethiopia (King of Kings) and the (Lion of Judah), placing him in the legendary line of King Solomon.  


The name Moses derives from a similarity between the name Moses (Mosheh in Hebrew) and the Hebrew word mashah, which means, “to draw out.”  The name Moses actually originates from the Egyptian word ms, meaning “is born,” as in Thutmos and Ramose.  “Moses is an anglicized version of a Hellenized transliteration (i.e. mosis) of the original Egyptian (p 188). Moses was an Egyptian priest named Osarseph who organized a rebellion among oppressed Egyptians suffering from leprosy and other diseases.  (Greenberg, Gary. The African Origins of the Jewish People, New York:  Citadel Press, 1996, p 169). 



Blacked Out Through Whitewash sheds light on these very same issues.


In Arthur Koestler’s book, The Thirteenth Tribe:  The Khazar Empire and its Heritage Khazar Jews - The revelation of another Jewish hoax:  Jews did not originate from Palestine! They are not "descendants" of the mythic Jews of the Bible! The fact that over 90% of those today calling themselves "Jews" are actually descendants of the Khazar people, originating from southern Russia.  Jews from Eastern Europe and Western Asia were descended from Mongolians and other Asiatic peoples who had adopted Judaism as their "religion" over 1,000 years ago and had become know as "Jews."  


White Euro-America—especially groups like the Aryan Nation know the reality of what will happen as White body after White body is replaced by the original Canaanite Jew—the mud people.  Anybody who has taken 10th Grade Biology knows a little bit about genetics, namely, the dominant and recessive gene.  Those who are a little more knowledgeable are busy trying to stop the Black gene domination swing—shift and swing—shift and swing.  The Aryan Nation states:  WE BELIEVE that there is a battle being fought this day between the children of darkness (the mud people) and the children of light (Yahweh, The Ever Living God), the Aryan Race, the true Israel of the Bible (Revelations 12:10-11).


Gregor Mendal formulated the laws of heredity in the 19th Century by crossbreeding plants. A pair of genes in each individual controls every hereditary characteristic. During reproduction, each parent provides just one gene for each character to the offspring.  In some cases, there are several different variants of the gene for a particular trait. If both genes in an individual are of the same form, the individual will show the characteristic determined by that form of the genes. If the two genes in a pair differ, one may dominate over the other, and the individual will appear as if both its genes for the trait are the dominant genes.


A brown child illustrates the effects of genes for two different traits. One of these traits is thought to concern the protein that makes up the dark pigment granules in the person’s hair, eyes and skin. If these granules are large and heavily pigmented, dark pigment appears black. If a different form of the protein is the only one that can be made, dark pigment occurs in smaller granules and the skin appears brown or white -- not only in the hair, but in skin and eyes as well. If both kinds of genes are present, the black pigment will dominate and the skin appears black, but is able to pass the brown and white gene on to its offspring. The appearance of chocolate children is proof that both parents were carrying the chocolate gene, even though they appeared to be black.


White offspring are due to a different pair of genes.  In black and chocolate mammals, only the dark pigment is produced. However, there is another pair of genes, which determines whether the white or the dark pigment colors the hair, eyes and skin.  (The skin and eyes produce dark pigment in any case.) In this case, the gene for determining dark pigmentation is dominant over the gene for white pigmentation.  So a offspring with one gene for dark pigment and one for white pigment will appear to be black or chocolate, depending on what genes are present to control black or chocolate color. 


Each of the parents producing White pigmentation must have at least one gene for White pigment.  The Black parents of a chocolate or white offspring must each have had one gene for dark pigment and one for White pigment.  Note:  If both parents are White then neither can carry the gene for dark pigment, so none of their offspring will be dark.


We can look at the looming Caucasian extinction in two different ways.  The first is God’s wrath on the White Race.  The Bible tells what happens when man falls into disfavor with God in Genesis. To have children is a blessing.  Not to be able to bear children is an affliction. It is a known fact that White male infertility exists in Europe and the US.  The Caucasian birthrate is at 2 percent in conjunction with the rest of the Global World and currently below replacement levels.  Look at the evidence.  White women take fertility drugs doled out by fertility clinics resulting in multiple births.  White scientists want to start cloning.


The second way to look at the futile state of the 8 percent is Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.  Whites have become victims of their own deception.  The Euro-American scientists’ test tubes are empty and non-productive.  It is called White male impotency—the inability for duplication of White babies.  Darwin states that the variation within species occurs randomly and that the survival or extinction of each organism is determined by that organism's ability to procreate their own kind.   Therefore, natural selection would modify and cause the extinction of species.  More individuals are born than can possibly survive so man struggles for existence.  It is also known that individuals having any advantage, however slight, over others, would have the best chance of surviving and procreating their kind?  Natural selection may modify and cause the extinction of the species. 


Has natural selection been purposely modified by White scientists and laboratories to favor Caucasian selection?  The implanted Aids Virus, implanted Crack Cocaine and other hallucinogens, experimental vaccines on babies of color, African airborne viruses, the lopsided criminal justice system and encouragement of a Matriarchal System in Black neighborhoods have been the ploys to prevent an evolutionary Black Mankind’s “Natural Selection?”  The tables have turned.


The Origin of Race and Human Populations:  White people have a melanin deficiency and are experiencing “insufficiency panic attacks.” White scientists want to guard the Caucasian Race against annihilation—against losing the long heads, straight hair, thin lips, and alabaster skin.  The deficiency explains itself when race mixing takes place, and the recessive gene is completely eradicated.  It has become imperative to “trump up” global Caucasian racial numbers, Black-Brown racial cleansing and Black-Brown racial reclassification.


