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Most psychology textbooks have a chapter devoted to "maladaptive behavior." A large variety of emotional problems fall into the general category of psychopathology.  Maladjusted behavior is defined as the inability to behave in ways that foster the well being of the individual and ultimately to society. 

"Maladaptive behavior" is grouped into large categories comprising behaviors associated with drug addiction, compulsive gambling, and loss of contact with reality.  It also includes any behavior that interferes with personal growth and self-fulfillment like mood and anxiety disorders. 

Negrophobia is a fear of Black people that persists in the minds of Whites and some Blacks when no realistic danger exists.   Usually phobias are reactions to conditioned emotional responses.  Negrophobia was initially indoctrinated and instilled by slave owners and currently by all forms of mass media.  At the time of its inception Negrophobia was probably not considered abnormal behavior but accepted as therapeutic alliance to protect the White brotherhood?

Just the fact that civil rights programs must be administered by US law and amended to our Constitution proves there is a psycho-social fear of non-White people.  Any formal attempt through law or administrative practice to enforce anti-discrimination laws for a category of people proves discrimination is alive and well.  In this country the people to be protected and/or ejected (placed on the back seat) by legislation have been non-Whites.

Negrophobia was created as a result of the "White cleansing process" to teach basic values and views of the world and to prepare individuals for their place, habitat, and territorial turf in a dominated Caucasian mind-set and/or culture.  There is a Negrophobic "thought form" staunchly in place.

Self-image and self-evaluation went through the basic processes of development during slavery.  White children were nurtured and molded to become musicians, writers, lawyers, politicians and doctors in the 1600's.  Black children were nurtured and molded to become matriarchal baby producers and career slaves. 

Seeping through the cracks from the era of slavery is the wondrous White Race stronghold mind-set at one end of the geometric plane.  At the other end of the plane lies a spontaneous Negrophobic stronghold on both Black and White people that is considered "normal" behavior.  In other words, Whites have not rehearsed the fear they feel for Blacks. Blacks are also afraid of other Blacks because of the stronghold unrehearsed thought process firmly established.

When the word "supremacy" is mentioned, people often think of the Ku Klux Klan.  Definitions for the word "supremacy" are merely exquisite, perfect, total, ultimate, and beautiful--All of which Whites perceive themselves and all of which some Blacks perceive Whites.

Most Whites believe that racism does not exist and cannot understand why Blacks must always mention the topic R - A - C - I - S - M.  Since racism does not exist, Black folks should stop using the term because non-White ethnic groups to make excuses for laziness, ignorance, and inferiority use the word racism.

White faces and images have been superimposed verbally and visually by mass media to mean higher in quality and merit.  See the show, and the entire race is the same.  Everywhere a person looks in this country, there are visual images of White people--from the average White Americans, to the President and God himself. 

Peer groups are the most important people in an individual's life. White peer group orientation includes conformity to the ideas and judgments of that group--whether it is peer influence or parent influence. People adopt the values, attitudes, style of dress, and language of their parents and peers.  For that reason the "White cleansing process" has been the surmount force and is staunchly in place and embedded into our society.