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Chapter 8

(Affirmative Action & the Ignorant Stick)  




During slavery Black people were the only laborers, skilled, and semi-skilled workers.  In the Ante-Bellum South Black people were the manufacturing cartels and conglomerates of the day.  The “slave artisans”—laborers of the day were skilled tradesmen in carpentry, blacksmiths, coopers, cobblers, and wheelwrights. Domestics, artisans, and foremen constituted the aristocracy of slave society.  Whites would ask for permission from the masters to work with the “slave artisans” in order to learn the trade.  When immigrants from Europe arrived, they pushed Black skilled workers from the crafts they had previously dominated.  The New White European immigrants created strong exclusive unions that banned Black workers.  In order to be a skilled tradesman you had to be in a union, and Black people were banned from skill trades unions.  

White politicians are using Affirmative Action as an excuse for an assumed "Black Counterproductive Reward Method."   White people assume that Blacks who have good jobs and "pie in the sky" positions are the direct result of Affirmative Action Programs--not intelligence and hard work.  Blacks could not seriously be as smart or as well educated as Whites; therefore, Blacks have good jobs because of Affirmative Action Programs. 

A White person goes for an interview, but a Black person is hired.  The White person readily feels he was not hired because of racial quotas.  He automatically feels that he was the "more qualified" applicant merely because he is "White."  Whites are better trained, smarter, and without a doubt should be chosen when it's Black choice or White choice time???  It's a White man's world!!!

Even before Affirmative Action Programs by the Federal Government were imposed, there were people of color in high-level occupations.  Blacks were rising economically and educationally many years before the 1971 legislation.  Affirmative Action should not be inscribed as "Black preferential treatment."  Affirmative Action legislation keeps impartiality alive.

Opposition to preferences and quotas by "angry White males," is a principle involved in the original civil rights laws that shot down the Jim Crow System.  US laws and policies should subject every citizen to the same rules, judgments, and by the same standards.

Whites have always been preferred--especially White males.  This country's Educational and Wisdom System of livelihood is all inclusive of European-American contexts.  Day-to-day living is immersed in White cultural loading much like an infant loads a diaper.  The loading has yielded a flawed American educational system.  America places little faith in hard work and so much in native ability.

Seventy-one percent (71%) of all African-American children enrolled in the American public school system are in special education programs.  The grade point average of all Black children enrolled in the public school system is 1.8--which is below a "C" average.  

Approximately 40 percent of the children in America will be non-White.  Non-White teachers, on the other hand, make up only 10 percent of the teaching force, and that number is falling.  The Michigan Department of Education is offering "Schools of Choice" to school age children in the State.  A child may attend any school within the boundaries of his Intermediate School District.  The student takes the $5,700 Basic Allocation to the school district he wants to attend. 

The bottom line of this planned scenario seems to apply only in urban areas where the school districts are majority Black. In out-state Michigan or out of the urban areas, the schools have a White population of students, and the school buildings are 25 - 75 miles apart. 

Can you see parents transporting their child 75 miles one way to another school building to attend his "School of Choice?"  Consequently, the only schools that are affected by "Schools of Choice"/and or "White Choice" are schools in the urban areas--or majority Black schools. 

The system was set up by a Republican controlled State Legislature to destroy Black school systems where administration and teachers are majority Black.  It was designed to "nip in the bud" Black school districts that are getting too powerful by officially rubber-stamping the students as "inferior".

Michigan’s Governor John Engler's takeover of the Detroit Public Schools was in 1999.  Engler came into Detroit and appointed the Mayor as “overseer” of the Detroit System and threatened to remove the current Board of Education.  Engler cited problems that plague Detroit's public schools is at a critical stage and must be fixed. At the same time Engler's school-reform proposals have sparked contentious debate.  The debate has prompted residents of Detroit to raise issues of racial politics.

When voters of Detroit reminded the Governor that the officials were elected by popular vote and removing them would be a direct attack on the “Voting Rights Act,” he decided to leave the Board in office until their terms expired.  The ploy is not to improve the School System but to unseat “Black Power” of the City’s school system.  Engler is making sure that Blacks in a major city will have control over such a large financial budget.

Black parents often feel that their children can learn if they are seated near White children.  The White children have an "aura of intelligence" surrounding them, their schools, and school districts.  The "Choice" System also works in an opposite direction to give White students the chance to leave schools that have become majority Black and to attend schools with other children with whom they can identify.

White students who attend school in Detroit might want to attend schools in suburban districts where they will receive a better education.  The "aura of intelligence" engulfs the White suburbs. "White Schools" are "Good Schools" and offer the best education. 

Integration and desegregation are not synonymous.  The equal protection clause prohibits purposeful racial segregation in public schools.  But the clause does not mandate integration so that public schools reflect the racial composition of the surrounding community.  Notice the wording.  That is how the US gets away with modern day segregation.

Blacks want an alternative to schools they perceive as having failed their children.  Hey! Only when surrounded by the intellectual aura of White children can Blacks succeed and be successful (Kirsanow, 6-A).  The Government and local school districts provide unequal legal and financial support--Maybe that's why Black parents want their children in predominately White schools because there is unequal not equal finance of the two school systems.

In Michigan, for instance, some Metropolitan Detroit Suburban school districts spend $12,000 per student annually. Most districts have just the Michigan State Basic Allocation to spend which amounts to $5,700 per student.  Teachers in the suburbs of Detroit make $15,000 - $20,000 more in salary annually than teachers in the City.  The inequality theory of separate but not equal seems to prevail in education in the State of Michigan.   In order for a child to measure up to standards and reach for excellence, he must have textbooks and supplies.  To meet the goals of the next century, a student should be exposed to computers and technological advances.  Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  That may be the "White aura of intelligence" scholars are talking about.  Money to buy the basics is missing in some of the poorer districts.