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Alu - The Jumping Gene

Africans and people with African Ancestry are the Purest Race of

People: Different Shades of Black


The magazine Scientific American, outlines it clearly.



Blacks/people with African Ancestry contain 95 to 100 percent pure genes and chromosomes represented in the scientific community.



Africans/blacks are 95 percent of a certain chromosome.



Whites are 75 percent of that same 'Alu' Chromosome.



Asians are 60 percent of that same ‘Alu’ Chromosome.



People with African Ancestry only have 5 percent of a chromosome found in whites by 50 percent and Asians by fifty percent.



Both Asians and whites are mixed first with black and African Ancestry genes/chromosomes, then with the genes of each other.

If any race is PURE, the most recent genetic studies (Genome Project) show that Africans/Negroids are the purest race on Earth by a very large margin. In fact both Asians and Europeans have an amount of 75 percent of whites with a Negroid chromosome (Alu), while 60 percent of Asians have the same chromosome (Alu). Furthermore, Europeans and Asians have fifty percent each of a chromosome found in each other. On the other hand, only five percent of Negroid/Africans have a chromosome found in Europeans and Asians.


People with African ancestry in parts of the world who think that a few drops of white blood makes them 'white' had better think again. THE FACT IS, HAVING BLACK BLOOD MAKES ONE CLOSER TO BLACK BECAUSE BLACK IS THE ORIGINAL BLOOD AND GENES. All people came from the Black African.

Hence, the pure Black Africans and those who support and identify or join as brothers and members of the pure black race (regardless of skin tone or mixture) Sudan, south India, Melanesia, the Americas and elsewhere, the time has come to uplift ourselves and take pride in our blackness and dark skins.

The people with African ancestry of North and North East Africa and elsewhere who think that they are 'white' 'colored,' or 'multiracial,' 'mulatto' or some other insulting term, THINK AGAIN.

The gene originally came from Africa. 
Alu is an example of a so-called "jumping gene" – a transposable DNA sequence that "reproduces" by copying itself and inserting into new chromosome locations. Alu is classified as a retroposon, because it is thought to require the retrovirus enzyme reverse transcriptase (rt) enzyme to make a mobile copy of itself. 


Some scientists regard Alu as an example of "selfish DNA" – it encodes no protein and appears to exist only for its own replication. If one reduces the definition of life to "the perpetuation and amplification of a DNA sequence through time," then Alu is an extremely successful life form. However, other scientists believe that transposable elements have played an important role in evolution by creating new mutations and gene combinations.

Once an Alu inserts at a chromosome locus, it can copy itself for transposition, but there is no evidence that it is ever excised or lost from a chromosome locus.  So, each Alu insertion is stable through evolutionary time.  In today's world of the inferiority complex being the major poison of some (SEE www.sudanforum.com), some education may help.


The Australian Aborigines who were thought to be of a singular genetic line are now found to be a number of different Black/Tropical races including the prehistoric Indo-Negroid type who originally migrated from the Sahara about 100,000 years ago and followed a group of Negroid/Africans who left Africa for Melanesia at an earlier period.

The Indo-Negroid population of South India and the various Negroid groups and isolated Indo-Negroid groups are the purest race in India today. The Negroid strain is found in most labeled “non-Negro” Indians (Ayrans) at a much greater amount than previously thought.

As far as the British and many Northern Europeans (accused of inventing racism - actually the ancient invaders of India and the Semites invented racism) are concerned, anyone with African ancestry is “Black.”

Hence, it may shock many people living in England from Brazil, Latin America, India, North Africa, the Arab world, that they are classified as 'Black' in England, 'Shwartze' in Germany and other Northern European regions.

The British whites used to classify Irish as 'non-white' some years ago.  In fact, red-haired Irish (and British like those descended from the black 'Ethiopian' and black Namibian (Maghrebi) Soldiers who occupied the border between England and Scotland during the Roman period, some of their descendents are red-haired and are there are tens of thousands, perhaps millions of them living in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and a large number live in places like Germany and other parts of Europe.

It is well-known by many in the Black African-American community and among both ordinary people and scientists in Black America that red hair means a 'white' person has Black ancestors. Hence, the BRITISH AND OTHER EUROPEANS ALREADY HAVE ESTABLISHED A RACIAL COLOR SYSTEM TO PRESERVE THEIR OWN 'WHITE' GENES.


The Irish who are red-haired are partially mixed with the ancient Black Formorians who dominated much of Ireland a land said to have been inhabited by reddish brown "dwarves," similar to the reddish brown pygmies found in the Uturi Forests of Congo, Africa.


There are many oblique references to the presence of Black people in ancient Ireland. Ancient Irish mythology refers to the original inhabitants of the island as being a giant, sea-faring people called the Fomorians (Fomors), which means “dark of the sea.”  According to ancient lore, the Formorians were Cushitic people from the African continent who were often depicted as demons.  They defeated the first few incoming waves of invaders but could not defeat the Firbolgs, who settled the land and lived side-by-side with the native Fomors.

As far as Europeans are concerned, anyone who looks Negroid/Africoid/Black is Black. Anyone who has evidence of Black genes through color or hair, skin, eyes—like the Brazilians, North Africans, East Indians are of Portuguese/Africans and are Black. As far as Germans and Swedes are concerned, Jews and Gypsies are of Africoid origins. Arabs are of Africoid origins.  So are Turks.


The British and other Europeans and even the Chinese who consider people from India as Negroes are 100 percent right. The Chinese, however, and the Japanese are also more Negro than anything else.


In fact, in Russia, Chechens, Armenians, and other Southern Russians are considered to have Black Negro origins and CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS PEOPLE ARE CLASSIFIED AS 'BLACK,' AND ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST.



SEE www.cocoalounge.org also see www.cwo.com/~lucumi/runoko.html