Scientists examining hereditary material in cells suggest that modern humans followed a migration wave from Africa to Asia more than 50,000 years ago after an earlier exodus to the Mediterranean and Greece.  According to DNA theory, Homo sapiens evolved in a single location in sub-Saharan Africa 100,000–200,000 years ago and emigrated relatively recently, replacing existing populations of archaic humans across the globe.  [Nature (Vol. 325, 1987, pp 31-36), Nature (Vol. 395, 8 Oct. 98, pp 539-40), Nature Genetics (Vol. 23 Dec. 1999, 437) Nature (Vol. 408 Dec. 2000, pp 652-3)].  Blood samples of people from east Africa and India showed close genetic similarities that indicate a common African ancestor.  Notice the former statements—Africa to Asia and earlier it was the Mediterranean and Greece.  Researchers reported that closely related genetic sequences were found in high frequency in blood samples from people in Ethiopia, the Arabian Peninsula and India.


Swedish biologist Carolus Linnaeus founded the modern taxonomy of race classification—class, order, genus, and species—and turned it into a Biblical scheme.  Johann Friedrich Blumenbach divided the human species after their presumed descent from the Biblical embodiments of Adam and Eve.  Blumenback assumed that all people descended from the sons of Noah. The Ark was found at Mount Ararat in what is now Turkish Armenia.  Because this area is part of the Caucasus, Blumenback decided to use the term Caucasian for the immediate descendants of the occupants of the Ark.  Samuel George Morton rejected Blumenbach’s use of the term variety and substituted it for the word race.


White global dominance was revved up with the Council of Nicea (325), the Roman Church, King James and his translators, Columbus, Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler.  Hitler is probably the most famous single character in modern times that understood the concept “genetically recessive.”  Hitler’s actions were minute compared to the global genocide of “people of color” instituted collectively by Euro-American colonialists.  Hitler was made a scapegoat by Euro-Americans historians, but history will never notate what has happened in the past 600 years to “people of color.”


The psyche is the sanctuary to inner most entrenchments and defenses. The obsession with White genetic "purity" manifests itself in all aspects of American society.  The White cultural heroes in history and modern day society have taken a fancy to Hollywood’s academy-award winning movies.  Look at global history and current history in the making.  The media systems pass on psychiatric treatment to its viewers and readers.  The streets are insane asylums where illicit drugs and illegal guns are dropped and US laboratory-engineered AIDS has taken its toll.  The psyche is where Blacks process and play out their innermost fears and fantasies of powerlessness and inhumane indignities—street cracked out pimp hoe shoot-em ups.     


Fault the Fallacies:  The Stewart Simpleton Theory—Doubting the Criteria Crap.

  • Skin color, body hair, and nose form are highly variable and not reliable to determine race—but anthropologists turn right around and say that race determiners are homogeneously shared gene frequencies. 

  •  If skin color is due to environmental factors, why are Black Americans who live in Maine and Vermont still black in color after being away from the African environment for hundreds of years?

  • North Africans, Australian Aborigines, Hawaiians, New Guineans, Dravidians, and Pakistanis are black in color because of environmental factors!

  • Geographical considerations and adaptation to environment determine race!

So the theories about human biological variations and geographical locales have been "shot to shit.According to the anthropologists and geneticists, Black skin is not an indication of African ancestry.  According to the scientists, the long-term inhabitants of southern India and New Guinea may be just as “Black” as Africans, but there is no relationship to skin color “Blackness” — poppycock?  The Continent of Asia (Indian Subcontinent, Continental Southeast Asia, Papua and New Guinea, Indonesia, The Philippines, Hawaii, Australia) have people connected by homogenous-shared gene frequencies like hair structure, skull forms, linguistic relationships, biological and genetic evidence, ABO blood group system, cephalic index, nasal index, papillary pattern, pal mar main line form, and tooth pattern and prognathism – protruding teeth.


Physical anthropologists say race determiners are homogeneously shared gene frequencies.  The Encyclopedia lists people of New Guinea as “Oceanic Negroes.”  The Australian Aborigines have the same blood type as the Negritos of Southern Asia.  White Anthropologists claim the Blue/Black leathery skinned Negritos have no known race and cannot be confused with the Pygmies of Africa, although at one time Europeans gave the Negritos the name “Little Negroes.”  Again, proven through DNA testing, Africans migrated out of Africa to India and Asia 50,000 years ago.  This has all brought me to the following conclusion:  The Negroid Race has to be dominant globally because there are more recognizable external Negroid traits among global groups of people than those inside of Europe, which confirms that Caucasians are vanishing and on  the brink of extinction.


In Italy as in Spain there was an invasion of the Moors, and the following exists:


"As an approach to investigating the origin of sickle cell hemoglobin (hemoglobin S) in white persons of Sicilian ancestry, two groups of native Sicilians were tested for blood group evidence of African admixture. Among 100 unrelated Sicilians, the phenotypes cDe(Rho) and Fy(a-b-), and the antigens V(hrv) and Jsa, which are considered to be African genetic markers, were detected in 12 individuals. Among 64 individuals from 21 families with at least one known hemoglobin S carrier, African blood group markers were detected in 7 (11%). These findings indicate that hemoglobin S is only one of multiple African genes present in contemporary Sicilian populations. The occurrence of hemoglobin S in white persons of Sicilian ancestry is considered to be a manifestation of the continuing dissemination of the original African mutation."  (Taken from the Race Archives).

 Confront the archives that historians have pre-approved for you and then tell me why my theories can’t be validated by science.  What you will find is that tradition has become truer than history!!!